Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daddies Do by Lezlie Evans and Elisa Ferro

Who tangles and wrangles
and wrestles for fun,
then cries, "I surrender!
You're tougher. You won!" 

Who takes you on outings
and simply won't care 
if you've picked your own outfit 
or have messy hair?


Daddies Do by Lezlie Evans and Elisa Ferro is a sweet, rhyming book about the joy of spending time with daddy. The daddies in this book are, as you can see from the cover, animals. The lion on the cover is the daddy who wrestles his son and says, "I surrender!" A mouse daddy measures his child and gushes about how tall the child is growing, a peacock helps his little one build an airplane and says, "I'm glad that you tried" when kiddo makes a gluey mess, a penguin daddy catches his little penguin when he slides down an icy hill, and so forth.

Recommended - I was thinking about criticizing the book for being a little too rhythmic, but then I remembered that my children loved books that were heavy on the rhyme, when they were small, so I would count the natural rhythm as a plus, now that I think about it. The illustrations are charming, bold, cheerful, and brightly colored, really a feast for the eyes. Daddies Do is a happy book, about all the good times that can be had with a father. Because of the rhythm, it'll probably hold a child's attention at a pretty young age and I'd expect some of them to memorize Daddies Do and claim to be reading it when they're below reading age. An excellent book to buy and hand to a daddy who loves reading to and playing with his children.

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