Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Malarkey - Such as it is

This is a wee bit closer to what I expected of last week's malarkey -- another not particularly productive or bookish week, but not a bad one. In fact, one of my arrivals saved the week from becoming overly dreary (which it very well could have done, given the quantity of rain).

Last week's arrivals:

  • Keep Your Friends Close and
  • Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly

I won both books from the author in a twitter drawing and had just finished reading a book with slow pacing so I was craving a fast-paced read. I chose Keep Your Friends Close because it sounded like the kind of book I was looking for. Sure enough, the pages flew. I just finished Keep Your Friends Close, last night, and it was extremely satisfying. More on that, later.

Posts since last week's Twaddle:

Not a big posting week. I've begun working on my Ally-saurus review (a children's book) so hopefully that bodes well for a productive blogging week. If not, I'm not going to sweat it. At some point, I need to restock my hurricane supplies because we do have a tropical depression on the verge of turning into a tropical storm in the Gulf. Although it looks like it's not predicted to come our way, it serves as a good reminder that it's time to stock up on water, batteries and dry foods. And, I suppose I should buy a couple fresh fire extinguishers, since we had a small kitchen fire yesterday (no damage) - another reminder that one should occasionally refresh the supply as extinguishers do have an expiration date, from my understanding.

Books finished last week:

  • When the Moon is Low by Nadia Hashimi
  • Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly 

Currently reading:

  • Pamela by Samuel Richardson - Didn't read any of Pamela till last night and after reading a fast-paced suspense? Argh, my eyes were rolling. I'd really, really like to get done with Pamela soon, but I'm not sure if this will be the week it happens. 
  • I haven't settled on a second fiction read but I still have Bear Grylls' book sitting by the bedside and will read more of it, today. 
  • I read a little bit of The Boys in the Boat By Daniel James Brown for F2F book group discussion and must admit I was bored out of my mind. Maybe it would be better to read a paper copy? I keep finding myself looking at how many minutes I have till the end of the chapter. If you've read The Boys in the Boat, tell me . . . does it improve? I haven't gotten very far.

In other news:

I need a vacation. The mountains would be nice . . . or somewhere exotic. How's your life going?

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  1. How fun that you got both those book from Paula Daly! I read both of them last year. Enjoyed them very much and she has new one coming out later this year. Yes, that tropical depression is coming our way - to Texas. Honestly, I've loved the rain, but have not loved the flooding. We can use more rain, but we don't need it to come in 4-6 inch bursts. People are still recovering. Have a good week!

    1. I'd never read anything at all by Paula Daly. It's always exciting finding a new author who already has several more books to dig into!

      Ah, yes, poor Texas and Oklahoma (and apparently, a lot of other states are getting floody rains). Same here; I love rain but we've had too much -- not flood level but it's been very difficult just managing to get to the mowing, much less battle that poison ivy (oh, how it loves the rain). Hope the tropical depression fizzles so you don't get too much.

  2. I could use a riveting read. Maybe I'll check out Keep Your Friends Close. I'll look for your review.

    1. Hope you can find a copy and enjoy it as much as I did. I particularly loved the fact that she continued to surprise me all the way to the end. That's a rare and wonderful thing. The book is not without its flaws but who cares, if you're entertained, right?


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