Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiona Friday - Flashback starring our Little Miss Sunshine

Flashing back, again, to a pic of our Sunshine.  We lost her five years ago and Kiddo still talks about how much he misses her and wants an orange tabby of his own, someday.  She was a "puppy cat," determined to make everyone her friend (and very successful at swaying everyone she met).

The parrot you see in this photo came in a little treasure chest that contained a children's book, the parrot and a few other silly objects that are long gone.  Once Shiny decided the Great Outdoors was not for her, she began hunting small stuffed animals.  The parrot was her favorite.  When she died, none of us could stand to look at it so it went straight into the trash can (it had pretty much been hunted and bunny-kicked to death, by that point).

Speaking of kitties, all three have taken turns getting closed into a room accidentally, this week.  Fiona and River ended up in a walk-in closet. Isabel was closed into the utility room.  Fiona was the most vocal about being trapped, which is interesting because she's normally the least vocal of the three.  

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  1. Gorgeous photo! My cat is a 'puppy cat' when only one of us is at home but a 'cat cat' when we are both in.

    1. That's what Isabel is like. She's smart and gregarious with me, but shy with everyone else. Sunshine loved absolutely everyone. She jumped on complete strangers' laps and they loved it! I was so surprised. I have a few friends who distrust cats but Shiny was irresistible.


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