Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Twaddle - A little bit discombobulated, but here you go.

I was on vacation, last week, and am not so much jetlagged/sleepy as completely scatter-brained and unable to process tasks after a long traveling day (from London), so I'm going to hold on the book photo till next Monday or I probably wouldn't manage to post for days. I brought home a massive amount of reading material, though, so there will be a lovely book stack photograph, next week.

Last week's reading:

  • I'm nearly halfway through Neverwhere and absolutely in love. At this point, I'm deliberately spreading out the reading because I don't want it to end; but, I'm strongly considering purchasing the performed audio version and listening to it as soon as I finish, just to stretch out the fun even longer. I like Neverwhere that much.
  • The Dust that Falls from Dreams had to stay behind because it's a chunkster, so I didn't make any progress on that at all. But, I did manage to finish a book I started just before we left, Another Woman's Daughter by Fiona Sussman. I'm usually not good at focusing to read on planes but I could not put that book down till I finished; it made the flight to London go much more quickly than it might have, otherwise. 
  • On our first day in London, we dropped by Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street and I bought The Case of the 'Hail Mary' Celeste by Malcolm Pryce. I got about 120 pages in but the whole time I was reading I kept thinking I needed to start over because -- as today -- I was a little discombobulated after traveling and not processing the way I normally do, definitely not in a manner that befits the reading of a mystery. So, I skidded to a halt and I'm not sure whether I'll finish or start again, later. 
  • Another purchase was The Fortnight in September by R. C. Sherriff, from Persephone Books. I began reading it on the flight home and it's such a breezy read that I'm having no problem continuing to read, even today. So, I'm sure I'll finish it up sometime this week.

Not a single book arrived while I was gone but the UPS man just made a humorous dash from the truck (which he parked down the street -- seriously, it was comical) and dropped off the most gorgeous book from Dey Street for review: Sherlock Chronicles by Steve Tribe, subtitled "The ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of the hit series Sherlock." Swoon. I'm too tired to photograph it so here's a cover image snatched from the Internets: 

The Dey Street version does not contain either the BBC logo in the upper right corner or the words "Foreward by Mark Gatiss", but otherwise they're identical and the foreward by Mr. Gatiss is still present.

Last week's posts:

Cat news:

Kiddo is living at home, now, so we had a built-in house- and cat-sitter (so convenient). The cats were clearly content, but Isabel was so excited to see me that she started chattering at me and did a little happy dance almost the moment we walked through the door and she has stuck with me like glue, even napping against my legs while I read on the sofa. Unfortunately, after arriving home at around 2:30 AM 11:30 PM (after a little snafu in which the kiddo fell asleep when he was supposed to be picking us up at the airport) and getting to sleep around 2:30 AM, she decided to come have a chit-chat with me at around 4:00 AM. So, I'm working on about 90 minutes of sleep, here. It's odd that I'm not the slightest bit sleepy, just . . . addled.

Fiona has been cheerful but didn't come out to greet us until I called to her. She trotted into the room and gave us a look that approximated the word, "Whatever," but didn't stay miffed for long. She's not so clingy and cuddly, though. I'm loving the extra affection from Izzy, even if it seems to involve a tinge of desperation.

Both cats are with me, as I type, Fiona warming my toes and Isabel curled up in her desk chair . . . which used to be my desk chair. The sacrifices we make for our fur friends.

The internet situation:

Unfortunately, our "disruption of service" did not occur while we were away, so that's yet to come and I still don't know when it will occur. If I disappear for a few days or more, that will be the reason. In the meantime, I'm still planning to have a #NeverwhereRAL update chat on Twitter on the 15th.  There is no specific time. If you're reading along and you're a tweeter, please share how it's going on the 15th using the #NeverwhereRAL hashtag!

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  1. ha! I wondered if you were on your way to UK! Thx for helping me today...

    1. Yep, hence the lack of normal FB posting. At least I managed to pre-post a little at the blog, for once!!!l You're welcome!

  2. That is so sweet that Izzy was so excited to see you :) Aww did you get to go to the Persephone store itself?? You've been before, haven't you? That's one of the things on my bucket list :) And is this your first time reading Neverwhere?? It's such a good book! I haven't listened to the full cast recording yet, but the one that Gaiman reads himself is fantastic.

    1. It is definitely sweet how excited Izzy was - and how close she's staying near me. She can hardly bear to let me out of her sight.

      Yes, we went to the Persephone store and I've been there several times. It's old hat, now, but still every bit as fun to visit as it was the first time. It's a special place. You really must go.

      Yep, it's my first time reading Neverwhere. Gaiman is hit or miss with me but this one is definitely a hit. I love Gaiman's reading so it might be an exception - an audio I can stand to listen to. In general, I only listen to full-cast performances. I'm not a particularly good listener; I have to be entertained. But, I do love his voice.

  3. So many thoughts!

    Fist, I love how often you get too go to London! I would love that!

    Did you read some of Neverwhere in London? That would be very atmospheric.

    I love when I come home from a trip and my kitties act like they don't care that I was gone but won't leave my side for a few days.

    I'm not much of an airplane reader either so when a book is so good it makes me an airplane reader... perfection!

    1. We're very fortunate, Jenny. Husband has a friend who has been working in London for 5 or 6 years and he loans us his flat. We pay him with a bottle of alcohol (and, this time, some very sinful pastries). He'll be retiring soon, though.

      Yes, I did read almost half of Neverwhere in London! And, it was definitely special doing so. We had just walked past Charing Cross station when I sat down to read and Richard just happened to be at Charing Cross. Loved that bit of almost-synchronicity.

      Cats are funny, aren't they? Isabel is still sticking close to me but she's such a puppy, anyway. She's really almost always by my side. And, she was excited to see me. Love that in a cat! Fiona's been pretty friendly, too, but she's more typically cat-like, outgoing like most tabbies but she does her own thing.

      It's wonderful when a book is good enough to occupy you on a plane, isn't it? I really have come to dislike the flying, now that the seats are so uncomfortably close, so I appreciate it when the reading material grabs me and helps pass the time.


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