Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wahoo! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! a tiny bit late. Seems like it's been a while since I did any wahooing, although I recall feeling like the post-Christmas shopping in Oklahoma City was something to wahoo about, not to mention the city's extraordinarily civilized traffic. Since most of my time in Oklahoma was spent in a room with ugly pink walls, a crap TV and one very sick mama, wahooing should be very easy this week.

1. Wahoo! for this beautiful autographed copy of Monkey Star, sent to me by author Brenda Scott Royce:

It's actually been kind of difficult saving this photo for Wednesday because it was just such a ridiculously exciting book to receive. Monkey Star has been on my wish list since before it was published, from the moment I closed my copy of Monkey Love, Brenda's first book and one of the 2007 reads that totally stuck with me because it was unique, quirky, fun and smile-inducing. She drew the cutest little monkey face inside. Thank you, Brenda!!!

2. This is so silly, but . . . wahoo! for sparkly little happies. This ornament helped make me feel like each room that I moved to (and I bopped around a bit in OK) was a little more personal:

I bought this glittery bit of fun at a post-Christmas sale and hung it from either a lamp or or some other knobby thing in each of my hotel rooms (and a shelf in my mother's house). It is now hanging in our living/dining room (in which we do not dine, but merely live - so do hundreds of books, just FYI).

3. Hawaiian wahoo! This little island is apparently called The Chinaman's Cap. Or maybe it's Chinaman's Cap. Or hat. Okay, I don't remember, but when I took the photo I just thought it was kinda pretty and I need to travel back mentally, now and then, so here you go:

4. And, another little bit of coolness . . . not really a wahoo, so much as something interesting. While I stood on the grass, looking out toward Chinaman's Cap, Huzzybuns walked around in the water and turned around to photograph me (yurgh). Photos of moi are, in general, not worth looking at. But, I thought that this little cropped bit of photo was fun - the Huz reflected in my sunglasses:

5. Cute munchkin wahoo:

Just finished:
The Power of Adversity by Al Weatherhead with Fred Feldman. Review forthcoming. It's small, but at least I finally finished something.

Hope to finish soon:
The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason - which I'm loving, so far. Need more reading time.

Next up: Monkey Star by Brenda Scott Royce, of course.

How's the Book Diet going? Stunningly well! Half of January is over and I've only bought one book!!! I'm so pleased and proud.

Coming up soon: The Tale of the Snorkeling Television Host (because I need to reflect on Hawaii, for a while . . . and he was a fun guy to hang out with).

Off to read! Smiles to everyone. :)


  1. Love that monkey cover! I think you could wahoo Hawaii all year long. And that pic in the glasses is pretty cool.

  2. How's your mom doing?
    I love the picture of Chinaman's Cap with the tree branch outlining the island. Very nice! :)

  3. Nancy -

    Now, there's nothing foolish about something that helped you feel at home! Wahoo indeed. I love the idea.

    And I've got to say that I love the way you frame your pictures. The one of Chinaman's Cap with the branch enclosing it is beautiful. And the little girl is such a cutie!

    I am so envious of all of you who've had the chance to read Colleen's new book early!

    It's good to have you back wahooing!


  4. What a cute baby! I just want to coochie-coo her.

    Monkey Love, huh? I'll have to check that one out.

    I'm glad that you did as much shopping as I did. It doesn't make me feel so bad about the dent I put in my bank account.

  5. Chris,

    Isn't that cover cute? Yeah, I could go on a long time wahooing about Hawaii. I have plenty of photos to post. I thought the reflection was so funny - really, just because I wasn't expecting to see my husband and all that pretty scenery in the lens of my sunglasses. LOL


    My mom's doing okay, but both she and my sister hate the nursing home. They say the food is particularly awful (no butter on the toast, no sauce or cheese on the macaroni) and my mother is such a picky eater that I told Carol I think she just needs to encourage Mom to work hard at building her strength and endurance so she can get out.

    And, thank you. I thought that branch was really cool because of its shape.


    Well, thanks for that. I did enjoy dragging that little bit of sparkle from place to place. It's funny how something pretty can make you feel so much better about being away from home.

    Thank you. I looked up Chinaman's Cap (or Hat - I'm seeing both) online, just to see if I had the name right, and I didn't see any other photos of it framed the same way, so I thought that was pretty cool. Isn't the little one a doll? I've got more kid photos to post. They were loads of fun to watch, those kiddos.

    Oh, hmmm. Are you signed up for the drawing? Write me at bookfoolery at yahoo dot com if you don't win. I might be able to soothe your envious bones. ;)

    Thanks; it's great to be back. I wish it was going to last, but I'm enjoying home while I can!

  6. Good work on the book diet! That's Chinaman's Hat, just offshore from Kaneohe, and I love your photo! And what a cute little keiki you got a picture of on the beach :)

  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    You take some of the most fabulous pictures I've ever seen.

  8. Gentle Reader,

    Thanks on the book diet. Okay, hat, thank you for that, too. I've been thinking I ought to look the name up in our travel guide, but this has been an extraordinarily lazy week for me. I think I'm still catching up, here.

    Isn't she darling? I've got photos of her brothers fishing, also. They told her, "Go back to mama," and she toddled off, shortly after I took that photo.


    Why, thank you, dear. :)

  9. Nikki,

    Isn't she a doll? Note that the word "Princess" stretches across her bum. I've also got photos of her big brothers, fishing with a net.

    Yep, Monkey Love. I thought it was great. It's unusual, with a crazy cast of characters and a heroine that does all sorts of odd jobs. Really a very fun book.

    My shopping was primarily therapeutic, but yeah . . . glad you did it, too. It was fun, but the Discover bill hurt. LOL And, there's no way I could have flown home without doing what you did. I mostly bought a few warm shirts (hoodies and fleece) and ornaments, but I also had tons of junk food. My eyes were dramatically bigger than my stomach (and the hotel microwave).

  10. That monkey book has the cutest cover - I love the colors.

  11. Lesley,

    The first book, Monkey Love, has a really cute, colorful cover, too. Fortunately, the inside is not a let-down. It was just as fun as it looked!

  12. Great Wahoo Wednesday! Always love your photos.


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