Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Malarkey

Happy Monday! It's spring in our area. If you're sick of snow, I can take some spring photos to share with you. The tulip trees, fruit trees, daffodils, redbuds, and even some azaleas are blooming. And, my yard looks like the Annual Weed Convention has convened. I prefer snow, but I know some of you are sick to death of it.

Recent arrivals:

  • The Broken Girls by Simone St. James - from Berkley Books for review
  • I Am the Boss of this Chair by Carolyn Crimi and Marisa Morea - from Sterling Children's Books for review

Cat book! Spooky book! Much fun ahead. 

Books finished since last week's Tuesday Twaddle:

  • I Am the Boss of this Chair by Crimi and Morea
  • The Statue and the Fury by Jim Dees

I hadn't finished The Statue and the Fury at the time of this week's F2F discussion but it was a thunderstorm that kept me from driving the 30 miles to my meeting, this week, not worry about spoilers (it's not a book that can be spoiled). So bummed! I've missed three meetings in a row, now. Fingers crossed that next month's meeting day is a sunny, migraine-free day.

I sat down to read I Am the Boss of this Chair the moment it arrived, of course -- aloud, to the cats. I'm always excited to find any children's books centered on cats and I Am the Boss is loads of fun. It's almost identical to the story of Isabel's arrival and how it upended Fiona's routine.

Currently reading:

  • Don Quixote by Cervantes
  • Our Native Bees by Paige Embry

I didn't read a single page of Don Quixote until yesterday. But, then I finally got in my daily quota. Since I'm just buddy reading with two other people and they were well behind me, we've inserted yet another catch-up week but hopefully it will be the last. Just knowing there are other people reading with me has successfully kept me from giving up when I didn't get around to reading and had to flip back to refresh my memory. Buddy reading is definitely motivating.

Last week's posts:

No book reviews, for once! I've been thinking I need to branch out a little, now and then, and do some different posts but I seem to be perpetually behind on book reviews. Still, I may try to do an essay about book thoughts, now and then, just for a change of pace. Don't want to be boring.

In other news:

Just TV news . . .  I watched the season finale of Victoria, last night, and enjoyed it. Have I mentioned that the voice of Don Quixote in my head is that of the actor playing Ernst in Victoria (David Oakes)? I love his voice. He'd make an excellent audio book narrator, in my humble opinion. I thought it was nice that the Duchess of Buccleuch finally seemed to play a reasonable role in the happenings at the palace. Diana Rigg has seemed a bit wasted in that part because so little happened with her, till the final episode. I don't recall watching any other TV, last week, apart from the movie Kinky Boots when Huzzybuns and I were having a lazy evening. Hopefully, I'll get back to Dr. Who, this week. Have you watched anything terrific, lately?

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  1. I haven’t got much reading done this week either. I’m two episodes away from finishing season one of Victoria. I’m loving it.

    1. I really enjoy it. I find myself looking things up (like "Did this person really get shot?") and there are a lot of inaccuracies but it's such fun to watch. Love the sets.

  2. I have watched Victoria and enjoyed every episode. Sunday's was not my favorite but was very good. The thin ice fall was authentic too. Ernst is fabulous as his role is demanding. Now until next year for Season 3.

    1. I thought there were some oddities to that fall through the ice scene. After being underwater for that long (it was an awful long time for not having taken a breath, first), there were no consequences? He just appeared fine and dry and well-dressed with barely a mention, after. I thought that a bit strange, although I got the purpose and I enjoyed the tension of that scene. I had to remind myself he couldn't die because they were only on the 4th child, while it was happening! LOL Love Ernst. He's an interesting character and I think the casting of him was brilliant. Can't wait for Season 3!

  3. I will have to check out Victoria. I need to watch the second season of The Crown. I haven't got to that yet.

    1. I love Victoria. It doesn't stick to real life the way I'd prefer, but it's fun to watch. Need to try The Crown, again. I think the reason it didn't work for me was just down to not starting at the beginning (well . . . that's my guess, anyway).


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