Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Stranger Planet by Nathan W. Pyle

I wrote about the first collection of Nathan W. Pyle's alien comics, Strange Planet, in a mini review post, which you can find by clicking on the title in this first sentence. Suffice it to say, I've been following Pyle for quite some time, first via Twitter and then Instagram, and I just love his sense of humor.

The comics are based on language. Aliens express the same things we do (or, at least, the expressions Americans are familiar with) using different words, like "imagine pleasant nonsense" for "sweet dreams". I've snagged this page off the internet and am pretty sure it's from the first book but it's a great example.

Lovers of words can't help but appreciate Pyle's cleverness. I adore how he thinks. I'll often read his comics and then walk around thinking about how these aliens might reword the things I'm doing. Plus, they're really cute.

Highly recommended - I think I expressed my love of Strange Planet better in my mini review, so I encourage you to hop through the link if you're interested in reading more. Stranger Planet is more of the same and I can't even tell you how excited I am to expand my collection. I hope Pyle publishes a dozen more of these books. His delightful aliens always make me smile. I'm going to find a special place on the shelves for these two and hope I'll have to make room for more.

Fiona was very helpful when I did my photo shoot of the book cover, btw. I got some nice laughs watching her play with the spaceship.

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