Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Malarkey

Yes, it's true. I have no lovely book stack to share, this week, thanks to a dearth of arrivals and a successful week of not purchasing anything new.  And, since I didn't post much but didn't read much, either, this may be the most pitiful Monday Malarkey, ever. Oh, well. Some weeks are like that.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Geekerella by Ashley Poston - which I absolutely loved and will gush about, soon.

That's it. Since I finished Geekerella, I've been struggling with a single book, all week. Why? Why haven't I just set the book aside? Well, I definitely want to know what's going to happen. In spite of that, It has never fully grabbed me and I actually went to bed without even picking the book up to read a single paragraph twice. If I don't finish it today, I'll probably poke my eyes out with a fork or jump off the roof or something. No, I won't. But, I don't understand why I can't seem to give up, this time.

Currently reading:

  • Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang

So, yes, that's the book I can't get through. It's a dilemma. The story is actually quite compelling; it's about a young girl who's abandoned by her mother in the early 20th century. She's in China and mixed race, her mother Chinese and her father completely out of the picture. After she's abandoned in the Western Residence of a 3-residence compound, the new owners take her in as a bond servant. She becomes friends with the daughter of the family but her future is uncertain. What will happen to Jialing? Will she end up begging in the street? Will she be able to keep moving with the Yang family, all her life? I'm a little over halfway through and I still want to know where it's going. But, I'm just not in love with this book and I'm presuming it's a timing issue. So, I really don't know why I haven't set it aside to finish later. Weird. It is also the only book I've even looked at, this week. Double weird.

Last week's posts:

Well . . . one book review is better than none.

In other news:

Seriously, there is not even any other news! So, I'll tell you about a dream I had, last week. I dreamed it was WWII and I was a shop owner in a French village. A few Nazis had arrived and we knew the German army was coming so everyone was packing up to leave. As I was leaving town, I walked through the town square and noticed a toddler girl who didn't seem to be with anyone, running around on her own, so I asked around and nobody claimed her. I took her with me. The refugees of the village were leaving when bombs began raining down around us. I wondered if I should dig a hole. Would that protect us at all, burrowing in? Then, I looked behind an outcropping of rocks and noticed that there was a cave behind them. I climbed up a small hill and went down into the cave, where quite a few other villagers were sheltering, and set the toddler down so she could run around. The cave was safe from the bombs and that's where my dream ended.

Everyone I've shared that dream with has said, "It has to do with all the news about the refugee ban." More than likely. I didn't include all of the details but there were some oddities to the dream, like the fact that I packed a deck of cards and that occasionally I was distanced from the characters, briefly, while someone narrated a single line, as if I were watching a movie instead of participating in the evacuation. One of those lines was particularly funny, "As usual, Sonny Bono saved the day." Don't ask me where that came from!

Have you read anything fabulous, lately? Please share, if you have. I spent most of my week buried in my Twitter feed. Bad idea.

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  1. Wow! What a dream. I suspect the little toddler was symbolic for your granddaughter, although she wouldn't be abandoned, so maybe not. Sony Bono, eh? That's pretty funny. I, too, have had strange dreams. Trump is usually in them, but now that I've stopped watching the news, he's not in them as much, thank goodness.

    I've been in a slump, too. Stopped reading The Women in the Castle last night when I hit page 50 and wasn't engaged. I need to put together a blog post for my blogiversary, but I'm feel uninspired. Maybe I'll just post a picture of a cake/cupcake on Wordless Wednesday. ;)

    1. I'm kind of thinking the toddler had to do with the fact that so many of the refugees are children. The Sonny Bono comment is just so off the wall! LOL

      A picture of cake works. I don't usually write much about my bloggiversary. I think last year I snapped pictures of a cake that I put out on the deck. Sorry you've been in a slump. I read a little, today, but I think I still have 100 pages to go in the book I'm reading. Oddly, I am really enjoying the book, today. So, it really probably was just bad timing and a bit of fatigue. My ability to concentrate has been a bit of a rollercoaster, this past couple of years.

  2. Hey, not buying books is a good thing, right? I'm stuck in all my current reads too. I just need to commit to one. Sigh!

    1. Yes, not buying books is good. I have thousands, literally thousands. It's kind of crazy that I keep buying books and accepting ARCs but there's always some shiny new thing. Hope you manage to get unstuck, soon. Some weeks are just like that. I still feel like I'm having a decent year, in spite of this past week. I hope you are having a good year overall, too.

  3. My whole year so far has been struggling to get into anything. I am not sure what is wrong with me but keep hoping it will pass!

    1. You were racing through books for a while there, Kelly! Hope you get your groove back, soon. I think part of my problem is that I'm distracted by the news. I am really, truly concerned that we're moving toward autocracy and that is so freaking scary. It's hard to look away from the news articles.

  4. Your kitty's face looks perfect for the post title. Although sometimes it's nice not to have the pile overflowing- you'll actually get to read more of them!

    1. Thanks! I chose the photo for the expression, hoping it fit. Yes, actually, sometimes it's good not to have the pressure of more books flowing in when you already have plenty!


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