Friday, May 01, 2015

Fiona Friday and Things I Forgot to Remember

First things first: It's Friday, so you get a cat photo.

This week, I received a flattish parcel that was easily converted into a fabulous cat-house. The girls love it. They've used it both as a resting spot and a tunnel. Fun!

Second: I completely forgot to share a link to a friend's recent release.

Riding With No Hands by Harrison Wilde is the memoir of a single year of his harrowing childhood. The author and I have been friends for many years and he asked me to read it and make suggestions, a few years ago. At the time, I just listed it as a nameless book since it wasn't yet available and he didn't want me to mention it by title (although the title has not changed). He's just recently self-published it for Kindle:

Riding With No Hands by Harrison Wilde

I haven't read the updated version but I can tell you that Harrison Wilde's writing is solid. The story is a difficult read, focusing on abuse and sexual awakening during his 13th year - difficult meaning "gut-wrenching".  I think I found it especially difficult because the author is a friend and I hate it that he went through such horrible experiences; it's hard reading about the horror someone you care for had to deal with. But, he survived and has thrived, so at least I was able to close it knowing, "He's okay."

In other news: It's that nice in-between season when it's not too cold, not too hot. Because we've had a wet spring, we have a limited amount of time to get the deck painted before the real heat descends (too late to beat the mosquitoes, unfortunately), and there's a lot of busy work to do while we can still throw the windows open. So, I'm not finding a lot of time to sit down and write and if Monday Malarkey and Fiona Friday are all I can get to, so be it.

National Poetry Month is over. Darn. I love National Poetry Month. I didn't manage to finish up any more poetry books beyond the three I wrote about, but I still have some checked out from the library. I've got some other books that have priority on my mental reading list, though, so it remains to be seen whether I'll get to them or not.

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  1. It went from cold to hot here way too fast. Now I'm doing yard work in the scorching sun. I know what it's like to only have a few moments to blog and read between all that yard work. So tiring.

    1. Yep, that's how it usually goes - straight from winter to summer with only a short interval called "spring" if you're lucky. So much to do. This time of year is always a bit overwhelming.

  2. I find stories of child abuse almost too painful to read these days; I can't imagine the compounding of that pain by the protagonist being someone you know.

    1. Yeah, it was difficult. But, he's a friend so I was happy to help when he asked me to read it. I already knew he had an abusive childhood.


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