Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quote by husband: "That can't be very safe."

Yeah, but it was awfully fun.


  1. Tee Hee! That made me smile. :)

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    LOLOL! I am with hubby. That's exactly what I said about the workers on the boat the fireworks were being released from.

    Also, I couldn't help but read the little message above about spammers. Wow...I rarely have this trouble. Every now and then, which are deleted, but not that much of an issue. I am sorry that you are forced to moderate...that sucks!

  3. Fireworks can be really pretty! Our little (city run) show started and then had to be delayed for 30 minutes while fire fighters put out a fire that was too close to the stands. Fortunately hubby and I weren't actually there--we can see the fireworks just nicely from our front porch (except for the big tree that kind of interferes with a completely clear view). I hadn't known about the fire at the time and so was confused by the break--figured maybe they were just testing the first time around.

  4. Joy,

    He can be a real wit. :)


    Me, too! I took the photos, but I was standing waaaaay back because they scare the peawaddin' out of me. :)

    I haven't had a huge amount of trouble with spammers, but I got a couple that were loaded with nasty language. You have to wonder what they're thinking. But, anyway, with moderation I don't have to worry about that at all. I hate to have to do it, but it does give me peace of mind.

    Wendy ,

    They're pretty but scary. My hometown fireworks show in Oklahoma used to be put on at the lake -- I always thought this was wise -- with the fireworks set off on one side and the viewers on the other. They had a fire, one time, but they never had to worry about danger to casual observers. Very cool that you can see yours from the porch! Yeah, those trees can get in the way. LOL

  5. Lighting fireworks can be a blast... but it's also scary! In town here they shoot them off over the river, from a barge. It's relatively safe.

    This year, however, I didn't even bother looking out my front window. I could've seen them if I had but I just didn't bother. It might've had something to do with the 113 pound lap dog that was panting and drooling all over me at the time...


  6. Oooh, that's lovely! I didn't get to watch any fireworks (too darn exhausted after the trip and unpacking).

  7. CJ,

    If it was up to me, I'd completely skip the explosives. But, I go outside because the guys want me to join them and it's obviously a great photo-opportunity. I know, such a pushover. I was laughing about the dog. Were you reading? That would be ideal!

    Hey Andi,

    Thanks. :) That was a heck of a drive; I'm not surprised you needed the break! I'm glad to see you're up to posting!

  8. LOL. Those are great photos though. So what's your tip for taking fireworks?
    We don't usually go to any of the fireworks shows on during the summer here because just about everyone else who lives in Tokyo or thereabouts goes to them. I'm not much of a crowd person, and especially in the heat! There's one event that we can see the higher ones from our living room window, though. ;)

  9. Bookfool -

    Let's say I was trying to read. It's a little difficult with a dog's snout inches away from your face while she's panting...


  10. Nat,

    I set the aperture to F8, but there was a bit of guesswork because the aperture was right but the shutter speed was so slow that I kept shutting the camera off to end the exposure. I tried several other aperture settings and I also tried setting the camera to different shutter speeds in shutter-preferred mode, but aperture-preferred at F8 definitely worked best.

    Same here. I hate crowds and heat, so we never go to the public fireworks shows. But, they're legal to shoot off on your driveway in the county, so we just do our own home show. The photographs really showed how far and wide those bits of explosive went, hence David's comment. :)


    I can see how that could pose a problem. I've had cats climb on top of my open book, before, or just up on my chest enough to block the view. It makes you feel loved, doesn't it?

  11. Yeah, loved. That's how I feel...


    Actually, with the dog I pretty much feel helpless. She pants and shivers and I wish there was something I could do. I'm trying to stick with the Dog Whisperers theories because they've worked in other cases but it's hard.


  12. CJ,

    She pants and shivers because of fireworks? Or some other reason? Poor thing. I don't know what you do about that.

  13. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I'm with your hubby too. Looking at our dry, dry hills, I wish they'd ban and jail illegal fireworks. Also they're loud and they put the show on too late. :)

  14. Carrie,

    Our climate is so humid that fireworks are normally no trouble at all, but I think it would be wise for our county to come up with some sort of law banning them during dry years. We had to stomp out a few little fires. We're having a bit of a minor drought, here.

    The noise is a pain. We had some teenagers shooting off fireworks in the driveway next door, one year, and we had a baby at the time. I called them up and asked if they would be willing to cease and desist so the kiddo could sleep. The teen who answered the phone said, "Oh, I had no idea we were bothering you. We'll stop right now." And, they did. Isn't that swell?


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