Monday, July 02, 2018

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals (not in the order shown):

  • Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans,
  • Old Baggage by Lissa Evans, 
  • Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse, and
  • Victoria the Queen by Julia Baird, all purchased
  • The Clockmaker's Daughter by Kate Morton - from Atria Books for review
  • Abridged Classics by John Atkinson and
  • The Sea Queen by Linnea Hartsuyker, both from HarperCollins for review

Lissa Evans has become one of my favorite authors and Crooked Heart one of my new all-time favorite books, so when I heard Old Baggage (the story of Maddie-from-Crooked-Heart's early years as a suffragette) was out in England, I rushed to Book Depository to place an order. And, that order just kept growing. Wed Wabbit is a children's book that I've wanted to read since it came out, so into the cart it went. I also ordered There, There by Tommy Orange and The Book of M (both because I wanted them in paperback). Neither of those have arrived, yet. Trail of Lightning is a book I pre-ordered several months ago and I didn't realize it was on its way till I opened the box, actually. Sometimes those Amazon emails can be rather cryptic.

I bought Trail of Lightning because I was looking for books by Native Americans who are not Sherman Alexie, after all the hubbub. Actually, I need to take him out of my sidebar. Much as I love Alexie's writing, I feel awful for having promoted him, now that I know he got in the way of the careers of other Native Americans. OK, done. I put a link to Lissa Evans' website up, instead. I desire to read more work by Native Americans, so if anyone has suggestions feel free to fling them my way.

Abridged Classics is so short I already reviewed it: bookish cartoons, some of which I'm pretty sure I've seen elsewhere (Facebook, maybe?) I spent half the reading time thinking about how I would have written the cartoon synopses if I'd been clever enough to come up with the idea, myself. The Sea Queen is the follow-up to The Half-Drowned King (or, maybe second in a series). I didn't finish The Half-Drowned King because of bad timing but I loved what I read enough to recommend it. Just don't read it on vacation with palm trees swaying over your head unless you're better at focusing than I am.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Abridged Classics by John Atkinson
  • Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans
  • The Lost Family by Jenna Blum

Ahhh, finally a decent reading week. Wed Wabbit is just what it sounds like: a book in which a little girl can't say "red rabbit" and her sister gets zapped into a world in which Wed Wabbit is the evil bad guy soaking up the color from the world of her favorite story. It's such fun. I read it on a day when I couldn't bear the news. I've already reviewed Abridged Classics (link below). And, now that I've finished The Lost Family, I really can't believe I still haven't read Jenna Blum's first book, Those Who Save Us. Kind of shocking, since it's a WWII story.

Currently reading:

  • What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro
  • Israel/Palestine by Alan Dowty

I haven't decided which fiction title to start, next. I have such lovely stacks, though. Many to choose from.

Last week's posts:

In other news:

We're all done with Foyle's War and I don't know what to watch, next! Halp.

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  1. We just finished watching the updated version of Lost In Space. It was fun, but by the last few episodes we felt it was getting to be a bit too melodramatic and sappy. Now we're onto Season Two of Jessica Jones.

    1. I'll have to look into Jessica Jones. Not sure I can bear "melodramatic and sappy" (so, I'll maybe skip Lost in Space) but I've heard wonderful things about JJ. Thanks!

  2. Looks like a fun stack. I’m quite interested in the Abridged Classics since you reviewed it. I hope you pick a fun fiction to go with all the serious looking nonfiction. ;)
    Have you tried Broadchurch on Netflix? It’s a good suspenseful crime show with David Tenant in it.

    1. I think it's a pretty exciting stack, myself. I loved Wed Wabbit and Abridged Classics is fun. Good start!

      I'm not sure if I tried Broadchurch or some other David Tennant show, but there was some show in which his wife was killed (and maybe his child). I couldn't get through it. Might have been something else. I may give Broadchurch a try and see if it's one I can handle. Thanks!

    2. I agree with Jenny. Broadchurch is very good!!

    3. Nope. In Broadchurch he’s a detective.

    4. OK, thanks guys. I'll give Broadchurch a try (I do love David Tennant). There's also a show I saw advertised on BritBox that sounds good, about a female soldier. I may give one of those a try, tonight!


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