Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Frustration, Apology, and a Wet Colin Firth

An apology to those who visit my blog. Since we've finally managed to get my new computer set up in the office and the files restored, our internet connection has gotten even more sluggish. Of course, the computer is faster so we expected the opposite. Therefore, we're operating on the assumption that there is some setting allowing constant downloading of updates to various programs in the computer. With our pitiful connection, we simply cannot load updates - they have to be loaded elsewhere and physically carried to our computer. It makes sense that things would go haywire if there's some updating process going on in the background while the poor Bookfool is trying to view pages. Now, if I could just get the Household Tech Expert to stay in the house 2 days in a row . . .

Anyway, I just wanted to let y'all know. I am particularly having trouble getting to any site that has pop-up comment windows. They're just not loading. So, I'm visiting blogs but I can't say anything, in most cases. I can upload to my own blogs, as long as I don't do anything else and I'll continue to do so (although it's painfully boring). Hopefully, we'll have this all straightened out in time for the Chunkster Challenge.

In the meantime, please forgive me if you don't see me in your neighborhood for a few more days!! To show you how much I love you guys and how sorry I am, I'll leave you with Wet Colin Firth. See, now you know I really care.


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I'm so glad you care. Fabulous Colin Firth ***Sigh***

    Sorry you are having such troubles with your computer. It's sure nice when they are working right.

    I changed my blog so it doesn't do the pop-up window after that time you mentioned it to me.

  2. Booklogged,

    I'm loving the computer, otherwise! Photos load like lightning and it takes about 2 seconds to boot up. I think it's just a matter of getting whatever little internal thing set to stop those automatic updates and then things should improve. Plus, we'll be getting higher-speed internet, soon. Yippee!

    Aww, that's so sweet of you to change your blog! I don't know what the deal is with pop-ups. They've always been a problem. Now, I can't see them at all and even the other comment page method is way too slow.

    You think Colin Firth is a good way to apologize? LOL

  3. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Bookfool, congrats on the new computer! Unfortunately there are always starter problems but once you go past that, it's going to be so much fun!

    Great picture of Colin Firth - you really do care! :))) Do you know, he's quite the reader, too! Some of his favorite books, according to the "Oprah" magazine are: "The Leopard" by Giuseppe di Lampedusa, "Light in August" William Faulkner and "Saint Maybe" by Anne Tyler. I knew I liked that man! :)

  4. lol.. I just bought his Pride and Prejudice set the other day!
    Computers are so frustrating.. yet we're so dependant on them!

  5. Yum. Wet Colin Firth. Hmm...

    Sorry, spazzed out for a sec. Yay for new computers and high speed internet! I don't know how I survived on dial up. Bleck!

    Can't wait for the Chunkster challenge! I'm already thinking of which books I want to read for it!

  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Sorry you're having computer woes. Love both the pics though. Well, of course I love the Colin one more, and it truly does show you care! Plus Hugh earlier, I feel all warm and fuzzy! :P

  7. Lotus,

    Thanks. I'm really enjoying the computer. My old one was a real clunker!

    I didn't know Colin Firth was an avid reader, but I'm not surprised for some reason. I absolutely hated Saint Maybe, myself!


    I love that version of Pride and Prejudice so much that I didn't have any interest in seeing the recent movie with Keira Knightley. It's definitely worth owning!


    You know what's funny about still having dial-up is that we were so far ahead of the curve, at first. I know people who've only been on the internet for a few years. We've had internet access since 1989 (although it was sporadic, at first). We still only have three high-speed providers to choose from, so part of the deal is that we were holding out till it became more affordable.

    I'm glad you're getting excited about the Chunkster Challenge! I'm both excited and intimidated! LOL


    Glad you liked the photos. :) We'll get this computer situation worked out, eventually!

  8. Oh Hugh, Oh Colin, Oh Hugh...
    Thanks a lot, Bookfool...I hardly know which way to turn! What a delicious quandry!

  9. Bybee,

    I live to keep you drooling. ;)


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