Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some weeks you post cats and otters and such

Isabel models my current sentiments:

Ever step away from your blog for a while and when you come back, it's like you're blinking into the light thinking, "What is this? Where am I?" And, possibly, "Why am I here?"

Yeah, long week, already. I skipped Monday Malarkey because it was a holiday and I had my people at home, but then I skipped Tuesday because it hurt (ouch, migraine) and Wednesday just wants to crush me because it's rude. So, here . . . a totally unsolicited, semi-focused otter:

And, I'll talk to you about books another day. It's not unusual for me to feel a little meh during Book Expo America week because, 11 years into blogging (11 years, as of next week), I've never made it to BEA. Probably never will. I just thought I'd say hey.


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  1. My cats and I feel exactly like Isabel. I really hate summer.

  2. Never been to Book Expo America either, and probably never will, but you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm not really into crowds anyway. :)

    1. That is exactly why I haven't gone! I would like to go to meet some other bloggers in person and hear some of the panels/authors, but I can't talk myself into it because of the crowds.


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