Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thrilling Thursday Things

Admittedly, you all know my life is dull as paste, right now. But, I have a small window of time and I plan to use it. Just try to stop me from typing. I have only little bits and pieces -- nothing seriously thrilling.

What I'm reading: A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz

That's it. I've got some other books with bookmarks in them, but I haven't opened them, lately. Those of you who read Kookiejar's delicious dessert of a blog know that she recently read A Fraction of the Whole on my recommendation. I'm still puzzling over just what it was that sparked the thought that Kookie would love it, but anyway . . . Kookie read it. Kookie adored the book. Carrie is reading it because Kookie read it because I recommended it to her. So, I figured, "For crying out loud, I have to find out what's so great about that crazy book I recommended."

I'm on page 127 and I'm loving it. It's the wackiest, most brilliant and goofy book I've read in ages. I'd get through it even faster if I wasn't so wrecked from caring for my mom, but give me a few days.

What I'm doing: Boring Stuff

But, I still get to walk my sister's dog, now and then. That's fun.

One Thing I overheard: Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

I overheard a lovely young teen saying that a lady came through a drive-through window at the restaurant where said teen works. The lady wasn't much of a lady. In fact, she was giving them such a hard time that the drive-through teen said, "Let's squash her biscuits." Someone else squashed the Not-Really-a-Lady's biscuits, they plunked them into a box and sent them along with the rest of her drive-through purchase. I'm sure you've heard worse (spitting on rude customers' hamburgers seems to be a favorite) but it got me thinking . . .

If your biscuits are squashed, you may need an attitude adjustment.

Something to consider, right?

Fun stuff in my sister's house:

The Fridge

This is so funny. When you close the refrigerator door, it doesn't shut all the way. So, you have to give the door a kick at the bottom, where it doesn't quite seal without help. I'm gradually getting the hang of this. You put the milk back in the fridge, close the door, give it a kick. Open the door to get out the pickle jar, close the door, give it a kick. I've watched and the whole family does it like it's a reflex. When they get a new refrigerator, it's probably going to acquire a dent on the lower left corner of the door, just thanks to habit.

The Cranky Bed

I'm sleeping on my nephew's bed, which has a noisy headboard and a squeaky frame. I slept very, very badly for a few days and then I realized that every time I rolled over, things were banging (in addition to the creaks and squeaks and groans). So, I investigated and discovered that the lamp was banging against the wall and there was a bike flag that rattled every time I moved. My poor nephew. His entire room is going to be rearranged. Fortunately, he's off at the University of Oklahoma, so he doesn't have to endure the torment of my rearrangements (and the addition of the cutesy things, like that bright-colored box of tissues with daisies all over the sides).

Stupid Dreams: Dancing FBI Agents

I have extraordinarily vivid dreams, as some of you know (often prophetic). Because people seem to actually find them interesting, my husband bought me a Dream Log and I just used it for the first time, this week. I won't go into painstaking detail, but it involved a drug raid on a senator (who cleverly averted the agents' attention with a bunch of hinky old VHS tapes that rattled), loads of FBI agents in tuxes, a restaurant, a TV, and a few other exciting details. In the end, the FBI agents didn't find what they were looking for at the Senator's house, so they went off to a restaurant (all were dressed in tuxedos -- I love that), watched Dancing with the Stars and . . . well, a few of them got up to dance. One had stolen a wig head and wig from the senator's house because it was cute and he found it on a trash pile, so he figured it was fair game. The agent put the wig and holder on a pedestal. While dancing, another of the agents knocked the head over and inside was the stash of drugs they'd been searching for.

I love my brain.

Enough for now. I'm trying to squeeze in as much blog-hopping as possible, but am only managing to hit about 10 blogs before I run out of time, each day. I miss reading all the posts. Hope everyone is having a terrific week, discovering wonderful new books and enjoying whatever weather you're stuck with (it's nice here, but the dog really needs a bath).

Smiles to all!

Bookfool, whose window of time is closing fast


  1. Only on your blog can one find dancing FBI angents, a thoroughly beatable fridge, and masterful use of the word hinky (always forget it, always wish I'd used it myself). I just woke up from a very middle-of-the-day type nap, and this was a great way to start the rest of my day!

  2. I wish I had dreams like that :p Whenever you need another book idea at least you don't have to sit and think for very long...just pick a dream!

    Love all the quirks of the house. I've always found those to be so humorous and interesting and every house has them. Little things that we get so used to and other people think we're nuts when they first see them. Fun stuff :)

    I thought about you yesterday. We went to the zoo and in the bird exhibit I saw the absolute cutest bird I have ever seen in my life. I got a picture of him too but I have no idea how to post a picture, but he's some kind of pygmy falcon. He was little tiny...about the size of my hand and fluffy as could be...mostly white breast with a grey back and these little black bead eyes that looked straight ahead. You would love him!

  3. That is a crazy dream!

    "If your biscuits are squashed, you may need an attitude adjustment." Love it! It should be one of those "Home Sweet Home" sampler thingies.

  4. You are, without a doubt, a gem.

    Thank you.


  5. Andi,

    LOL Either my life is a doozy or I latch onto every little funny life quirk (or whatever I consider funny) because I'd melt if I didn't. :)

    I love the word "hinky". If I wrote a Top Ten Favorite Words list, it would be amongst them. Glad you enjoyed the wake-up post!


    My dreams are ridiculously fun. But, I forget even the most adventurous, vivid dreams if I don't write them down and I've probably said so. That dream log was the neatest gift. I need to thank my hubby.

    You're so right; homes all have those funny little quirks. When I first saw my sister kick the fridge, I thought, "Why doesn't she replace it?" But, we have to shut our oven door sloooowly or it sticks open about an inch. Same thing. It costs money, that why. None of us are totally nuts, we just don't want to go broke fixing things that aren't important, right? But, it's still hilarious.

    Oooooh, I want to see the little pygmy falcon!!!! Darn it. Am I going to have to come to N.O. to photograph him, myself? Hey, not a bad idea.


    Or a t-shirt. Gosh, stop, you'll get me started writing t-shirt slogans if you're not careful. LOL


    A gem? Cool. Thanks, babe, you made my day. :)

  6. If I still did cross-stitch that quip would be a good one to put on a sampler - "If your biscuits are smashed..."

  7. I love your brain, too.

  8. Booklogged,

    I used to cross-stitch. Come to think of it, you and Chris are right. That would be great to stick on a sampler. Go for it! :)


    Thanks. I wish I had more dreams with dancing FBI agents. They're so cute. :)

  9. Some kids think that paste is delicious--so if your life is compared to paste...?

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!!

  10. What great writing! I was cracking up by the end!

  11. What great writing! I was cracking up by the end!

  12. I hear you on the blog hopping time. Alas, we do what we can.

    Your FBI dream sounds hilarious! And unlikely to come true.

    I can think of some people who need their biscuits smashed......

    I'm reading Fraction because Kookie's review made it so enticing! It's fun, isn't it? I haven't gotten much farther on it though.

    I might take up kicking the refrigerator. It sounds like fun.

  13. Gavin2:09 PM

    Lovely post :) Your life can never be boring with a mind like that.

  14. "If your biscuits are squashed, you may need an attitude "adjustment. I just love that! You made my day.

  15. Always a pleasure to read your blog, Nancy. My dreams are usually very ordinary, I'd love to have some of yours! :)

  16. I loved all the bits and pieces you wrote about. They're what make up life, and it's fun to get a pick into yours. That poor fridge, it made me smile the most! It reminds me of when I had to lit my stove with a Bic lighter, and even then only one burner worked! I guess the kitchen remodel was worth it...:P

  17. Trish,

    I was never one of those kids. Let's think of other dull things. Dull as humidity on an August day? No, that's just redundant. Dull as a day without sunshine? Dull as, uh, cleaning a kitchen? I'm obviously not at my creative best, right now. Just trust me when I say I'm not having the time of my life. LOL

    Thanks. The weekend wasn't too awful. So far, I can't judge this week. Hope you have a terrific one!

    Linda, Linda,

    Thank you, thank you! :)


    And, this would be it, apparently -- twice a week, max. We'll see.

    You never know about the FBI dream. Senators are always getting into heaps of trouble. And, then they go into lobbying when it's all over.

    I met a lot of people who needed their biscuits smashed, this weekend. I should probably just move to a cave, but not much would change.

    I've been reading about a handful of pages per day. Frustrating. I'm enjoying Fraction, though, when I get to it.


    Well . . . yeah, kind of true. I've had a lot of people ask me what I do with my time, since I don't have an outside job. Don't you get bored? they ask. Absolutely not. I'm never bored. I can always find ways to fill my time. Lonely? Yes. Bored? Never.

  18. Juliann,

    Thanks. I live to make days brighter, so you've given me a warm fuzzy right back. :)


    I do have interesting dreams. Last night, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt peppered me with questions (I had to explain to her that, no, I didn't live in her building; I just worked there) and Angelina completely forgot her child was supposed to be tagging along behind. Then, the entire Jolie-Pitt security team descended upon me. Wow, I wonder where that one came from? I must have seen a tabloid headline at Walmart.

    I'd share if I could. My husband claims that he only dreams every couple of years. I can't imagine that.


    I think perhaps you've justified your kitchen remodeling. LOL It's funny, we all have those quirky little nuisances in our house. To us, they're annoying. To someone coming in from outside, though, they're really hilarious. I still smile whenever I kick my sister's refrigerator door. It's possible I'm taking out some pent-up emotions on the fridge, but we won't go there. :)

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