Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

Just when I thought my Wednesday was seriously going down the toilet, we drove past the fellow above. Can you believe that? I mean, talk about something to say, "wahoo" about!! I did not have my camera when we passed this fellow, but he was perched on a flag pole in front of a building that is literally just around the corner from our neighborhood. We drove home, grabbed the camera, and drove back - and he was still there. Wow. Totally awesome.

And, a few more wahoos!

1. No photo, but equally cool . . . Wahoo! for a cooking teenager. Yesterday, the kiddo refused to eat the meal prepared by Bookfool, the Mom. The conversation went something like this:

B: Supper!

K: I'm not eating fish. I'm not in the mood for fish; I told you that.

B: It's the only meal I'm fixing, so you can just starve if you don't eat it. (This sounded bizarrely familiar. Do all mothers repeat that sentence, at some point?)

K: (after moderate interval) I'm starving.

B: Not my problem. The fish is in the fridge.

K: I want macaroni.

B: You'll have to cook it yourself.

K: I hope you know where the fire extinguisher is.

Kiddo overfilled the pan with water and dropped one noodle on the burner (smoking noodles: very interesting and kind of smelly), but otherwise he did an excellent job. Bookfool, the Mom did, in fact, go out to the kitchen to make sure things went smoothly and to point out the location of the fire extinguisher.

2. Wahoo! for A Snow White Moment when one of these (a red admiral butterfly) landed . . . get this . . . in my hair.

I shook my head, though. Guess I'll never be Snow White.

3. Wahoo! for another great teenage moment - not involving my own kiddo. I had to work hard to hold in the laughs when I watched a very wahooey and hilarious automobile adventure, yesterday. One of the swimmers on kiddo's team has a rusty little battered Geo Metro - a tiny little bashed-up car. He tried to unlock the driver's-side door of the car but it didn't work. The other lock, apparently, also did not work from the outside. And, the car is a two-door. He jiggled the key, he fussed, he laughed and finally . . . he opened the hatchback. One of the other kids climbed in (it was almost a dive - so cute) and rolled down the driver's-side window of the car. The driver climbed in through the open window, unlocked the other door and everyone piled in. It was so fun to watch, I can't even tell you.

4. Wahoo! for my little lizard, playing peekaboo in the cannas:

5. Wahoo! for pillows. Have I ever said that, before? I love pillows. I got a new foam pillow, this week, (primarily because some of our other pillows have flattened out and are about as comfortable as rocks). It's so soft and perfect that I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. So, after dropping the kiddo off at school, I read until my eyes grew heavy and then took a nap. What a spoiled chick I am.

Speaking of reading, I finished Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. Loved it!! Review forthcoming.

Next book? Not sure. I'm still reading bits and pieces of Haunted Castles of the World, when I remember. But I keep forgetting I'm reading it and occasionally I set it down and forget where I've left it. I'm that way, you know.

Wishing everyone a peachy week!

Bookfool, all glowy after her owl sighting


  1. What wonderful photos and wahoo moments!
    And I just reread "Alas, Babylon" a few weeks back. I remembered it from my teenage years, and strangely, it was much as I recalled it.

  2. Thanks, Melanie.

    How cool that you just read Alas, Babylon, also! Although, it's a first-time read for me. Good that it held up to your memories. I seldom reread, but I'm always surprised to find out which books hold up to the memories and which don't. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the few that I could endlessly reread.

  3. LOVE!!! the car story (and your new header photo!)

  4. Sounds like a pretty great Wednesday! I love pillows too. H is happy with just a little hard one but then he's Japanese- he could sleep on the floor! I always have 3 pillows! :P

    Love the convo with kiddo! Glad he didn't burn the house down.
    And the owl sighting is very cool! Especially since he hung around waiting for you to come back. :)

  5. Suzi,

    Thanks on both counts. :)


    My husband is perfectly happy sleeping with one of the pillows that we refer to as the rocks. He falls asleep in seconds. So irritating. I have to have my fluffy pillows or I wake up in agony, aching all over.

    Did I ever tell you about the time kiddo decided to warm up a hamburger in the microwave? He wild-guessed that it would take about 5 minutes and the house filled with smoke from the burning burger. LOL So, one noodle is nothing!

    The owl was so cool!! He just sat there on the flag pole, watching me!!!

  6. Your photos are so ridiculously gorgeous! I love them hard. And I can't wait to hear what you think of Alas, Babylon. It's been on the wishlist for a LONGGGG time. Like 10 years.

  7. Andi,

    I loved Alas, Babylon. And, thank you (about the pics). Unfortunately, Hurricane Humberto is just now signaling his arrival so it may be a couple days before I get to a review. Darn. But, it does mean more reading time. Wish us dry. :) Diamond Lightfoot says "hi".

  8. Obviously, that butterfly thought you were a flower. Easy mistake to make. :)

    Isn't it great when the kids can fend for themselves? Awesome

  9. Kookie,

    Yes, of course, I'm often mistaken for a flower. LOL

    I love it when kids are determined enough to take care of business. It warms my little mommy heart. :)

  10. Alas, Babylon was okay. If I was a man, I'd probably have really liked it without reservations.

    That car story sounds like me and all my cars in my younger days. There was always something screwy with the doors.

    And yay for teenage cooking!

  11. Carrie,

    I'm not saying there weren't some guy moments that irritated me - that and the racial stuff - but I liked the way he set the book in his own time, so you got a feel for the late 50's in addition to the (to me) always compelling what-if of a potential post-apocalyptic world.

    Yeah, we had cars like that!! Personally, I think everyone should go through those crazy car days. It builds character to deal with such things and you acquire some great stories to share.

    I should say it's a good thing I went to the kitchen in time to pour out some of the water in that pot! He filled it to 1/4" of the rim. But, hey, he cooked!!!

  12. I just had to chuckle when I read the comment "I hope you know where the fire extinguisher is!" It brought back lots of memories of similar comments from our son, years ago. Oh how time flies.

  13. Robin,

    Kids are so funny, aren't they? I'm really going to miss my youngest when he heads off to college, so I try to savor those moments.

  14. What uplifting and fun Wednesday moments. Thanks for sharing--especially the cooking lesson. Sounds like my husband! :)

  15. Trish,

    Glad you enjoyed them! My husband does most of the cooking, but I'm thinking about kicking him out of the kitchen so it can be clean for a while. :)

  16. Good pillows are so irresistable! Some mornings I hate having to lift my head off of mine.

    That car story was hilarious! You have to make do with what you have though, don't you?

    And congrats to your son for being successful in the kitchen. :-) When I got old enough for my mother to say if I didn't like what she was cooking I could make something of my own, I just went straight for the cereal and milk. LOL I was happy enough with that. Didn't do much for my cooking skills though.

  17. Wendy,

    I have trouble lifting my head every day, but it's nice to wake up feeling a bit more refreshed. A good pillow can make a huge difference in comfort.

    You know, those wacky car days really are pretty fun. I think the teenagers were having a great time. It looked like they showed up in a fairly new pickup, today, though. Well, that just spoils the joy of being a teenager, if you ask me!!

    I don't remember what I did at my son's age, although we did split the cooking. I was the salad person. Funny, since I hated salads at the time! But, I liked chopping and mixing.

  18. Very cool about the owl!! I've only seen one in our yard and that was several years ago, right after the 4th of July.

    Glad to hear you liked Alas, Babylon. I've got it somewhere in my stacks.

    Funny you should mention the new pillow. I have that on my To Do list next week. I'm hoping a new pillow will help me sleep! I've had 3 nights of insomnia this week. Ugh!

  19. I love owls - great shot

  20. Les,

    I think I've maybe seen 2 or 3 owls, at the most, in 21 years - usually on Indiana Avenue (the road that leads to our neighborhood), which is where I spotted this one.

    The funny thing about Alas Babylon is that it's so firmly entrenched in the time period. It's not really futuristic at all. I loved that in some ways (it gives you a great sense for the time period) but there were little things that annoyed me - like the fact that the division of duties was so obviously expected, with the women doing the cooking and bringing tea to the men in a subservient manner. But, I really enjoyed the book.

    I think the new pillow helps, but it sucks being a middle-aged woman. Sleeplessness goes with the territory.

  21. Thanks, Raidergirl.

    I think they're lovely creatures, too. :)

  22. Great wahoo moments! I've said the old, "I'm only fixing one dinner, people!" comment so many times I can't even tell you. At least the fire extinguisher remark demonstrates the kiddo's well-developed sense of humor! Love the butterfly, and the description of the kids climbing through the hatchback, too! You have made me smile, thanks!

  23. Gentle Reader,

    Thanks. I'm a reluctant cook, but I still find myself in the kitchen a great deal because it turns out we still have to eat, even when the chief cook goes out of town. LOL
    Yeah, the kiddo has a great sense of humor. We laugh a lot, around here. Glad I gave you some smiles. :)

  24. DEFINITELY a cool sighting. And the cooking teenager? Very cool, indeed.

    Sounds like you've had a lot to Wahoo about. I'm loving the Geo Metro story; that might appear in some fiction down the road... ooh. No pun intended.

  25. Susan,

    You had me laughing with the accidental pun. :) Now, now. No stealing people's stories to put in fiction. I write fiction, too, ya know!

    That owl sighting was . . . are you ready? . . . a real hoot.

  26. Enjoyed the whole post, but am only going to comment on pillows. Yes, I love them. Most nights I squish my pillow up and lay my head on it and say to myself, "Hello, pillow." (you've got to add the appreciative note and dreamy quality to your voice.)

    I bought pillows for all the couples and 1 daughter still at home for Christmas presents one year. They loved them. I thought that every (or a few) nights when they lay their weary heads on those comfy pillows they would think of us and how much we love them. It's time for new pillows again this year.

  27. Booklogged,

    What a hoot! I had so much fun picturing you talking to your pillows while you fluff them up. LOL I couldn't agree with you more. A pillow is a great gift because you'll enjoy it ever day; and, nothing beats a terrific pillow for helping you get a good night's sleep!!! :)

  28. Heather (errant dreams) said:

    Love the cooking story. Hey, at least as long as he was willing to make the macaroni himself, he gets points over lots of kids. *grin*

    Love the story of the kid with the geo metro! Sounds quite entertaining.


    Sorry, I accidentally hit the wrong button and just deleted three messages. Some mornings are like that. :)

    Kiddo needs to do more cooking for himself, but I'm happy he was willing to make his own macaroni. It's a start. He's *always* hungry. If he's not eating, it's because he's being moody. I guess that goes with the territory!

    The geo metro experience was so cute. It really took me back to the days of soaking up Volkswagen leaks with a diaper (hey, whatever worked) and driving a Chevette that died in the middle of an intersection because it lost power during turns. I think those crazy car days build memories.


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