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Rufus Goes to School by Kim T. Griswell and Valeri Gorbachev

Rufus Goes to School by Kim Griswell, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev
Copyright 2013
Sterling Children's Books - Picture Book 
32 pp.

Rufus Goes to School is about a piglet named Rufus Leroy Williams III.  Rufus has a favorite book  but he doesn't know how to read, so he makes up his own stories.  But, Rufus really wants to know how to read so he decides he will go to school.  He acquires a backpack and trudges off to school but the principal says pigs are not allowed.  Why not?

Because pigs track mud in the halls," said Principal Lipid.
"They turn their drawings into airplanes.
They play leapfrog in class,
and they start food fights in the cafeteria."

Rufus is "shown the door" but he acquires a lunchbox and tries, again.  The principal says no, again:

"Because pigs knock over the block towers," said Principal Lipid,
"and they hide under the teacher's desk.
Pigs draw stick figures on the chalkboard."  He waggled his finger at Rufus.
"And they chase their classmates during recess."

Rufus is not willing to give up.  He brings a blanket, along with his backpack and lunchbox and promises:

"I will never blow bubbles in my milk.
Or finger-paint my classmates.
I will not stand on my head during naptime.
Or leave nose prints on the windows.
And I will come to school every day!"

But, Rufus has to prove his determination by showing the principal he has a favorite book.  "That makes a difference!" the principal tells Rufus.  He's introduced to his classmates and finds that he loves learning, lunchtime and naptime.  

But Rufus loved storytime most of all . . . 
because it gave him room to dream.

I still don't have a hard drive, so I'm unable to snap and load interior photos but there's a nice little trailer that gives you a peek inside at Amazon:

Trailer for Rufus Goes to School (page down to find the video window).  

The first time I read Rufus Goes to School, I admit I was expecting something a little different, like an ending saying that most of all Rufus loved learning to read because it opened up new worlds.  The second time I thought, "No, that ending works."  Expectations are funny things. 

Recommended - A cute story about the fun of going off to school. I absolutely love the illustrations in Rufus Goes to School.  There's just something adorable about piglets, anyway, and the illustrations are cute, colorful and action-packed.  I like the use of motion. My niece's toddler is getting excited about books so I'm going to pass this one on to him.  I think he'll love it. Rufus Goes to School is a great book for encouraging children who are looking ahead to school but it's also a little silly and a terrific story of determination.  

I received a copy of Rufus Goes to School from Sterling Children's Books in return for an unbiased review.

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