Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

There were no arrivals, so I decided to take a photo of a section of one shelf in my home library (you should be able to click to enlarge). This is from what I call my "international" shelf because the books are all by authors who are not American. I have read only a handful of these but I've been eyeing a couple that I'd like to read very soon.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Premeditated Myrtle by Elizabeth C. Bunce

This was an opposite week, for me. I've been sleeping terribly, waking up several times a night during most of the pandemic. This week, I kept falling asleep in the evening and then feeling sluggish during my normal reading time. So, there were several days that I didn't read a word. But, I enjoyed Premeditated Myrtle and I am loving The Paris Hours. Whenever I pick up The Paris Hours, I am immediately engrossed and the only reason I didn't end up reading it in one or two evenings was the fact that I wasn't as awake as I usually am during my normal reading time. Weird, but everything is weird, right now, so I just try to roll with it. 

Currently reading:

  • The Paris Hours by Alex George

Almost done but I'm pre-posting this Monday Malarkey and, as of Sunday evening, I am fighting a migraine so it's unlikely I'll finish tonight.

Last week's posts:

In other news:

We finished the first season of Life on Mars and streamed most of Cats during its 48-hour free streaming on YouTube; but, we didn't get to Cats till the last minute and it was so late at night that we didn't make it through the entire thing. I was hoping to get to the song "Memory" but not knowing how far that is into the play, when Husband said he'd had enough I opted to shut it off even though I would have loved to keep going. Our house only has throw rugs and is very open and echoey, so I didn't want to keep him awake. Cats was every bit as strange as I expected it to be but I thought it was a fun sort of strange. I think it helped that I've read Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, the book it's based upon.

We spent the weekend cleaning the closet of our guest room, which used to be Kiddo's room and mostly has his stuff in it. If I'd known what a huge job that was going to end up being, I have to wonder if I'd have selected it as our weekend task. But, it worked out well. We managed to empty at least two boxes completely and reorganized the contents of the closet so that it's much, much tidier and the things I need to be able to get to (seasonal decorations, in particular) are now within my reach. In the process of going through all that stuff, we were reminded that Kiddo has at least 6 boxes full of books and a 6-foot wooden shelf with even more in our house. Until he has space to store his books or goes through them and discards some of them, we're not going to be able to clear that closet as much as we'd like to. But, we made terrific progress.

We also found not one but two boxes of VHS tapes. What? I thought I'd gotten rid of all of our VHS tapes, apart from a few of the classic Disney movies in the nice plastic cases. Huz got the VCR working so we watched one of them: Strange Brew. And, then the VCR ate it. Not sure if that means we should give up on the 80s movie festival we planned or try to watch each of them once and then toss them after we finish but I really like the idea of bingeing on 80s movies for a while, even if they all end up in the trash once we're done.

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  1. I am looking forward to The Paris Hours! We cleaned out the spare room not long ago and it is a bit strange that no matter how often you reorganise you find interesting things that you would have sworn would not still be there!

    1. I loved The Paris Hours. The ending felt a little abrupt to me, but then I let it roll around in my head and decided that, no, that was the perfect way to end it because it leaves *just enough* to the imagination. Such lovely writing.

      Ha, yeah, isn't that wild? David found an emergency fan belt (that said it will fit any car). The image on the front was clearly from the 70s, so I was baffled. David had a car, back then, but he wouldn't have kept such a thing, so how did we get an emergency fan belt from that decade? He figured out it must have come from my dad's car, which we sort of inherited (well . . . I bought it from my mom, but at a reasonable price) when he died. That makes sense. We still have my dad's emergency first aid kit and emergency blanket that he kept in that same car.


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