Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire - DNF post

The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C. M. Mayo
Copyright 2009
Unbridled Books - Historical fiction
Author's Website
448 pages - DNF

I wrestled with whether to give up on this book temporarily or keep trying. Giving up won simply because (as mentioned in last night's post) I'm in burn-out mode, having trouble concentrating. This happens to me, now and then, and the cure is to take a few days off, shift to easy, quick reads or ditch everything and start all over. Most important thing to note:

There's nothing wrong with the book. It's all me.

In fact, I liked what I read. I just kept zoning out because I'm so tired. I'm intrigued by the story, the tale of a half-American prince, and adore historical fiction. But, if I shove my way through the book, I'll probably get a lot less out of it; the book deserves a reader's full attention.

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  1. Carrie K7:00 PM

    It does look pretty interesting. Rest! Too many reviews, work, not enough sleep?

  2. Thanks for being honest. I so appreciate honest reviews and try for honesty in my own. Unfortunately, many people don't want you to say you didn't finish something or didn't like something, especially authors and friends of authors.

  3. It's always best to put down the book if you're having trouble paying attention. There have been some books I didn't like that I wonder if I'd been in a different frame of mind would I have enjoyed them more?

    This sounds like a great book, and I plan to borrow Serena's copy.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  4. Carrie,

    All of the above, I think. Plus, the husband actually expects me to get off my fat fanny and exercise regularly, now. I'm pretty sure it's killing me. ;)


    I've never gotten any complaints about my reviews, but I do think it's harder to be positive if you force your way through a book -- and that's one thing I'm trying to avoid by stopping instead of pushing it. I have a feeling I'll really like this book when I'm in a better frame of mind (aka "can see straight, again").


    I agree. I used to shove myself through books. Actually, I did that quite a bit, last year, and I realized that I was neither enjoying my reading as much nor balancing my reviews as well, when I felt like I had to finish. This way is so much better, IMHO.

    There have been quite a few books I set aside that didn't click for me till the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Some time, I'm going to give Gone With the Wind a 4th go (seriously -- I haven't gotten through it, yet!!).

    I hope you love it!

  5. Thanks for the link to my review! I think this was a hard book to get into on some levels - although the writing was beautiful.

  6. Wendy,

    You're welcome! I don't think I commented, but I enjoyed your review. I didn't get very far, but I agree that her writing is excellent. It's definitely a book that requires focus, though!

  7. I really want to read this book but I get the feeling it may be one of those that you have to be in the mood for. I think there's a lot of shifting in narrative and such. At least I think that's what I read in one review. I know if I'm too tired all I want is an easy, comfort type read you know.

    Hope your next read you'll be able to get into it.

  8. Iliana,

    That's what I've read, too -- lots of bouncing between points of view. I'm a moody reader, anyway, but I really have to be in the right mood to settle into a larger book. Fatigue with chunksters is a bad combination.

    I'm reading several books. Simon's book pulled me out of my ennui very quickly and then I started reading The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women, which is hilarious, and I bought and began reading The Dead and the Gone -- gripping. Sigh. One of my biggest problems in life is that I want to read absolutely everything all at once. And, for some reason it just doesn't work! LOL

  9. If I find myself zoning out on a book, I figure it's time to put it down and read something else. Often I'm just not in the right mood, and try to go back to it later. I've been pleasantly surprised by a second attempt!

  10. Jeane,

    Exactly. It's not necessarily the book. Sometimes you can tell if a book is just not for you; other times it's obvious you just need a different type of read. I've returned to a lot of books, over the years, and found them enjoyable on the second or third attempt.


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