Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday, part 2

Yep, that was a good one. Let's try this again, shall we? The original title of my Tuesday post was "Tuesday Twaddle". And, then I realized I had very little to say. Apparently, by that point I'd already accidentally hit "enter" and published the word Tuesday. Just Tuesday. Tuesday was a bit of a blank, I confess.

But, having said that . . . .

I'm considering going on hiatus as my days are currently chopped into tiny windows between chores, while caring for my mother in my sister's home. And, I can't upload photos -- maybe I'll be able to do so on weekends, but I don't have time to take photos at the moment, anyway. What do you think? Put the blog on hold or just update when I can? I will also be unable to change my sidebar (except on weekends -- yeesh).

Bookishly speaking:

I finished a Life Class by Pat Barker. It's an ARC that I read for Estella's Revenge, so I'll hack away at a review, tonight, and get that sent for the April issue. I'll post a link when the time comes.

I went shopping. Since I'm having a crap week (and things are not set to improve), I decided to heck with the Book Diet. Fortunately for the budget, of the 4 books, 3 were only 99 cents, each. Here's what I got:

Junk Male by Brian Gallagher
1776 by David McCullough
The Complete Hoyle's Games (because I can't ever remember the rules of gin rummy) and
Claudine's House by Collette

Less than $9 for all. Not bad. I wish I could post a photo of the pile, but I cannot.

Things that are happening:

Yesterday, I was dragged by my sister's dog. I tried to walk him, but as it was my first dog-walking experience, ever, and the dog is extraordinarily energetic . . . well, I was dragged. I appreciated the dragging on the up-hill slopes, I confess. And, what is it with dogs and peeing on everything? How do they come up with that much pee? This is what our walk was like: run, run, full stop, sniff weed, pee, run, full stop, sniff pole, pee, run, run, run, bark at other dogs, sniff plant, pee, run, sniff dog, whine, race him along fence, run . . .

When the youngest was up here and walked my sister's dog, he said there was a table sitting at the curbside. On the table was a sign: "Free -- take it!" Buddy sniffed the table and . . . you've got it. Youngster said, "I wonder if the people who took the table were surprised about the smell."

My sister's family is pretty funny. Whilst down on the floor, searching for something in the fridge, my brother-in-law suddenly exclaimed, "Ewww! I thought we were past that!" I thought maybe he'd found something green and moldy. But, no, it was just that my sister had kissed him.

Off to read. Happy Tuesday, Part 2.

Bookfool, dragging and being dragged


  1. Sounds like a typical dog walk to me, except I'd prefer one that actually walked instead of ran. Especially if it's large and strong enough to drag you off your feet. I hope you weren't hurt?

  2. No, he's a fairly small (but sturdy) dog -- part dachsund and part . . . something. Blue heel? I can't remember. He's a sweet dog, really, just very energetic! I enjoyed our walk. The weather was perfect. He's not trained but he's smart enough that he does listen when you tell him, "Come back here!" LOL

  3. So, if the dog comes back when you call him, he is trained. He simply hasn't been trained to walk nicely. If you want some practical advice, the best thing I can tell you is you have to out stubborn him and keep him at your side until he gets the idea that you're the boss. He'll pitch a fit but they tend to settle down fairly quickly.

    Also, the peeing is him marking his territory. The smelling serves at least one function that I know of - smelling other dog feces triggers their need to poop.

    Wish I could be there to help. It isn't that hard to get a dog to walk nicely on a leash if you understand how to do it.

    The books sound great and I'm thrilled you're treating yourself! As for the blog... I would hate to have you on hiatus but I sure do understand why you'd feel the need to do so. If you do decide to go, you will be sorely missed! You absolutely brighten my day.


  4. Well I like this post better than "Tuesday" :p And I most certainly vote for updates over you dropping the blog! I need me some Bookfool! I hope you get some peace of mind soon Nancy. Aren't dogs fun? I've often wondered where all that pee comes from too..it's like there's an endless supply. seriously...Our Buddy likes to pee on everything too. He sounds quite fun though!

  5. I know what you mean about dogs peeing. Staying in a hotel for a week, it was the same story...walk pee, run,pee, etc. The worst though is a strange dog walked up to me and peed on my leg....what the heck is that about?

  6. Blog when you can. We want you to keep blogging so don't make it out to be a chore or you'll never want to come back!

    I had a dog drag me across a field once when I was little. It was a pretty life altering experience.

  7. LOL, I'm sorry, the "eewww, I thought we were past that" sounds just like something B would say. Too funny.

    As for the blog, of course, selfishly, I would like for you to update when you can, but certainly do what's best for you and your frayed tether.

    And good luck with the dog. That's why I haven't gotten up the proverbial nads to take Daisy out of the almost-two-acre-large yard for a walk.

  8. Annie has only just started this "marking" behavior while on our walks. When we first got her (and after she finally got used to being on a leash), she'd simply walk next to me, going at my pace. Now she stops, sniffs, pees, walks, etc. I still get a good walk in, as she walks quite briskly (but doesn't run). I think males mark more than females, but I'm not positive.

    I'll miss your posts, but I understand the need to take a break and focus on the issues at hand. Might be good to not have the additional chore, such that it is, of posting. You'll know what's best for you. I'll keep in touch one way or another. And, I too, will be in the same boat in a few weeks...


  9. Oh sounds like you've got your hands full. I hope you'll continue to post when you can but would totally understand your need for a blog break. Hang in there and glad to see you going off the book diet. I think you needed that :)

  10. "run, run, full stop, sniff weed, pee, run, full stop, sniff pole, pee, run, run, run, bark at other dogs, sniff plant, pee, run, sniff dog, whine, race him along fence, run"

    I swear, you just described most of my workouts!! :D

  11. I liked the original Tuesday post :-)

    Would love to have you post when you can, but like Les said, if posting is a chore, take it off your to do list.


  12. Everybody:

    I love you guys! I think what I'll do is just post when I'm able. There are stretches when my mother is sleeping but I can't leave the house and I've been squeezing everything (reading, cleaning, washing, checking email) into those windows of time. I hogged my sister's computer to write that post, last night, and her family didn't seem to mind. So, I'll just try to post when I can. Thanks for all the thoughts!! :)

    Okay, on to the individual notes. . .


    Buddy has a wind-out tether that goes about 15-20 feet or so. I'm not sure I could keep him next to me without holding his collar, because of that. When he's close, the lead winds back into the handle and then, gallop, gallop, gallop, yank. He's young, though, and a smart little fellow. I don't think he's beyond training. I'll do my best, while I'm here. Buddy's a sweet, loveable dog.

    I knew he was marking his territory, but since I'd never walked a dog I was surprised that he marked seemingly everything that protruded from the ground. Whoa. He really saved up that pee. LOL

    And, thank you. I live to brighten your days. :)


    What, that first post wasn't fulfilling? LOL I still can't believe I did that. It was great, though, because I sorely needed the laugh.

    I will definitely do my best to post when I can. Yes, the dog is a hoot! He's just crazy-loving. You have to appreciate a friendly dog's joy just in being near anyone at all. Not that I'd want to own one, myself, but he's really loads of fun. I'll probably get to walk him again, today, because my sister is home sick. I could do without the peeing part, though!

  13. Joemamma,

    You've reminded me of a great story. When my brother-in-law was dating his wife, they went on a mission trip to Belize together. They have a video of sis-in-law in the little schoolhouse, chatting. Then, along came a little dog. He peed on her, she squealed, and that is all I remember of the video. It always struck me as funny that R. proposed to her on that trip and she accepted. I would have associated the proposal with the dog pee experience and thought the whole thing was a bad deal, but they're happily married. :)


    I shall do my utmost to post. Thanks. It's not a chore, really, so much as something I long to do but have trouble fitting in. The home health nurse is here, right now, so I've got a few minutes. I'm lapping it up, believe me! :)

    A dog-dragging as a small child must have been a bit traumatic. We always had cats, but I used to race the neighbor's dog along the fence. It's possible that I'm actually part puppy, myself.


    My BIL is so funny and sweet. You've done okay if you ended up with a guy who teases like that, if you ask me. :)

    I'm going to go ahead and post when I can, but the blog-hopping will probably be strictly limited and I hate that. I like the reading of other blogs as much as I crave the writing time, ya know?

    Oh, come on. Take Daisy for a walk while she's little. You can do it! (I'm holding my breath, hoping you don't go out on my suggestion and come in covered with grass and scrapes.)

  14. Les,

    I've seen the neighborhood dogs do the marking thing (and lost plants because of it -- most of my flowers are in large planters or raised gardens, now), but I've just never owned a dog or walked one. It's fascinating. I found it kind of invigorating and fun. I'd rather the dog didn't yank, though -- just trotted and sniffed. :)

    I'll keep posting when I can. I've been working on replies between chores, this morning. Busy, busy. I wish you well, next month. I hope it just goes quickly and that you get the verdict you're hoping for.

    Hugs back at ya!


    Thanks. I'm slowly getting into a routine, here. It's rather all-consuming, but I think I really kind of need to maintain some sense of normality and blogging is a part of my normal life. So, I'll do my best to check in here, when I can.

    I so agree with you -- screw the book diet. I mean, to heck with the book diet. LOL Sometimes, you just need to find comfort where you can. I'm so happy with my book purchases. Plus, roaming the store knowing I didn't have to hold back was a real pleasure. Fortunately, it's a small store and there won't be too much temptation! :)

  15. Kookie!

    Thanks for the laugh. I hope I didn't wake anyone up. Okay, yeah, the sister's awake but the mother is zonked. Good. LOL


    Did it make you snort? I laughed my patootie off, when I saw that post (and the two replies).

    Thanks, I'll post when I can. It was so nice to open up the window and see loads of replies, this morning. I think I needed the dose of bloggy love. :) Thanks for the hugs!!! Right back at ya!

  16. haha! I've had it easy with dogs. None of my dogs have ever done that on walks, but then I've never let them either.

  17. If you really want to be dragged by a dog, I would suggest my St. Bernard. Normally, he's very good on a leash....but there are moments (say, when a stray cat crosses our path) that he is hell on wheels! And oh yeah, he likes to pee on everything!!

  18. Kris,

    I was a little more firm when I walked the doggy, yesterday. He had to slow down when I was tired or he got chewed out. But, it's fun walking the dog. I need the air after all day indoors. :)


    No thank you, dear. I think it's quite enough being dragged by a little guy. LOL Goodness, I'll bet you know how to run when needed! ;)

  19. I've seen 1776 all over the place, so I'll be interested in your take. Is this the same author that wrote the John Adams biography? I'll have to look it up.

    Anyway, I've had a few of your posts sitting in my google reader, and I was going to comment on Meme, Memity, Meme (actually a while ago when I read it because I was thinking of doing it as well), but noticed it's been deleted. Oh well--I enjoyed reading your answers anyway.

  20. I'm totally selfish ... don't stop blogging, please? It's okay to do it without photos, though more fun with 'em, of course. But if you don't blog when you get a chance, all those words will pile up in your word-system and weigh you down. Who knows but what a word jam (word clog?) might not impair your system forever! I'm quite sure you are one who needs to express yourself, so just do it!


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