Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Coming up . . . hopefully without any lightning storms

I don't know when our electricity problem is going to get fixed, but I've discovered that if we keep the power low in the office I can use the computer without having any serious flickering issues. So, I'll be doing a few reviews soon and hopefully we'll figure out just who it was we used to do our electrical work when we had a temporary fix done, last year. The guy my husband called is a total doofus, unfortunately. I think I'd rather wait a week and find the people who worked on our problem last year because they were familiar with the electrical issues peculiar to our neighborhood and this other guy . . . geez. He was just a doof. That's all I can say.

Anyway, wish us luck with the power issue. If you're dismayed about the sheer quantity of disasters going on in the U.S., drop by Stuff As Dreams Are Made On for ideas about how you can be of help, even from afar, when it comes to the Gulf oil spill.

As to the flooding in Tennessee and tornadoes across the South, I've been told the best thing to do to help with that is to donate to the American Red Cross. Quite a week we're having in the United States, eh?


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I'm surprised that electricians can be doofuses (doofusi?)...you'd think they'd zap themselves early in their career. Kind of like natural selection for electricians.

  2. Softdrink,

    I'm expecting him to get himself zapped, soon enough. Mostly, I was just frustrated because he seemed to think the breaker box was just fine. The electricians we used last year (we had a nice little lightning storm scare the hell out of them) had at least heard that our neighborhood had substandard breaker boxes. I just don't trust a guy who thinks a substandard box is okie dokie, you know? I want to make sure the replacement is up to standard.

  3. What a bummer about the electrical issues!! I hope they get fixed for you soon, Nancy!

    Thanks for linking to my post :) There sure are enough disasters going around lately, huh? :( And as if it's not enough in the US, there's the damn volcano recently in the US and all of these earthquakes all over..sheesh. And the flooding in Tennessee...that's just so sad :( I saw on Twitter that eldest's car got flooded, huh?

    Oh, and I don't have an exact date for when my little bro's basketball camp is in June, but I'll let you know when I find out! I'd love to meet you if we can :D

  4. Chris,

    We got that electrician out here, first thing on Monday but the he seems to have blown us off and I'm happy about that. Maybe we can find someone who knows what he's doing. That dude was just a ditz. LOL

    A volcano erupted? That's news to me! Yes, it's been quite a week. My son thought he'd gotten off okay -- took the seats out of his car and put them in a bathroom with a dehumidifier and it seemed like everything was working except the radio. Then, yesterday, the car didn't start. He's supposed to be moving to Nashville about 2 weeks from now, so I hope he gets his car working . . . and that Nashville will have drained, by then. The schools have been closed for 3 days, now. It's really a mess.

    Okay, just let me know when you find out the dates! I'm looking for excuses to get out of here, to be honest. I haven't gone anywhere but Alabama and Tennessee in over a year and I'm going stir crazy. :)

  5. Hope you're dry and in full power now--what a mess! Seems like the bad weather has come later this year than normal--those tornados in Oklahoma and Kansas last week were unbelievable.

    Hope all is well with you--and I'm resisting the urge to comment on all posts I want to, so here's me telling you that Ms. Fiona has got to be the cutest sleeper in the whole world. Love that picture of her. Me and Maggie are having fits--she's start soiling in the dining room (only urine). Something she hasn't done ever in 9 years. Think I need to take her into the vet just to make sure she doesn't have an infection. :(

  6. Trish,

    We have power and no flickering!!! It's so nice not to have flickering lights. I'm just waiting to see if this will change the quantity of light bulbs we buy because even the expensive ones that are supposed to last years usually blow out within months, if not weeks, in our house. We're expecting more storms, though.

    You know, I was watching the weather closely (streaming storm chasers and KOCO-TV live coverage in OKC) during the first round of Oklahoma storms and then I totally ignored the last round -- and, wouldn't you know, tornadoes hit Tulsa. My in-laws are in Tulsa. They were fortunate. They lost a tree, but didn't have roof damage or anything major.

    All is well! And, thank you. I just think Fiona's cute no matter what she's doing. She's kind of ridiculously spoiled. I just bought her some fur-lined tunnels.

    As to Maggie . . . do run her to the vet. Going outside the box can be caused by stress or illness. Spooky had several Urinary Tract Infections, over the years -- cats are prone to them and they do tend to become more susceptible as they age, so you should definitely check to make sure she doesn't have an infection. Poor kitty and mama. I know what a pain that is. I hope she's okay.


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