Friday, April 29, 2011

Fiona Friday - Lovin' Daddy's Shoes

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  1. Fiona is such an adorable kitty. Was she really snuggling there or attacking the feet? (If it was our kitty it would be a foot attack.)

  2. Alyce,

    Thanks. She was snuggling. Fiona absolutely loves shoes!!

  3. I love Fiona Fridays. And what is it with kitties and shoes? Some day I should post about my agoraphobic kitty. That is if I can get her out from under the covers and get her to pose with out her angry ears.

  4. Jenny,

    Thanks! I have no idea, but my current two kitties are insane about shoes. They act like stinky shoes smell like catnip. It's hilarious.

    So your kitty likes to hide under the covers? Funny! That would definitely make it difficult to get a good picture!

  5. Such a pretty cat!

  6. Zibilee,

    Thanks! You should see her, now. She's a mess. Poor Fi had a horrible reaction to her shots and has a nasty bald spot where she got a rash and it abscessed. Yikes!!

  7. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I'm another loyal lover of Fiona Fridays! I love kitties, but I'm allergic and thus have to satisfy myself with looking at adorable pictures of OTHER peoples' cats. And Fiona is the cutest yet! Also, my dog has a habit of chasing shoes once they're on my feet, so I sympathize. Great update!

  8. Wereadtoknow,

    I'm actually allergic to cats, too, believe it or not! Obviously, it's not a severe allergy or I couldn't be owned by them, thank goodness. I feel for you; I'm glad you can at least have dogs in your house. Some folks are allergic to both. Thanks! Fiona is a total sweetheart. She had to get a very painful cocktail shot, yesterday, and all she did was put a paw on my chest and say, "Meow?" No claws, no anger.

    The shoe thing is so cute. Both kitties act like foot sweat smells the same as catnip. Sometimes Fi will stick her entire head into one of my husband's shoes and we'll all be in stitches. :)


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