Friday, September 03, 2010

Fiona Friday - Intruder Alert!

Fiona is a little bit stressed, this week, because we have added to our family! Here, Fiona greets our new arrival.

We were traveling, last week (hence my technical difficulty -- I had strictly limited access to the internet), and when I returned to the vet's to pick up Fiona from her week of boarding on Monday, they were actually holding a kitten for me in the hopes that I would adopt her. Meet Isabel!

How could I say "no" to a face like that? Isabel (aka "Izzy") is a headstrong little girl, about 12-14 weeks old. Found in the bushes outside the veterinary clinic, she was rescued and taken care of by one of the vets for just over a week. Her past history is unknown but she seems to be healthy and she certainly does let us know what she thinks. She's also extremely mild-mannered and loves to be held. Fiona is not particularly pleased with the intruder, but on the other hand we're not having any knock-down, drag-out fights. Occasionally, Fi will leap on Izzy and Izzy lets out a little sound like a squeaky toy. It's pretty funny.

Fi says, "This is FIONA Friday, remember?"

Still Fiona Friday. Still adore my little stripey-pants girl. She's my sweetie cat. It's a little odd having an extra furkid in the house but I like it and I hope they'll eventually play well together.

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  1. Congratulations on the new fur baby! Izzy looks adorable and bless your heart for saving her.

  2. Aw, they're both adorable!

  3. I love both your girls! Izzy looks like she's got pointy eyebrows. And Fi is just gorgeous--those stripes are out of this world. Been meaning to tell you that my niece, Isabel, used to be nicknamed Isabelly when she was small--I think that'd be a cute nickname for your girl, too!

  4. Joy,

    Thank you! Isabel is a real cutie. My youngest son is just crazy about her. Meanwhile, I'm trying to cheer up Fiona . . . who seems to think we've betrayed her, poor sweet thing.


    Thanks! I think so, too. :)


    Thank you! Izzy is awfully fun. Fiona is kind of sad, right now, so we're still putting Isabel in the utility room on occasion, although she comes out for longer stretches, now. Fi needs a little down time or I thinks she might explode in a puff of furry angst.

    Isabelly! That is so cute!! I like! We were playing with both kitties, a bit ago, and I called little one Izzyboo. I don't know where that came from but Will picked it right up.

  5. There, there, now Fiona! Izzy is cute, but I really tune in for you.

  6. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Well, hello Izzy!

    And good for Fi...exercise is important. :-D

  7. I love Fiona's stare in that last photo!

  8. Jealous of your two sweet cuties!

  9. Bybee,

    Me, too. Fiona's got me on her side because I personally think she's the coolest cat in the world. Isabel's adorable, but Fi is my first love. :)


    Haha, Fi loves that treadmill. And, she has to climb up high to get away from the brat who keeps stealing all her toys. The nerve of that tiny little invader!


    She looks like she's pleading, to me. "Please, save me! Play with me (without the brat in my way)! Give me ear rubbings!!!"


    Well, you do have plenty of your own, so none of that jealousy bit. You can't help but wonder if someone dumped Isabel outside the vet's deliberately. I say if you're going to be a yucky person who dumps animals, that's a decent place to do it. At least she wasn't in a box in a trashcan, right?

  10. Adorable new addition - I hope they get along and start playing together :)

  11. Amy,

    Thanks! We have moments of peace, at this point -- they're kind of rare. Hopefully, they'll eventually get used to each other. The angst is all on Fiona's side. Isabel is really pretty mild-mannered and will sometimes just let Fiona swat her or jump on her without even reacting. I think that's a great thing. We shall see! She's here to stay. :)

  12. She is beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see more Izzy (and Fi) pictures in the future.

  13. Nikki,

    Thanks! I think so, too. :) The two kitties are getting along quite well, now, apart from occasional squabbles (but nothing major) which makes me sooo happy. There will be plenty more photos of both coming!!

  14. Izzy is adorable. :) I can't wait to see more pictures of the both of them. :)

  15. Izzy is such a cutie!

  16. Holy adorable! I'm sure Fiona will make a fab big sister. Can't wait to see more pix of Isabel. And I refer to my tabby's markings as her stripy pants, too!

  17. Krista,

    Thanks! There will be plenty more pictures. I can't seem to stop photographing either of my girls!! :)


    Thank you! She's very entertaining, too. ;)


    Fiona is definitely going to be a great big sister. There are times she can't stand Isabel, but she's softening up and sometimes just lets little Izzy walk right up to her, sniff or skirt past her and walk on without doing a thing. I'm so proud of my little Fi!!! So funny we both call those markings stripy pants! :)

  18. You have the most beautiful kitties! I love Izzy's expression in that photo. Have fun!

  19. Les,

    Thanks! I think they're little beauties, too. I'm biased, though, of course. Poor Fiona is still stressed (I'm giving her extra cuddles whenever she can stand it) but we're awfully pleased with how well she's tolerating little Izzy. Speaking of that look on Izzy's face, I was sorting laundry and turned around to see little Isabel peeking around the door frame. Cute attack! She is just adorable.

  20. Oh, she looks so sweet! I hope Fiona adjusts soon and realizes how great a kitty pal can be. My cats never dealt well with newcomers, it was yowling fights from day one. Even now, one can only stays indoors and the other is an outdoor cat- he pretty much comes home just to eat! I wish they got along better but they don't sigh.

  21. Happy New Kitty!!!

  22. Jeane,

    Thanks! Aw, sorry yours don't get along. Mine are doing OK. We introduced Izzy slowly & still put her in the utility room at night. The only thing that seems to set Fiona off is when Fiona wants to play with me and Izzy gets in the way. I think I'll just have to lock Izzy up on occasion, so I can have playtime with Fi on her own. Otherwise, they were actually playing chase happily, this morning, and sometimes nap near each other. It's really going quite well.


    Thank you!!!

  23. I remember when I brought Leo home... Mika was not in the least bit pleased! At first I thought Mika was never going tolet Leo stay, Mika has even de-friended me as he's my cat and it was me who brought Leo into the house. Thankfully after 2 weeks Mika decided that Leo could stay :D

  24. Oh she's so cute!! You had to take her in.

    I hope Fi gets used to her! As the Big Sister, she has to keep Izzy in line.

  25. Nikki-ann,

    I think I've been half un-friended, here. Fiona is definitely my baby and she was never sweeter and more cuddly than the day before I brought Isabel home. Since then . . . she's still around but she just seems sad and she's avoiding me a little -- especially when I'm holding Isabel, which happens a lot. Izzy's a lap cat. They're getting along okay but I just hope Fiona gets her gregarious personality back, soon.


    Yes, you can see I had no option. If I hadn't taken her, the vet was going to take her home and put her in "the barn". Apparently, the barn cats have pretty short life spans. I couldn't do that to her!!

    Fi is very good at swatting Izzy down if she's misbehaving. But, she's also really kind of sad. I think we might need some kitty antidepressants.


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