Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wahoo! Wednesday

This week, just a few happy things for Wahoo! Wednesday. Photo opportunities have been limited lately, unfortunately. And, it's raining and dreary, so not a good day to run out for last-minute snaps. Ah, well.

Eldest son, looking casually handsome in Memphis:

Youngest son with niece and her dog, Buddy. Note that the hair gives youngest son an extra 2-3" of height. He claims he'll get a haircut in May. Oh, baby. Teenagers are something.

Pretties in Oxford, MS:

Great photo taken by youngest, who made off with my camera and had fun while I was busy:

They were probably fascinated by the hair. Everyone notices his hair.

May the wahoos of life rain down upon you!



  1. Great pictures! And great name for the dog :) I have a Buddy too :) What on earth are those animals? Are they Llamas?

  2. Chris,

    Thanks. I forgot you had a Buddy!

    Youngest son says he thinks those are reindeer. But, he's not sure. I didn't get to go with the guys on their fun animal jaunts, last week, so I'm clueless.

  3. Are those really reindeer?! These look a little skinny! :)

    I know you aren't fond of his long hair, but I think it looks kind of nice. How tall is he? It looks like he's grown quite a bit over the past year.

  4. Les,

    I'm not really sure and I don't think kiddo is, either. They do look kind of skinny, don't they? And, maybe a little bit mangy.

    I think Will is just a six-footer, but his cousin is petite and makes him look like a giant. We don't know for sure, though. He hasn't been measured in a while and the fluffy hair is deceiving. Even if he combs it down flat, it has a tendency to poof--he's got a bit of my natural curl.

  5. Well, they're certainly some sort of deer and reindeer sounds good. They sure are shedding!

    Ya know, I'm jealous of the handsome sons you have. The kiddo's hair isn't all that bad - trust me on that one.

    And I love your pretties but go take a look at the ones I've posted. They'll make you glad you live down south.


  6. CJ,

    At least the one with antlers looks right. LOL They do look scruffy. It didn't occur to me that they're shedding. Oh. Duh.

    Well, thank you. I'm quite fond of my handsome sons. There are occasions that I'd loan them both to you, but they're both really terrific guys and I'm so pleased about that. They have a really good-looking father; I blame him entirely for their looks!

    I dashed over to see your pretties. Thanks for the laugh!!

  7. Yay! Photos by Bookfool! Love the colourful pretties and that last photo is pretty fun! They sure were fascinated by something! :)

  8. Tulips are my favorite! I had this great plan to plant tulip bulbs this fall and have them rise beautifully in the spring.... but the PX didn't sell bulbs last fall like they did the fall before. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    p.s. both your sons are good looking young men *wink* and as a young lady myself, I should know :D

  9. I think that's the first shot of youngest's hair that I've seen in full 'fro. usually he's in a pool or dressed up for an event and it's tamed. That's too funny. Definitely adds some height.

  10. Great Wahoo Wednesday and may the wahoos of life continue to rain down on YOU!

  11. Nat,

    Thank you. The flowers were so pretty in Oxford. I'm going to try to imitate that arrangement in my gardens, next spring.

    You have to wonder what the deer found so interesting, don't you? My son had so much fun playing with the camera that he told me he'll be glad to take it off my hands, if I ever upgrade!


    I adore tulips, too. I didn't get around to planting any bulbs at all, during the fall. The dogs tend to dig them up, so the next time I try tulips I'm going to use a little fence and some netting. Come to think of it, the cats have also been using my little front garden as a litter box. I have some digging to do. LOL

    Thank you for the P.S. I agree, of course, but I'm fast becoming "older". Ick. I think my eldest is your age. He's 24.


    "Full 'fro" is a good way to describe that hair. Kiddo deliberately avoids combing and runs his fingers through his hair to make it stand up because he thinks it's funny (although he does agree that he'll have to keep it neat when he goes to work, whew!). You caught me -- I usually only take photos of the kiddo when he's been in the pool or is going to some event that requires neatness. The rest of the time, I call him Fluffy (it fits) and keep the lens-cap in place. LOL


    Thank you and right back at ya!!!

  12. Yes, I can totally read the llama lips marveling at The Hair. Reindeer? Critters.

  13. Carrie,

    Okay. Critters it is. Works for me. :)

  14. Flowers!! You have flowers!!! Someone does, somewhere.....up here in Canada, buried in 3 feet of snow, below freezing, no sign of spring, your flowers cheer me up considerably! thanks! Happy Easter to you too!

  15. Susan,

    LOL!! Spring has definitely sprung in the Deep South. We're bursting with color, here. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and found them uplifting!! Happy Easter!


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