Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthdays, Big Bangs, Bad Mornings and other Baloney

Yikes!! For today, you can forget all that baloney about not getting to the computer because of yard work. I got up late because of a very bad morning headache and the first thing I did after turning on the computer (because I'm definitely not up to hauling limbs, right now) was to promptly delete three messages. So, if you wrote a comment to me at the Alas, Babylon review post, please note that I might have cut and pasted it before replying. Fortunately, I'm currently set to receive notification when a comment appears so I will be able to sort of salvage those comments, although not entirely in their original form.

The eldest had a birthday, yesterday, and I think I mentioned that we met him for dinner and a little gifting on Sunday. Here he is in Jackson:

There are two completely different backgrounds in these photos because we attempted to eat at the Greek place, first, and after 30 minutes of watching our drinks drain and everyone else's waiter go past with food, we gave up and left. We're pretty sure our waitress lost our order because Keifer's is normally a restaurant with exceptional service. We drove to Corky's, where we received quick, friendly service and an excellent meal. By then, eldest had opened his gifts and stashed them away.

Of course, because he's related to a person who bowls with pears on her driveway, there was some entertainment involved when eldest pulled out a quarter and we took turns flicking it to make it spin like a top:

As I was sitting here, typing that first paragraph, I heard a very loud boom noise. Our power didn't go off, but I have a feeling that somewhere in the area there are lights out and possibly a fried squirrel.

Since I'm already at the computer, I think I'll take a break then try to blog-hop and begin my remaining reviews. There's no point in letting a wasted morning turn into a ruined afternoon.

Bookfool, with fingers crossed that the afternoon is an improvement


  1. Oh...sounds like you've had a hell of a day so far!! Happy Birthday to your son!! (It was my 13th wedding anniversay yesterday...too!) Of course, yesterday wasn't all that great for us, but that's a really long post in and of itself!

    Hope the headache goes away soon...they can be such a bummer!

  2. Stephanie,

    I didn't even mention that I had to lift the garbage cans over the hood of my car because of where the husband moved the vehicle (blocking the normal ability to roll them back into place) . . . and I poured some sort of garbage liquid all over myself. Ewwwwww!

    I'm sorry your anniversary wasn't a great day. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

    Thanks, the headache's kind of mild, right now. Hope it stays that way because it's about time to start the chauffeuring duties.

  3. Oy! If your day and my day had babies we could ruin the entire world! Hope things improve!

  4. Andi,

    Well, at least you have a great sense of humor!!! Keep that sentence for one of your books - it would make a good quote.

    My day improved a bit. When I picked up the kids, we drove past a lantana bush that was full of fluttering things and they let me pull over to take photos. I get so thrilled about nature that capturing the pretty flying things always gives me a lift. :) Hope your day has improved, too!!!

  5. Uggg, I *love* lantanas!! The sight of them makes me happy. Can't wait to see those pics!

    And I just submitted a short story to a swanky lit journal. I wanna throw up! I need a hug (after I throw up)!

  6. Andi,

    Lantana is the coolest plant. Butterflies adore it, the colors (especially in the multi-colored variety) are smashing . . . it's just a happy plant, I think. I'll post a pic or two, just for you.

    Here are some hugs:


    No throwing up allowed. I recommend a nap and a bubble bath, instead. Maybe a margarita. Best of luck on the story - or, should I say, "Break a pen"? ;)

  7. A Happy Birthday to your eldest son, Nancy! It does sound like you had a nice celebration. I love the "spinning the quarter" game! When we eat out, I read the newspapers out loud to the kids for entertainment, lol! I tell you, they would much rather eat with your family! :)

  8. I love Andi's comment! "Oy! If your day and my day had babies we could ruin the entire world!"

    Sorry about your headache, Nancy. Is it better today? I like your "break a pen" remark.

    By the way, Nancy, I tagged you for a writer’s meme. Bring a pencil and come on over to see if you want to play. http://wordsfromawordsmith.blogspot.com/2007/09/what-are-your-strengths-as-writer.html

  9. I'm glad that you're feeling better. Is it wrong for me to tell you how cute I think your son is even though I'm a married woman? I don't think so. Nothing wrong with compliments :)

  10. Happy birthday to your oldest. Mine is a month from today.

  11. Lotus,

    Thank you! We do find interesting ways to entertain ourselves, sometimes, although it's not unusual to find two of us reading and the other twiddling his thumbs, when we go out to eat. Poor hubby. He just doesn't know how to carry a book around for emergencies! :)


    Andi's so funny. :) Yes, my headache is currently gone and all is well with the world (at least, from my viewpoint).

    I'll check out your meme. Thanks for tagging me! I make no guarantees that I'll get to it, since fall is a busy time for us, but I'll try!


    LOL! Yeah, I think it's fine. Thanks for the compliment. :) Really, you and my eldest are closer in age than I'd like to admit!


    Thanks. I'll have to pass all the late birthday greetings on to my eldest.

    October is an excellent month for birthdays. My father, my childhood cat, my brother-in-law and my husband all share(d) October as a birth month.

  12. Mmmm deep fried squirrel.

    Daniel does not look nearly as old as you say he is...what are you hiding? :) Seriously, though, he looks like he was having a good time.

  13. We played basketball by spinning a penny and where it stopped, trying to make a basket. :D

    Eldest looks the lady killer! ;D

  14. Mine's next month too so yes, October is an excellent month for birthdays! :P
    Glad your day improved, btw, and those are lovely pics of the eldest.

  15. Kookie,

    I've heard that huge boom noise 4 times, now, so I'm rethinking what it might be - maybe something to do with the road work on the street behind us? If so, I'd hate to live in the house right next to where they're digging. Imagine how much louder the sound must be!

    We had a great time. Daniel's getting older, but maybe the concept of aging backwards is really true. The older he becomes, they younger I have to have been when I gave birth. At this point, I was 6. :)


    We did make goalposts, but we kept losing the quarter so we chased it across the table as it stopped spinning, instead.

    Eldest must be some kind of a chick magnet because he's never without a girlfriend for more than a day or two. I used to simply refer to his girlfriends "flavor of the month". He didn't mind till he started a more stable relationship and then I got a good chewing-out. LOL


    I'd forgotten your birthday is in October. It really is a terrific month because there's usually a little bit of cool air, even if it's only early in the morning. And, thank you. :)

  16. I hope you're feeling better!

  17. Heather,

    Thanks, I'm fine. :)


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