Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Malarkey - Of kitties and bloggiversaries and bacon jam

This is what Fiona looks like through a kids' kaleidoscope.  Some days you get goofy with your camera, haha. 

I didn't think I was going to have time to post any malarkey, today, with Eldest visiting, Kiddo in the house and Kiddo's girlfriend moving in with us for summer term.  Plus, I figured there wouldn't be much to say, since no books arrived last week.  But, then 3 books came in the mail, the guys went to work on emptying the attic at our old house and I'm just sitting here waiting for laundry to finish and our temporary resident (we'll just call her "C") to arrive so . . . there you go.  Time to write, after all, and things to say.  

Just walked in:
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs - via Paperback Swap
  • The Tudor Secret by C. W. Gortner - via Paperback Swap
  • True Spies by Shana Galen - from Sourcebooks for review
What else is new?

Poor Fiona had a reaction to her yearly shots.  She scratched the injection spot raw and it stayed bloody all weekend, but Fi remained oddly perky and managed to charm our eldest.  I just took this photo of her looking as serene as usual, just a bit ago.  Fortunately, her wound has apparently stopped itching. It's a relief to see her back to normal.

Our weekend:

We painted the master bedroom ceiling in our old house, dropped off hazardous waste, donated several bags of clothing and miscellaneous to the rescue mission, attended a housewarming party, made some new friends, cleaned the new house to prepare for our eldest son's visit and C's move into Kiddo's bedroom, and set up our new phones -- which we hope will lower the cost of our mobile service a bit.  Not much reading was accomplished, but I'm more than halfway into The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley and enjoying it immensely.  

I completely forgot:  

June 6 was my 7th bloggiversary!  I guess it's not as big a deal, after 7 years, but I did mean to say something.  Since we're trying to get our house ready to sell and there's a lot of work to be done, I feel like I owe everyone an apology.  I will post when I can but I'm probably not going to have much, if any, time to read other blogs and comment.  I'm already having trouble just fitting in reading time. Cross your fingers or pray that we can finish up the fixing-upping and get that house on the market, soon.  

We brought this home from vacation:

I tried it on an egg salad sandwich.  Seriously.  It was a little weird, but not as bad as it sounds.  On the back they say it's a relish.  That makes it sound a little less frightening than the word "jam", doesn't it?

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Oh that first pic is funky! And, a very happy bloggiversary to you! I say that calls for more book purchases :) Congratulations, Nancy!

    1. Isn't that funny? I'm sure you can do something similar with editing software but I just found this kaleidoscope in an old box of toys and I've had a stupidly fun time playing with it. :)

      Thanks! I don't think I'll be buying many books, any time soon, although Simon's latest is on its way to me. I had to get a hardback of that! Love his books.

  2. Bacon jam? Why not! I do love me some bacon :)

    Hope your kitty is 100% healed!

    Congrats on 7 years! Holy smokes, that's amazing if you ask me!

    1. LOL I love bacon, too. Bacon jam is a little weird but it wasn't disgusting. Just very odd. :)

      Kitty is much better, thank you! She has to have her shots split up because she's always had trouble with them, which means we go back for another round, next week. Kind of a nuisance but maybe now we'll figure out *which* shot she's reacting to (fingers crossed).

      Thanks! I would never have guessed I'd end up blogging for so long!!

  3. Incredible, how time flies!! That means I have been stalking (I mean reading your blog) for a very long time as well.

    When I first saw the bacon jam I thought of two things - #1 that you brought it home for the kitties and #2 that my husband would really love that!! Strange thoughts that each brought a smile to my face.

    Your days sound busy and full. Enjoy them, reading will fill in the cracks and we all make time for something we really want to do. Reading WILL find a way - in the meantime you have relationships to build and a house to sell. Go forth....and stay cool in the Mississippi humidity!! (PS. My son has been deployed to Abu Dhabi and says that it is hot like here in AZ but humid like Biloxi!! What a combo!)

    1. Ha, Gaye, I'll go with stalking. You don't say much, after all. ;)

      I'm not sure bacon jam would go over well with the kitties, believe it or not. They both seem disinterested in bacon. Weird, eh? Isabel actually ate an onion off my plate, this morning (after I'd finished my breakfast, of course) and the one thing that drives her crazy . . . you won't believe this . . . is strawberry cake. I kid you not! She goes nuts for it.

      Yes, very busy, here. We had a nice relaxing day, the guests and I. Pretty sure Eldest thinks we're dull as paste; he plugged in a movie and made us all watch it. Fortunately, it was a good movie.

      Not loving the heat. Your poor son. Humidity with Arizona heat? I'd die.

  4. Many good things! The bacon jam is hilarious. Sounds like you have a lot of fun company! And good luck getting the house squared away and ready for the market. That sounds like a lot of work!

    And congrats on your 7th blogiverary! Huge deal! Keep on, keepin' on!

    1. The idea of bacon jam alone is hilarious, isn't it, Andiloo? It wasn't bad -- not great, but not awful. LOL

      We are having a great time having the whole family around. The only bad thing about having people in the house is that our house is very noisy. It's an open plan and has all hard flooring, which makes the noise reverberate a bit too much. Plus, the kitchen is just down a short stretch of hallway from the master bedroom. So, if the guests are up late banging around or watching TV, we can't sleep. Poor husband. He had a *very* early morning and, yep, the kids stayed up late.

      Thank you! Keep sending luck and cross your parts we'll get done with that house quickly. I cannot wait to get rid of it. With Kiddo in college, we're paying bills, taxes and insurance on 3 separate homes, plus college tuition and expenses. Things are a wee bit tight. It'll be great when we get the old house off our backs. But, there are a few big repairs and a lot of little ones, so it may take us a couple months before it's ready for market.

      Thank you, m'dear! You know I have you to blame for this whole blogging thingamajig. ;)

  5. New temporary residents! Well that's…exciting! I hope >> LOL. Lord, woman you have a lot going on right now, huh? Just remember to ENJOY All of those things that you posted about up there in this post :) Enjoy kitty snuggles (but try to avoid the bloody spots :p), enjoy those new books that have come into the house and give yourself some "you time" and enjoy(?) that bacon jam! I don't know that I could enjoy that :p I hope the old house sells quickly for y'all!! I can imagine that you'll feel much more settled once it does! *BIG BIG HUGS!*

    1. LOL It's not bad, although I must admit I'm really exhausted after a week of having 5 people in the house. I'm used to being alone with the cats, most of the time . . . in the QUIET. ;)

      I am so lucky, Chris. My kitties don't claw at all, even if you reach out to pet their heads from the angle that freaks out most cats. Fiona doesn't seem to even *have* a defensive zone and Isabel just ducks if you approach her from the wrong angle. They could not be sweeter (although they are a little chicken, especially around strangers).

      I decided bacon jam is okay but it was a one-time experience for me. LOL

      Thanks! Still have a lot of work to do on the house, but we're getting there . . . sloooowly. It will definitely help to get that monkey off our backs. *HUGS BACK!*

  6. I'll pass on the bacon jam or relish. I love bacon, but bacon should just be bacon. It's bad enough that I'm selling a bacon scented candle at work, and it's not good.

    Happy Blogoversary, even if it is a bit belated!

    1. I will happily agree with that. Eck, a bacon-scented candle sounds like a really bad idea! Bacon jam/relish . . . it's okay but it's just a little too weird for me. Once was enough.

      Thank you!

  7. Happy 7 years and 1 month blogiversary! I blame my tardiness on vacation hangovers! Where is this summer going? Wasn't it just May? We're already discussing Christmas junk at work! Ugh! Anyhow, I'm glad Andi talked you (and me!) into this crazy world or blogging! ;)

    Good luck the house stuff. As much as I'd love to move to the PNW, I hate the thought of selling/moving. Maybe we can just keep the house and buy a camper... :)

    1. Thank you!

      Where is this *year* going? That's what I'd like to know. I didn't realize Andi talked you into blogging, too! How cool! She's a persuasive gal, eh?

      Thanks. Moving was a nuisance but the worst part is still to come. I'm glad we moved, just because the old house was driving us nuts. We were crammed into that little house so tightly that it was hard just pulling things out to sort through them and decide what to get rid of. Doing the same from this end is much easier. I wouldn't blame you for keeping the house and buying a camper. Or a small houseboat. Or a boat. :)


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