Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fiona Friday Oh-no-wrong-day-again - All three kitties

I'm a little under-the-weather, today, so the Neil Gaiman review will have to wait.  Instead, you get kitties.

Fiona watches a skink peeking in through the breakfast nook window:

Izzy plays with a string (we keep several strings hanging in various places so the kitties can pull them down and drag them around the house):

River (no longer called "Prissy" because she's been with us too long to keep calling her by a name we don't like) helps out while I unload books in the library:

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  1. River is looking SO stinkin' cute in that box of books.

    1. That is probably the best way to describe her. But, also she's a stinker who just happens to be really cute. ;)


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