Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Vintage 1954 by Antoine Laurain

I'm a big time travel fanatic, counting Jack Finney among my favorite authors, so when I read that there was a time travel aspect to Vintage 1954 after reading The Readers' Room, also by Antoine Laurain, I knew I must read it. 

In 1978, a Frenchman who saw a UFO in 1954 and has been teased about it ever since drinks a bottle of wine, goes for a walk, and never returns. In 2017, the owner of an apartment complex in Paris, two of his tenants (including the great-grandson of the man who disappeared), and an American staying in an Airbnb in the building all share a bottle of wine and return to 1954. What does a UFO have to do with their trip through time and will they ever be able to return home?

Highly recommended - A lovely, quirky, upbeat story. I absolutely loved Vintage 1954. I'm always besotted with time travel but I particularly loved the fact that there was a unique twist with the UFO and adored the sweet friendship that grew between the four people who unexpectedly travelled through time together. 

My thanks to Gallic Books publicist Meryl Zegarek, who sent me a copy of Vintage 1954 after I mentioned that I'd added it to my wish list!!

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  1. This is all your fault, Nancy, since Jack Finney's Time and Again is one of my favorite books of all time.

    1. I love it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did (I'm sure you will), Bonnie!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of time travel but this book does sound pretty good. Also, I love the photo you shared.

    1. It's fun. The relationships that build between the four people who travel back in time are charming and it's just a quirky book, in general, which I love.

      Thanks! Husband was taking a course on how to make Bakewell tarts while I was reading Vintage 1954 and they were so pretty I figured I should take advantage and add one to a book photo.


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