Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Within Minutes I Shall Need a Magic Fairy

Fifteen minutes till National Novel Writing Month begins. Am I staying up to wait for it? Heck no! I'm just stuck, here, waiting for my incorrigible teenage brat (usually, I speak of him in glowing terms but, darn it, I'm tired) to shut down his blankety-blank computer. He never goes to bed, ergo, I retire much later than desired - and I'm a night-owl, babes.

I guess this means I can write a few words before I crash, though. Think positive, think positive, think positive. This is not a new mantra for me, but it is definitely needed at the moment.

Get a load of the adorable fairy princess at left! Is she a doll or what? I sat on the porch and took pictures of some of the kiddies, tonight - something I've never done, before, as I am very Scroogy about Halloween. It's my mother's fault; but, we won't go there. However, the husband is away and the teenager is a chatty sort. He wanted company, so I sat there getting munched by mosquitoes, enjoying the parade of kids, snapping photos and conversing with my youngest.

Here's what really surprised me: the children loved being photographed. I wasn't sure how youngsters would react to an insane, fat, middle-aged woman blinding them with her flash, but only one little girl said, "Oh, geez, you blinded me." In those words. Funny kid, eh? Some of the kiddies even posed. Total coolness.

In other news . . . I read maybe 2 pages of The Thirteenth Tale, today. Pah. Pitiful. I hope I'll manage to finish an entire novel before December, but am not banking on it.

And, the funny of the day: My eldest rang me to describe one of his newest recipes (we are from the Wing It School when it comes to cooking technique). During his high school years we absolutely, utterly did not get along. He liked pushing the boundaries; I like control. The last 2 years have been great, though, as Daniel has mellowed and . . . well, so have I. So, eldest son said, "We've got to have more conversations. It's nice, now that we get along." I said, "Yeah, but could we converse in a month? 'Cause I've got this writing thing--"

My husband thought that was very, very funny.

Do pardon me if I can't find the time to visit other blogs much--or at all--this month.

Waving a handkerchief (okay, a tissue), putting on my writing fingers, wishing someone would send in an army of Chronic Disorganization Conquerors (preferably not on horseback). And, with two minutes to go, I believe I have a word processing file to open very soon!!! Nighty-night, all!!!


  1. One of my trick-or-treaters looked to be about 3 yrs old, dressed as dracula.. so cute!
    but he was so cold, he was shivering so bad that he could hardly take candy from me! his hand was ice & he looked like he had bad Parkinson’s! that poor little kid! i couldn't believe that mom kept taking him around when he was that cold!!

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Bookfool, just wanted to wish you the very best of luck with NaNoWriMo - I hope you have a fantastically creative month!

    And so good to know that these teenage kids do come round after all. We're at the "boundary pushing" stage with my teenager and there are days when we seem to be speaking totally different languages,hopefully it's only for a few more years!

  3. Best wishes for your writing adventures! I'm pulling a blank about what I'm going to start writing about today, but something will come... ;o)

    PS... As for being ruffled by your son, you need my Bible study's current "mantra" --- "I CHOOSE Joy"! :o)


    <>< Mizbooks

  4. Cute picture! It was far too cold for me to do anything but fling candy out the storm door to the kiddies. 32, but dang, it felt colder. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I'll try not to bug you too much. Oh, but wait, one last comment. You only read 2 pages of The Thirteenth Tale, eh? That's how my whole week went until the last 100 pages. I don't know what was going on with that book, but it just didn't grab me. Everytime I picked it up, I'd read a couple of pages and then my eyes would glaze over. Too much hype? Maybe I should have waited until next year to read it. Oh, well. They can't all be as good as The Book Thief! :)

  5. Angela,

    It was warm and muggy, here - we actually turned the A/C on for a while. I think the kids were probably sweating. Poor little dracula!


    Thanks so much. I'm having fun, so far - nearly at 2,000 words out of the required 50,000. I'm not pushing it because I know how exhausting it can be if you focus too hard; you can go brain fuzzy really quickly!

    Oh, yes, the teenage years to do pass. I was a little bit difficult for my own parents and I used to tell Daniel that my mother wished him on me. LOL He was payback! We had some rough years and I think we're just heading into that with our youngest, but he's more laid-back. I wish you strength! Having teenagers can be pretty challenging!


    You should check out my new blog - it's all about little things that bring joy. Here 'tis:


    I love your Bible study's mantra!

    As to the Nano - I was also clueless and I don't know what's yet to come, but I just wrote the sort-of cliffhanger ending to Chapter 1. I start with a scene and a quote. It often takes me a while to come up with a beginning, but then I just run with it. So far, so good. I wish you the best on your writing, this month!!!


    You can bug me all you like, but I might be slow to answer. I'm about to head out to pick up Will and it's pouring, all of a sudden! So, I may have to shut down. Oh, no!

    I only read 2 pages because Will showed up - I keep going later and later, every day. Usually, that school-release waiting time is my daytime reading slot, so I need to leave earlier and squeeze in more. I will say that I'm not finding The Thirteenth Tale overwhelming in any way. It's nicely written, but sometimes a bit confusing - I find myself rereading and I'm not excited about the book. We'll see.

    I agree that anything would pale after The Book Thief. Oops, thunder, gotta go!

  6. Very cute little fairy. Best of luck with writing your novel.

  7. Thanks, Booklogged!


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