Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nano Update; Book Slog Report

Day Two of Nano and the crazy lady on the front row said, "Naaaah," to herself, then opened a new file.
Ditched Manuscript #1 due to worthlessness and inevitable plot disaster.
Began Manuscript #2 and still haven't caught up with yesterday's word count.
I have a title and I like it: The Eyes of Margaret Dunn.
The story may end up being a little creepy.
I'm very grateful that the kiddo had a pep rally and is out of the house as he simply would not shush! Sometimes he can be very chatty and fun. Later would be nice.
My Nano mug arrived and it's so cute! The emblem, at left is on one side of the very nice, deep, white mug. On the other side, the words "Novelist Fuel". I shall fill it with hot stuff as it's very, very cold (at least for Vicksburg in November). In fact, I already washed my prized mug.

Currently on page 80, or so, of The Thirteenth Tale.
Too many pointlessly mean characters in one family, in my humble opinion. It's a slog.
Read the intro to Isaac Asimov's Foundation and toes curled with envy at his obvious writing ease (and the fact that he was a selling writer by the age of 18).

Happy . . . uh, Thursday?


  1. Aren't you glad there are people like me who can't write but love to read what you writers write? (I had to prove my unworthiness with that sentence, didn't I?) I like your title and it does sound deliciously creepy. I have an Asimov book on my list, so I'm glad to hear that he's so good. Good luck with your manuscript.

  2. Okay...a new start and a happy bookfool. This is good. I like your title, too. Interesting that you choose that first.

    As for the mug...I want one! :) "Novelist fuel", love it.

    I began THE THIRTEENTH TALE yesterday. I think I'm just under page 50. So far, it's fine. Too early to tell.

    Happy Writing!

  3. or how about the 15yr old kid who wrote Eragon?! and now it's being made into a movie.
    that's just not right.
    happy friday, now!

  4. Framed,

    Well, of course I'm thrilled that there are plenty of readers! Don't know if anyone will ever read what I write, but that's okay. Thanks for the luck and for telling me you like my title. My eldest read the Foundation series by Asimov many, many years ago and loved it so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it - still haven't gotten past the introduction, but maybe I'll squeeze in a few minutes of reading, today. I hope. :)


    I didn't choose the title first. I began writing and the story sort of told me its title, if you buy that. LOL Thanks. It's nice to know what people think about a title.

    The mug is so cool! It was expensive but worth it, IMHO.

    Hope you like The Thirteenth Tale. I thought the few pages I read last night were an improvement. :)


    I just noticed Eragon is being turned into a movie (a few days ago) and said, "Good grief" to myself. Wow, that kid is set for life because he has a great imagination! It does seem kind of wrong, but no more so than actresses having mansions by the age of 18. At least he used his brain rather than cuteness to earn his money, right?

    Oh, is it Friday already? LOL Better tidy a little before I write. The weekends are usually messy, with the hubby home. ;)

  5. Yeah, I just ordered Eragon from so I can read it before the movie comes out.
    Hey, brains or cuteness.. you gotta work with what you got! lol

  6. Whoa to those who are blessed with neither. LOL

    I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts about Eragon, Angela!

  7. Angela,

    Make that "woe". I knew it looked wrong but I'm off, today. :)

  8. Anonymous5:42 AM

    "The Eyes of Margaret Dunn" - that's a great-sounding title, bookfool! I'll be watching this space and your progress with the manuscript, I'm sure you'll do a stunning job!


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