Sunday, March 29, 2015

ABC Universe by the American Museum of Natural History and Lazy Cats

I'm back! Did you miss me?

I just got the book shown below, ABC Universe, last week, and I love it so I figured this is a good book to review for starters.

The first thing you need to know about ABC Universe is that it's a board book. The second thing is that it's BIG, about 10" x 10" closed.

Open it up and you can use it as a blanket for your cats.

As you can see, ABC Universe is an alphabet book in which the letters relate to a science word: D is for Dwarf Planet, E is for Earth (sorry about the flash obscuring part of the Earth definition), F is for Flare. It's a sturdy board book and a science lesson all rolled into one! I'd particularly recommend ABC Universe for little ones who are at the shredding stage but old enough to tolerate a slightly longer book. You could start pointing out the letters long before a child is old enough to sit patiently through more than the alphabet, though, so the book would make an excellent baby shower gift and it's big enough for classroom use.

As to the definitions, I thought most of them were well-written, with one exception: quark. The definition of a quark was so confusing that I went online to look it up. Otherwise, I thought the book was great.

Highly recommended - It's never too early to start your child learning about science; and, ABC Universe is definitely a unique and beautiful way to grasp the alphabet, as well. A wonderful, educational board book with bold colors that's built to last.

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