Friday, November 27, 2020

Fiona Friday

I let my two turkeys (belated Thanksgiving reference) play in the DVD cabinet when they got bored and whiny, this week. Unfortunately, it took me a while to think about snapping a picture. Fiona was just emerging from behind the DVD drawer in this shot. 

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  1. When Clawdia seems bored, I open the bottom drawer where I keep things like scarves, that I rarely use. It's down on her level. She likes to get in and rearrange things to make herself comfy, though she sits there for only a minute or two.

    1. Cats do love to explore drawers and cabinets. We've tried to arrange the contents of our cabinets in a way that leaves plenty of space for the cats to climb in and play without causing a disaster. No, of course they're not spoiled. :)


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