Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey, That's MY Monster! by Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam

Ethan has his very own monster under the bed. Gabe is the perfect monster for Ethan -- scary enough to keep him in bed at night but not to keep him from sleeping. But, then Gabe leaves Ethan a note:

So long, kid. 
Gotta go. 
Someone needs me
more than you do.

The "someone" is Ethan's little sister, Emma. Emma is a happy little girl and not easily frightened. She likes to climb out of her toddler bed, roam the house, and play noisy games at night.

I knew a monster would keep her 
in bed so she could fall asleep.
But not MY monster!
I had to get Gabe back.

Now, Gabe is under Emma's bed and Ethan says he'll get Emma to sleep. Anything to get Gabe back. Gabe is skeptical but says he'll give Ethan three chances. "If she's not asleep, I'll be back!" And, then Gabe disappears. To summon a monster, you must knock on the floor. Ethan encourages Emma to knock, but the monsters just make her giggle. She's not afraid at all! She laughs at a disgusting mucus monster and tells it to wipe. A second monster has a long tail and claws. Emma just decorates the monster's tail with bracelets. The third monster has tentacles. Emma high-fives one of the tentacles and hops over others like she's playing jump rope.

Oh, no! What is Ethan going to do? He's about to lose Gabe, forever!

Fortunately, it all works out and Ethan gets his monster back. And, I can't imagine any child not enjoying the journey. I reviewed I Need My Monster way back in 2012 and it was one of my favorite picture books, that year, because I was so in love with the storyline and the illustrations. Hey, That's MY Monster! is every bit as fun and the illustrations absolutely pop: the colors, the details in the background, even the digustingness of a slimy monster with too many drippy noses are all marvelous.

Highly recommended - So stinking cute! I'm a fan of monsters and aliens and Hey, That's MY Monster! does not disappoint. Great illustrations, a fun storyline, and a great batch of monsters all trying and failing to get little Emma to bed (it's the hiccuping sister of Gabe who finally manages to frighten little Emma under the covers) make this monster book a winner. I highly recommend buying the first book, I Need My Monster, along with Hey, That's MY Monster! for gift-giving or just for fun fall reading. With Halloween coming up, you have a perfect excuse to read about monsters to the little ones in your world.

Side note: This is my second post, today. There will be no Monday Malarkey, today. Malarkey will return, next week!

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  1. Sounds super cute! I was all anxious to know what happens. Thanks for telling. ;)

    1. The suspense was killing you? :) "Super cute" is a good way to describe it. I'm particularly enamored of the illustrations. They are awesome.

  2. Sounds so cute! I was a children's librarian in another life. I used to know these things, now I know nothing.

    1. I'm a little too introverted to be a teacher but if I wasn't, that would definitely be something wonderful to do. I don't think there's much of anything I liked better about having kids than reading to them . . . a close second would be the excuse to play with Legos and cars. I didn't have either, so that was fun.


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