Friday, September 17, 2010

Fiona Friday - Alert Level . . . Plus, Best-Laid Plans

Most of the time, Fi is on High Alert, thanks to the little nuisance known as Isabel.

But, sometimes she just can't take it, anymore.

Meanwhile, Isabel is growing like a weed. I'll share a photo or two of her, sometime soon, but I really don't want this to turn into an all-cat blog. Which leads to part two of my subject line:

The Best-Laid Plans Go Glug, Glug, Glug

I seem to be coming out of my summer reading slump, with the help of some wonderful children's books. This week, I read The Coffin Quilt by Ann Rinaldi about the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys, Ten Big Toes and a Prince's Nose (a storybook for ages 4-7 that is utterly delightful), and Inside Hurricanes (for older kids). All were wonderful and I don't feel so bogged down, anymore, in my reading. However, Monday Malarkey didn't get me back in the swing of writing, unfortunately.

Sometimes, if I just step away from the blog and write the old-fashioned way -- with pen and paper -- I can write a review when I'm unable to start typing. So, I'll give that a try, this weekend. Please wish me luck. I'm missing all my blogging buddies. When I can't get myself to type a review, I tend to walk away or just read blogs without commenting or (eeks) play Mafia Wars. I'm still in fly-on-the-wall mode when it comes to other blogs and I've leveled up a dozen times in Mafia Wars, this week. Somebody kick me.

Since quite a few people have asked me to share more photos of London, here's one for the road: Trafalgar Square in the rain.

This photo was taken from the steps of St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, where we were awaiting entry to attend a candlelight concert by The Belmont Ensemble of London. Baroque music! It was breathtaking.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love all the photos! Good luck getting your groove back. I write the best reviews in my head when I'm driving in the car or grocery shopping, but can't ever seem to get them on the computer.

  2. Thanks, Kathy!

    I know what you mean. I seem to do my best writing at night, as I'm dropping off to sleep -- always, of course, when I'm too tired to get up and grab a pen. Ah, well. I'll get to the reviews, eventually.

  3. LOL "where is that little brat, oops need a nap".

  4. SuziQ,

    Very close! Boy, when Fi falls over she is totally wiped out, now. Isabel definitely exhausts her -- and herself. Izzy was so tired, this afternoon, her eyes were watering and she couldn't rouse herself to eat at meal time. She's a little piglet and loves to eat, so that shows you how thoroughly she wore herself out!!

  5. Ooohhh that concert sounds wonderful! And I love Fiona :) Glad to see she's getting a little bit of relaxing time in at least!

    Also, I've been in a reviewing slump lately too. I must snap out of it :P I'm glad to hear you are reading again though!

  6. Amy,

    The concert was wonderful and I wouldn't have thought to go if not for the dapper and highly literate sweetheart known as Simon Van Booy, who gave me some terrific ideas for slightly different things to do in London. I need to write him a thank-you note.

    Fiona sometimes gets a decent nap. Shortly after I snapped that photo, Isabel walked over to Fiona and Fi lazily batted her away with a single paw. It's really pretty fun watching the changing dynamics between the two kitties.

    You and I are in good company. At least 3 or 4 people in my reading group have been slumpy, although a couple of us snapped out of it, this week. I hope your slump ends, soon!!!

  7. I am glad to hear you are coming out of your reading slump! We really must resume our emailing. It sort of fizzled out!

  8. Kelly,

    Thanks! I'm relieved to finally read at a normal pace. Yes, we must get back to emailing. I'm afraid it's probably my fault it fizzled. I've been really bad about responding to emails, lately.

  9. I write my reviews in my head, but they don't often make it onto the blog. I do find it easier to actually write if I take the laptop into bed and write, rather than sitting at the computer desk using the PC. I think it is because there are less distractions!

  10. Wait--you were in London? I've done my own share of skipping blogs because I can't seem to keep up with my own, so I must have totally missed that tidbit. I tend to avoid the blogosphere as well when I can't write my own posts--silly but glad I'm not alone! :)

    Can't believe how big Fiona is!

  11. Marg,

    There aren't all that many distractions in my house (apart from the occasional kitten treading across the keyboard); it's really just me. Sometimes I just get out of practice writing. The easiest way to get myself back into the swing of things is to use the question-answer method of reviewing. I may have to do that. I just can't seem to get myself going.


    Yep, we went to London for a week. It was kind of a last-minute thing -- long story, but I tagged along on hubby's business trip. When we returned, we got our second kitten, Isabel (in case you missed that bit of news!). Yeah, Fiona is all grown up!! Awww. She's just as great as ever. I just love that cat like crazy. :)


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