Monday, September 24, 2007

Moody Monday

Create your own Easter Egg

It's grungy outside - heavily overcast, muggy . . . too warm for the humidity level. Definitely not pumpkin weather. So, I don't really feel like saying much. For grins, I made an egg out of one of my Saturday butterfly photos at Dumpr. We went to a swim meet in Laurel, MS, on Saturday. It was hot and humid there, too. Blecch. Give me a good cold snap and I'll be a happy camper.

Brief book notes:

I'll be reviewing Lottery by Patricia Wood for Estella's Revenge, but I'll just tell you that I thought it was an excellent read. If you see it in the library, grab it. If you're passing by it in the store and not sure you want to fork out the money, pick it up and flip through. I thought it was the bees knees. Or something like that.

I finished A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel at the swim meet (review, later), between storms and kiddo events, while sitting on a curb under a tree in the parking lot. I had to dissuade a few fire ants and I got a little sun-pinked, but at least the wind blew a bit. Beside me were the lovely lantana bushes, where I took butterfly photos to fill the time. Hubby was snookered into helping with the timing, which was great. He's kind of bossy and I got to fill my afternoon in a way I thoroughly enjoy.

To snap butterflies, I walked around and around the lantana, following the open wings and playing with different lighting/backgrounds, then I sat down on the sidewalk to try to capture some wings lit up from behind. I managed to get quite a few photos I like and one especially wonderful skipper photo with sunlight glowing around the edges of his wings. He may become my next bookmark.

I'm reading the follow-up book to Zippy, which is entitled She Got Up Off the Couch. Should finish that one, tonight. I also began reading The Poseidon Adventure and it's much better than I expected. The S.S.Poseidon just overturned and scared the peawaddin' out of me - which, of course, makes it a perfect RIP II book.

Enough already. I'm going to go read. Have a good one.


  1. "scared the peawaddin' out of me" Hilarious.

    That's an egg that would make the Easter Bunny envious.

  2. Kookie,

    That's one of my mother's quaint expressions. When I got old enough to look things up in the dictionary and finally figured out how to spell it, I actually discovered there is such a word (with a 'g') on the end. Imagine that. :)

    I'm okay with bunny jealousy, provided the Easter Bunny doesn't bite. And, he's up on his shots. I've had my tetanus booster, so I'm okay with those other germs.

  3. I agree with kookie. That egg is beautiful!

    As usual, the books sound intriguing but I've got to admit I've not really thought of the Posidean Adventure as all that scary. And yes, I know it's spelled wrong...


  4. Can't wait to hear what you thought of these books. And that egg is beautimous!!!

  5. I have LOTTERY on hold at the library and have heard nothing but good. Glad to read you loved it, too! :)

  6. That egg is fun! I just saw your poppet sketch one too! Nothing like a little playing and time-wastin' when it's hot and you don't feel like doing much!
    We had 2 cool days on the weekend but it was hot again today. sigh.
    I really want to see those butterfly pics!!! Please share. :)

  7. CJ,

    Thanks (to the egg comment).

    As to the Poseidon Adventure . . . it's not so scary, at the moment. It was just when the boat tipped over that it became really gripping. I thought he did a great job describing the horror of feeling a boat roll over, hanging on to a table or sliding with things falling all around you, etc. They've just climbed the Christmas tree and are deciding which direction to go. It's rather dull, at this point. I only vaguely remember the movie; I'm pretty sure I've only seen it in the theater, too many years ago to admit. :)


    Ummm, loved 'em both? I do love her voice. There were a couple of times I had to put the book down until I'd stopped laughing and at least once or twice she made me snuffle with emotion over how much she loved that baby nephew.

  8. Joy,

    I hope you enjoy Lottery as much as I did. :)


    I was such a goofball, yesterday! Today, I'm in laundry and cleaning mode, so it's hard to fathom sitting still long enough to load an egg. LOL I had fun - that particular website is a good one for filling time when you can't summon the energy to do anything that *must* be done.

    We had a breeze, now and then, in Laurel (but only briefly). Otherwise, we haven't had a break from the heat and humidity in about a week. David is really anxious for cool weather because I'm no fun when it's hot. I was meant to live in a cold climate - I have energy when it's cool!!!

    We have a big storm moving in, but I'll try to post some of the butterfly photos, later on. The best one - the photo of the skipper whose wings are lit from behind - took a lot of effort to acquire, but it's so pretty I finally printed it out and stuck it in a book. I just like looking at him! :)

  9. Thanks for the link to Dumpr. Looks like a fun site.

    I wonder if the cold front that blew through here last night will head your way. We got lots of rain and now it's a whopping 60! Almost felt cold when I left for work this morning.

    I read A Girl Named Zippy several years ago. There were a few laugh-out loud lines, but overall, I didn't love it. I will look for Lottery, however. I've seen it at work and it keeps calling to me. May have to check it out later next week.

  10. Les,

    It's almost *too* fun. I played for quite a while - eggs, museum photos, sketches. I had a great time. One of my little skipper butterflies made a wonderful sketch.

    Oh, Lord, please send us that cold front our way. It's absolutely gruesome outside. At the moment, it's raining and I think it feels a little better than it did this morning - not much, though. The A/C is still running itself to death.

    I really liked Zippy, but there was a point at which I started to grow weary of her voice and that's when I began to read The Poseidon Adventure. However, that happens all the time with me. It's why I tend to have 3-5 books balanced at once. I get bored with what I'm reading and want to read something different at the same time. In general, I really enjoyed reading about her family. I can see why it wouldn't be for everyone, though.

  11. Okay, just a brief comment on the sticky post til when your eldest graduates: HOW DID YOU DO IT?! :)

    I'm aware that the correct questions probably is, "HOW DID HE DO IT?"

    Still, I stand in admiration of you both.

  12. Bellezza,

    Click on my ticker and that will take you to Ticker Factory. There's a general-purpose link in there, somewhere (apparently, the most common use is for pregnancy) and it was a little hard to find, but then I think there was a cut-and-paste HTML code after I created my ticker - just stuck that into a new post, so it was pretty simple. I made it sticky by setting the date to December 7, which is apparently the last day of school for Daniel (they don't actually have a graduation ceremony for the December grads) and, coincidentally, also William's birthday.

    He hasn't graduated yet so hold on that admiration. We're walking on eggshells, knocking wood and avoiding ladders and black cats. LOL Really, it's kind of nice to be on the downhill run. The real question is, "Will he get another job or stay with the little bitty software company that currently employs him?" He's being a little weird about the places he's applying . . . like a company in Australia. Because he wants to see Australia. We keep telling him, "Just get a job, make some money and visit Australia." Duh.

  13. OH MY! I just discovered this. Again I find google alert a day late and a dollar short!
    Thank you for your kind words about LOTTERY!
    Much aloha to you!

  14. Pat,

    It's a wonderful book and you're only a few days late. ;) Thanks for dropping by!


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