Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Out of Here (briefly)

My Laundry Injury has finally healed, so I'm going to take a week off to catch up on housework (and read, of course). I'll be back next week with reviews of Legerdemain and Life As We Knew It. Of course, I'll drop in to do the drawing on the 15th. I also hope to resume Wahoo! Wednesday posts, next week, but don't hold me to that. I haven't taken a single photo since my favorite lens broke. Hope everyone has a terrific week!

Bookfool on a Break


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better! Get some rest and watch out for that killer laundry. We will see you soon!!

  2. Have a fun break! :)

  3. Have a great break!


  4. Cute pic! Have a good break, and a productive one. :)

  5. Oh gosh...I finally get back, and you're headed off.

    Enjoy you're break! (Well, the reading part of it one in their right mind actually enjoys housework, do they?)

  6. Enjoy your blogging break! Hope you read lots of wonderful stuff so you can tell us all about it :)

  7. Joemamma,

    Thanks. I'm having to do lots of killer laundry to catch up, but I'm being verrrrry careful. "Bend at the knees, bend at the knees" is my mantra.

    Eva, CJ and Nat,

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! Nat, I've been saving that pic for a time when I needed a break. It's my "outta here bunny butt" photo.


    Well, I'm still here but just spending my time doing things that piled up while I was off my feet. My husband is not so hot at picking up the slack. I'm not a fan of housework, but I think there are people who enjoy it. I wouldn't want to hunt them down. I'll bet they're not common.

  8. Enjoy that time for yourself, although if I were you I might leave out the cleaning and stick to the books. ;)

  9. Iliana,

    Thanks! I hope I'll get plenty of reading time in, between chores!


    I wish. Remember I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks before my Laundry Injury, so the housework hasn't been really tackled for over a month. It's hot out, though, so I do have to take a siesta in the afternoon. :)

  10. I'm finally getting around to reading your blog after a week away myself (not on a trip - just trying to catch up around here, too!), and now you're taking off. 'Tis the season for bloggy breaks. See you when you get back to the blogosphere.

    Off to read some more of your posts. A Laundry Injury sounds intriguing. ;)

  11. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Buy new. Be safe.

    I can't believe you've written all these posts! I thought I was all caught up. I love your author interview - the book looks pretty good too.

    I can't believe you couldn't pick your Dad out of that photo without help. Why he's as clear as two pixels.

  12. Les,

    I'm still around, just not spending my time posting or blog-hopping. There is much to be done. After being in Oklahoma for 2 1/2 weeks and then injured for 2 more, you can imagine the cleaning job. My guys are not tidy.

    Laundry Injuries are painful. I recommend avoiding them. :)


    I think some weeks it's impossible to keep up with me. I overposted. Kind of like overeating in that they have the same sort of butt-spreading effect, in the long run.

    "Clear as two pixels"!! Hahaha! You always make me laugh. I'm going to put you on the keeper shelves if you don't watch out.

  13. I'm glad your feeling better! Try to sneak in some fun on your break and don't work too hard!

  14. Thanks, Teddy Rose! This may be a goof-off day. I worked hard, yesterday, and woke up aching. Sounds like a good excuse to curl up with the books, doesn't it?

  15. Have a great break!!


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