Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fiona Friday on the Wrong Day - Playhouse fun

Early this week, both kitties were whining at me (bored, as if we don't practically have the contents of a pet store cat-toy aisle in our house) and we've spent the last couple of weekends emptying out boxes we didn't manage to unload while we were working on getting the old house ready for market. So, I grabbed a large box and cut an entrance, an exit, two circular windows and a diamond-shaped window for the kitties.

Isabel immediately dived inside and peered through the windows, while Fiona preferred to lounge on top and occasionally reach down to bat at Izzy. Today, though, they switched places -- Izzy on top, Fi inside. Seriously, it is never dull around here.

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  1. Adorable pictures!
    Fiona reminds me of my first cat, Sugar, with her white bib, paws and other coloring.

    1. Thanks! Fiona actually looks much like my very first cat, too. Tabbies are awesome. :)


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