Friday, January 13, 2017

Fiona Friday - Break between exercise sessions

Really, this was more a case of the cat crazies, but I love it that when Isabel is acting nutty and pulling herself arround and around the scratching post on her cat tree. She'll stop if I speak to her and listen to me for a minute before going back to being a nut.

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  1. Cats are so weird. I love them!

    1. I said almost that exact thing to a friend, earlier this week. They're a wonderful kind of weird, felines. =^..^=

  2. I don't think one can help but fall in love with a furry animal of any kind that you've been in charge of bottle feeding. So wonderful of you to do that. I'm glad to know that you've discovered the joy of kitties and fallen completely for one of your own! Clearly, I'm besotted with them, myself. I love dogs, too, but I think I'm a bit too lazy to be owned by one. I love the self-maintenance feature of cats. ;)


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