Thursday, September 04, 2008

Too tired to write, so you get photos

Yesterday in Vicksburg:
And, today, same time and place (obviously aimed a bit higher):

Ahhhh, much better.

Here's what the flashlight aisle at Walmart looks like, after a hurricane threat:

Hahahaha! I love it! Nobody wants a dinky flashlight, when they're expecting the lights to go out. They bought all the Maglites and lanterns (yep, we own both).

I didn't check out the bottled water aisle, but I'm betting that was stripped, too.

Will try to get to that August wrap-up, tomorrow.

Wish you well,

Bookfool (feeling like a Flat Stanley, which would be neat because you could stick me in an envelope and send me around the world, but . . . maybe not)


  1. All the pictures are cool, but I love that last one: I'm seeing awesome maglite commercial potential. :D

  2. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Love the Walmart picture! I should take a picture of the bread, milk, and beer aisles whenever snow is mentioned here in Atlanta!

  3. I'm in the Midwest and I'm sick of rain! I can't imagine what you are going through. It rained something like 5 inches yesterday. YUK!!

    But the cool fall weather is starting to come...and my son's football starts tomorrow. Yeah for this time of year!

  4. The first picture reminds me of an impressionistic art piece! :)

  5. Eva,

    If you run into anyone who needs an idea for a Maglite commercial, just send them my way. It's funny, though, really . . . you'd think everyone would have their flashlights ready for hurricane season, wouldn't you? Never fails, though; the basic hurricane necessities are stripped off the shelves when something is coming!


    It's the beer that always gets me. No matter what, you'll find at least one news photo of people checking out with cases of beer just before bad weather in the South!


    I don't know how much it rained here, but it didn't let up for 3 days, so we were about to float away. But, then, it stopped at the right moment and the ponding around our house drained off. Whew! Close one! Those tropical storms are nasty.

    BIL said Gustav brought temps in the 60s to Oklahoma -- kind of envious, here. We got 70s and now it's gone right back up. Enjoy your cooler weather! I think we still have a bit of a wait before "fall". :)


    That's what I thought, too! I really like that "through the glass" look on a rainy day. It's just the having to get out and run through it part that stinks. :)

  6. I really like that first photo of the rain. I thought it was an impressionist-style painting, at first! And the last one made me laugh. Tropical Storm Hannah is going to hit my area tomorrow, and we usually loose power in any kind of storm. So I went out yesterday before everyone else gets panic/concerned, to get bottled water and extra flashlight batteries. Wanted to beat the rush!

  7. I love the wal-mart picture. It is so funny!

  8. Jeane,

    It does have that impressionistic look, doesn't it? :)

    Best of luck with Hanna. We tend to lose power at the first huff of wind, so we were stunned that our only trouble was a little flickering. We always keep a stack of bottled water, extra batteries and plenty of flashlights. It's good that you headed out early. When people realize something is definitely coming, it's amazing how fast the necessities disappear!

  9. that rain on the window shot! But I am glad it wasn't my window. ;)

  10. Debi,

    Any day now, that could be your window. LOL It is a neat effect, isn't it? Just not fun to have to get out of the car and run through it.

  11. Krista,

    Now, I'm wondering how long it will take for them to refill the flashlight aisle. Wild how it empties out, isn't it?

  12. Anonymous4:37 PM

    We're in the midst of a drought/heave wave so I love the first picture.

    I can't even imagine our aisles stripped like that, unless it's a huge after Christmas sale. No snow, no hurricanes, no tornados, no earthquake warnings here.

  13. Carrie,

    Still hot and dry, eh? You know, I really ought to pay attention to the news because I keep forgetting about your drought. We'll be glad to share -- you can take some of the rain off our hands.

    That's the way it always looks when there's a hurricane threat. The first things to go are the flashlights and batteries, bottled water and certain dry foods. And, beer. They really wipe out the beer.

  14. I *love* Flat Stanley! And only discovered his this past year.

  15. Tara,

    I love Flat Stanley, too. He's so cute. And, very well-traveled. :)

  16. Hi and thank you for stopping by my photography blog today and commenting so nicely.

    I am actually living about 25 miles west of Woodward in Ellis County, so really out in the sticks! But I love my life here and wouldn't swap it. But it's a world away from London!

    My main blog is the one linked to my name above, so to know more about my life here and transformation into an Okie, come see me there sometime.

    Btw love the piccies, looks like you're a sky lover too and the flashlight isle is a riot LOL!

  17. LOL, yep, the flashlight sections are looking like that in NC this weekend. I'm glad I'm not there for Hanna (or Ike if it takes the projected path).

  18. Brit Girl Sarah,

    Hi! I know of Woodward, but I don't think I've ever actually been there. Quite a difference from London, eh?

    I'll come peek at your other blog, thanks!

    Thank you, yes, I love the sky! Usually, I take a lot of nature photos but we've had lousy weather and I've been zipping between OK and Mississippi, quite a bit, so not a whole lot of photography going on, here. Peek in my sidebar and you'll see an Oklahoma prairie dog. Love those critters.

    If I'd known I was going to ruin one of my Maglites, I'd have bought a flashlight in Oklahoma! Isn't that wild? The flashlights, batteries and water are always the first thing to go.


    I'm glad you're not in NC, too. You timed things well, moving back to Texas before hurricane season got going!! Looks like they're getting their share of that nasty rain. Those storms are the worst because they dump such a huge quantity. We just passed a couple of disaster relief trucks headed east on the highway. I think they're going to be very busy, this year.

  19. One of the things I've missed since not reading and blogging much this summer is reading your posts. You never fail to make me smile - Flat Stanley. And who else takes a picture of the flashlight aisle at Walmart? Wonderful! Hope you are doing okay and Hanna has passed by now.

  20. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Forgive me for laughing at the Wal-Mart photo. That's how all the shelves looked here. Now we are turning our focus on Ike...and some still don't have power.

  21. Booklogged,

    Well, thank you! I've missed your posts and visits, this summer, too! Isn't it wild how the flashlight aisle looks after a hurricane threat? I walked around the corner from electronics and just stopped right there and chuckled (fortunately, nobody was around to call 911 about the crazy lady). We're watching Ike's path, now. Hurricane season can become tiresome very quickly!! We're doing fine, thanks. Just hoping the next one misses us. :)

    J. Kaye,

    I'll bet yours was stripped!!! Our flashlight aisles are still empty. I was kind of hoping they'd be able to restock a little quicker, since hurricane season is just cranking up. We're watching Ike, too. We've been looking at the maps and saying, "Right turn, right turn, right turn." Those storms are so nasty!

    I gave up on the news when everyone said they were heading to Minnesota, while Baton Rouge was obviously getting a walloping. I sooo don't get the freaky news coverage. Your photos showed what the national news totally overlooked -- Gustav was not just some piddly little storm, even though it slowed down a bit, before making landfall. I'm so glad to see you're back online!! I'll be praying B.R. doesn't take a second hit.


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