Friday, November 08, 2013

Fiona Friday - Kitty snuggles and a bit of chatter

This is what happens when you fold all the clean quilts and blankets you've washed but don't bother putting them in the linen closet.  So ridiculously cute.

I've been hammering away at my NaNoWriMo book (still ahead on word count, but not by much) and running errands.  I was working on two reviews at once, a few days back, and just happened to finish my review of The Radleys before my review of The Prodigal.  Well, I've been so completely focused on tasks and writing that when I took a break a little bit ago, I got onto Twitter and realized . . . oh, yeah, I have a blog.  Seriously, the idea that I needed to do some writing elsewhere had completely exited my brain. So, here I am.  I'll finish up my review of The Prodigal, tonight, so it should show up in the morning.  

I also managed to switch tenses in the middle of today's NaNo writing but this is not the time for editing so I'm just going to carry on and worry about fixing the tense problem, later.  I actually like the new tense better.  That caught me off-guard.  It's been so long since I wrote fiction on a regular basis that I'm well aware of the flaws as I'm in the midst of writing, but that's not surprising as I'm well and truly out of practice.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to create your own little world and escape into it. Hopefully, this NaNo experience will help me become accustomed to writing daily (fiction, that is), the way I used to.  

In other news, autumn has finally arrived!  I need to go out and take some pictures!  The trees are absolutely beautiful, right now.  I have read mostly children's books, this week, some just for the sake of finding books for a family member and some for review - not all of them will be reviewed, apart from a line or two in my monthly wrap-up . . . which reminds me that I haven't written my wrap-up for October, yet.  Le sigh. 

I'm reading slowly, apart from the children's books, because the time change seems to have completely wrecked me.  I've been waking up between 3:00 and 4:30 AM since we moved clocks backwards.  Hopefully, I'll get over that, soon.  I'm enjoying absolutely everything I'm reading and will try to update my sidebar to reflect what I've finished (at least, the newer books) soon.  

How is everyone?  

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  1. There's no daylight savings time here, so in the spring/summer, there's annoying stuff like daylight at 4 am.

    1. We have fairly short days, here, even in the summer. I've always found that kind of annoying but not quite as irritating as it must be to have daylight inflict itself for longer than you'd like.


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