Monday, April 19, 2021

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

  • Unstoppable by Joshua M. Greene - from Insight Editions, unsolicited, for review
  • Aven Green Sleuthing Machine by Dusty Bowling and Gina Perry, and 
  • Edmund the Elephant Who Forgot by Kate Dalgleish and Isobel Lundie - both from Sterling Children's Books for review 

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Take Three Girls by Crowley, Howell, and Wood
  • Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Milkman by Anna Burns
  • Edmund the Elephant Who Forgot by Kate Dalgleish and Isobel Lundie
  • Aven Green Sleuthing Machine by Dusty Bowling and Gina Perry

Nocturnes is a book of short stories. After taking a break from them for a few weeks, I'm back to reading short story collections. Although I haven't begun to read my next one, I have a couple of possibilities on the bedside table. 

Currently reading:

  • The Last Night in London by Karen White

Posts since last Malarkey:

Only three posts in the past two weeks because I took off last week to read. Did I read while I was taking my blog break? Yes I did.  But, did I also take the time to tackle my Do List like crazy and have fun painting up a storm? Yes, I did that also. I may have done more from the Do List than anything else but it was a decent week and part of the reason I took off from blogging was the fact that I was running out of books to review. I have now planted myself firmly back into the "Wow, you have quite a review backlog" category. However, only 3 of the books I haven't reviewed (out of 8) are from publishers so I'll review those, first, then take my sweet time with the others. 

In other news:

We only watched one episode of The Mallorca Files and one of Ambassadors. I'm also watching Atlantic Crossing and World on Fire on PBS but I missed both, last night. I think you can watch PBS episodes online if you miss them. Guess I'll find out. 

We did our major pot planting about a week ago and, wow, things do grow fast down here. We only do pot planting, not garden plots. But, thanks to the pandemic we have some large planters (pandemic gardening was part of our entertainment in 2020) and it's exciting to see everything filling out. 

In painting news, I finished a mixed media project I started working on in February using a little of what I learned from a free tutorial by artist Kate Morgan. There was a good bit of trial and error but I like the end result. I do art exactly like I used to do writing, back when I wrote fiction regularly. I always have a bunch of different projects going and I just move from one to another and back, building on them. I guess I usually read that way, too. Hmm. 

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