Friday, February 22, 2013

Time for a Hug by P. Gershator & M. Green, illus. by D. Walker - #2 for Children's Day

I reviewed the 24-page version of Time for a Hug, last year, and liked it a lot but for some reason I like the board book version even better.  You can read the opening text from the book by following the link to my earlier review.  I give away most of the children's books I review, but I can't recall whether or not I kept Time for a Hug.  If I did, it's still packed so I'm unable to compare the original book with the board book.  However, just from looking at last year's review and the board book, it appears that the text is exactly the same.  The only difference is that the Time for a Hug board book is smaller (looks like about 6" x 6") and the pages are, of course, very sturdy.  

The moon comes out,
The stars shine, too.
The clock says eight.
What shall we do?

Bathe, brush, floss,
say goodnight,
hop into bed,
turn out the light.

Pull up the covers
warm and snug--

What time is it?

Time for a hug!

A big bear hug
and a little hug, too.
Every hug says 

Awww.  What a sweet little book.  Time for a Hug is one of those children's books that makes me long for the early mommy days.  I'm tempted to hang onto the board book, just in case of future grandchildren. 

Highly recommended, 'cause who doesn't love any excuse to get a hug from a little one?

This is post #2 for Children's Day.  Two more to go.

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  1. I like rhyming books because kids pick up (shhhh...poetry)and learn it so quickly! Love the cover, too.

    1. So true! Also, it's awfully fun to read a book with great rhythm to the little ones, isn't it?


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