Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shiny New Links

I've found a few wonderful new blogs, recently, and also finally managed to get around to linking up to some that I hadn't gotten around to (sorry I'm so slow).

Since "Bookfoolery" implies that my emphasis is books, my goal was to try to put the most bookish of links together and separate others that I like, which may or may not have book reviews or book chatter. Anyone who has been here knows I do babble (hence the latter part of the blog name), and I tried to consider that there is often an interesting balance. If you think your blog is more bookish than otherwise and I'm just not thinking, here, because I'm a silly goose - and you want me to shove your link to the bookish section - let me know. It's not my intent to offend. Also, please let me know if I've forgotten you. I've had visitors with book blogs that I didn't get around to linking up to, in spite of repeat visits, and then just couldn't locate because of the very frustrating turtle-loading rate we've got here (still on dial-up, believe it or not). Also, nobody denies I'm an airhead and just forget things.

Two of the new links have been added because they're so darned upbeat and I think everyone can use a positive infusion, now and then, even if it's to read about other people's great moments. Three Beautiful Things is one of them; it was a Blog of Note, earlier in the week and it is just lovely. I may have to come up with my own version, just because I think it pays to keep thinking about anything and everything beautiful in life. Tongue in Cheek is the other. Both are great for a lift.

Last but not least, I've been pondering the future Chunkster Challenge that I plan to host. Because thick books intimidate me so and Les has mentioned that she plans to challenge herself to one per month for the entire year, in 2007, but I'm not sure I can tolerate quite that many (wimp alert) I'm considering making it a very individual thing. Also, I can't decide about length. A year seems way too long. Is 6 months too lengthy? Would 3 months be sufficient? Any thoughts are welcome, encouraged - in fact, pleaded for.

And, also, I didn't properly thank Sassymonkey for hosting another challenge - and thanks for letting me in. I was too tired to compute time zones, last night, which means zombie level, so I don't know if I was on time or not but I'm in! I love reading challenges!! Yippee and thanks, Sassy!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I like the idea of a 6 month time span for a Chunkster Challenge.

  2. Peachy. Thanks, SuziQ!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! What an honor to be thought of us Upbeat and happy!!

  4. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Thanks so much for giving the "Chunkster's Challenge" life, bookfool. Being the big wuss that I am when it comes to big books, I really need a challenge like this. Just need to clarify something however - if we pick a 6-month period for the challenge are we supposed to read 6 chunksters in that time period, or can we go at our own pace? And, when do you plan to start?

    Also, thanks for pointing us to "Three Beautiful Things", I will visit soon. I have been to Tongue in Cheek and it's definitely praiseworthy.

  5. Bookfool ~ FYI: Two of the links in your post are messed up, but those three on your sidebar are fine.

    I LOVE the concept of Three Beautiful Things and I agree...I'd like to come up with a variation, too. :)

    Sorry, no "chunkster challenge" for me. I am gleefully plowing through my Author-Based A~Z Reads right now.

  6. Corey,

    Thanks for visiting! Your blog is definitely upbeat - I just love it.


    I'm a big wuss when it comes to fat books, also. My thought was that I will set a time period and let individuals choose how many books they want to read. I'd start in January because the holidays will be over and that's a good curl-up time (it's usually even cold here!). That way you'd have a starting point and deadline but could choose your own pace.


    Thanks, I'll check my links. I'm not surprised. I had to keep giving up my computer for the cause, last night (kid project due today) and all that up-and-down business can make a gal forget which links she's checked.

    You've already got quite a challenge going - no problem! I did get your package mailed, yesterday. :)

  7. The deadline was only for the freebie. And I fully expect to give away more books over the next few months. As much as I'd love to keep all books that I ever touched my apartment is *tiny*. So I must free them. ;)

    I can see challenges becoming a regular thing for me. It seems to be the only way to regiment my reading.

    Hmm a Chunkster Challenge...that might be the only way I ever get around to reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

  8. Hmm.. Chunkster's Challenge sounds good.. though I don't know how long it would actually take me to get through. Sometimes, I get so discouraged that I put them off for a while. Then others (like James Rollins' books) I breeze through.

  9. Hey, who's calling my pal an airhead? And a wuss? ;) I'll join in on the Chunkster Challenge. 6 months sounds good. I may continue after it's over but I'm in for the 6. Off to peek at your recommended links...

  10. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I'll be doing the Classics Challenge in Jan/Feb, not sure if I'll be able to fit a chunkster in then, but I will try, failing which I'll just have to work harder and read faster from March-June!

    Thanks, bookfool - looking forward to it.

  11. Bookfool, thanks for pointing us to these two wonderful sites. Uplifting and fun.

    I like the idea of 6 months and letting each reader choose what and how many they'll read. And Jan. sounds perfect. So glad you are going to do this. I'm finding these challenges are providing the push and growth I need.

  12. Oooh, a Chunkster Challenge - I love the idea, but don't know about the reality of it for me :( Great idea, though!

  13. Oh, wow! Look what happened while I went off to get my son some glasses (he's suddenly blind as a bat - failed a test at school because he couldn't see the overhead!!)!


    Cool - that's all I cared about, just signing up for your challenge. We're in constant danger of death by book avalanche and I've been pondering what to "free" as a challenge award, myself. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a whopper - definitely correct thickness for a Chunkster Challenge!


    That's exactly why I'm doing the challenge - I tend to put off the thick ones forever. I need motivation. :)


    LOL! And, yea! Glad you're going to join in!


    It's not cheating to read a Classic Chunkster and count it as both. Feel free to question my authority on that (I recall that Booklogged agreed with me), but I'll probably put on a little tiara and a purple boa and say "Hmmmph" if you disagree (the thinking cap will obviously have to come off).


    Aren't those sites wonderful? I'm glad you enjoyed them, also. It's amazing how reading about someone else's joy can be such an upper. All right, I think we have a consensus on the 6 months! Wahoo!

    Ex Libris,

    Nobody will shove you in the corner and boo at you if you don't join in. That's not allowed, for one thing, and we like you too much, anyway. :)

  14. Anonymous5:26 AM

    That's perfect, thanks, bookfool! One last question, what qualifies a book as a chunkster - 400+ pages or closer to 500+? Or do we decide for ourselves?

    Can't wait to finally put those tomes behind me! :)

  15. Lotus,

    I think of a chunkster as a book that's 400+ pages, but I don't have a problem with people determining what they consider challenging, length-wise. It's really a matter of finding books that you'd normally consider intimidating and setting a goal to read them to completion - so whatever you feel like tackling works. Sound good?

  16. Crum...how did I get sucked into this?! Honestly, I've been wanting to read LONESOME DOVE (McMurty) for years now, so I'm thinking I'll "attempt" to read it alongside you guys. It may take the whole year to read it, but I'll give it a try. :) I'm going to B&N and Borders with a friend on Saturday, so I think I'll pick it up then. Woo Hoo! I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

  17. Joy,

    I was thinking about doing an evil chuckle, rubbing my hands and saying, "Mwaaahaa - we got Joy!!!" But, I'll be nice and not do that. ;)

    Lonesome Dove is a great choice. I haven't read that one, yet, either (but everyone seems to love it). Ohhh, quit! Don't make my list worse!!!

  18. Lonesome Dove may be my choice for January.

  19. Les,

    Lonesome Dove is one of my friend John's favorite books (John's the fellow who wrote Rainbow's End, which has some western stories in it). I really do need to get around to reading it; John's never let me down. He always recommends great books.

  20. Oh, I missed the part of the post where it mentioned the Chunkster Challenge. I must have been in a hurry and was reading but not retaining. Then people started posting about it, so I had to figure out what I was missing. I might have to join in on this, but I will have to think about it.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Do join in Kailana. You'll have plenty of time to decide what titles you desire to read, since we won't begin till January. :)

  23. Guess what I have in my possession? Yep, THE LONESOME DOVE (McMurty). I'm ready and rarin' to begin. Look what you did...I'm all excited here with my brand new book in my hand and I have to wait until JANUARY!!! Ahhhh... :)

  24. I know; it's rough waiting, isn't it, Joy? Guess what came in the mail? I keep looking at it and thinking, "But, I want to read THAT chunkster, now!"


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