Friday, October 02, 2015

Fiona Friday - Basket case

This only happened once. Fiona found the basket that formerly contained my birthday bouquet and squished herself inside. I took the basket away when she began to chew on those curly bits of twine dangling from the handle. I'd just been through one disaster caused by a cat chomping on something she shouldn't and wasn't about to take a chance that something in that basket was even remotely toxic.

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  1. Silly kitties. Always ruining their fun by chewing on things. My newest kitty acts like a puppy. She's a book corner nibbler. I have to watch my books very closely.

    1. Oh, no! I've only had one book chewed on by my kitties but that was enough! Mine do take books off the shelves, though. And, Fi chews on loose paper - have to be careful not to leave out a pile of bills or they'll end up shredded.


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