Friday, December 28, 2007

Wahoo . . . oops, Friday

Busy week, anyone? I hope it's been a good one. I'm a little behind, here, but it's time to wahoo. I feel wahooey.

The photo above is an example of wahoo #1. I still close my eyes, now and then, to transport myself back to Hawaii. There's a lot to wahoo about in Hawaii, but . . .

1. Wahoo for sunshine and rainbows, wherever they may be.

2. Shopping!!!!! Wahoo for shopping! No pics, but I had a little fun doing some post-Christmas shopping, yesterday. I'm particularly fond of my new scarf. I'm in Oklahoma City (my mother is back in the hospital, but she's doing great) and Aeropostale at Penn Square Mall, just down the road, was having a terrific after-Christmas sale. When I got to the cash register with my purchases, I noticed a mannequin waaaaaay up high. And, it was wearing the cutest darned scarf. I asked if it was the only one in the store and the clerk told me, "Yes, but it's 70% off and I have this nice, tall guy, here." She pointed at a lanky fellow standing behind her and I said, "Okay. Send him up." He climbed up the counter like a monkey and tossed the scarf down. So, let's just add . . .

3. Wahoo for tall dudes. I married a guy who has 9" on me. He can be very handy, at times.

4. Back to Hawaii. We may keep Hawaii going on this blog, for a while. Wahoo for dophins:

What is it about dolphins that makes them look so friendly? These two are spinner dolphins spotted during our morning of snorkeling. They weren't in the mood to hang out with us, but I still thought they looked like they were smiling. Dolphins look very wahooey.

5. Wahoo for cheap laptops. The signal here is sometimes a little hinky - they claim it has to do with trouble following the recent ice storm, but it's a lifesaver. At least I can usually check my email before I get kicked off. That's a happy thing, isn't it?

6. Wahoo for the upbeat, kind and very professional medical practitioners who spent their Christmas holidays taking care of people.


7. Wahoo for the folks who took time out of their own Christmas Day to brighten up Christmas in the hospital. There were two women and a young girl with a box full of tiny Christmas bags full of candy, handing them out to visitors and wishing them a Merry Christmas on Tuesday. What a lovely upper and a tremendously kind thing to do!

I'll try to wahoo on a Wednesday, next week, but I just never know when I'll have the time or the connection, these days. A new year is coming, soon! And, I don't have to listen to fireworks on New Year's Eve, this year. Well, wahoo for that. Not into explosives. I'm just not.

Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas. Reading has been nil, here - I just finished one Christmas romance that didn't thrill me. What are you reading?

Smiles all around!



  1. I could use a few Wahoo's right about now. :-) Thanks for the great post, Nancy.

    I am so glad your mother is doing well. And I know how you feel about being married to a man taller than you. Mine comes in very handy considering I'm only 5 ft. tall.

    My reading has been slow these days too. I hope to fit in at least one more book before the New Year strikes.

  2. Hey Bookfool! *big waves* I saw the most beautiful rainbow down here yesterday and thought about how great of a picture it would make. Unfortunately I never carry my camera around, so that opportunity was lost. Glad you got one though!

    Aren't dolphins the best :) I'll never forget my time in Mexico with them. My dolphin kiss was one of the best experiences! Very sweet creatures there. They do look friendly...always smiling :)

    So do you have the internet installed at your mom's now? I'm sorry to hear she's back in the hospital, but it's good that she has such a wonderful staff taking care of her and of course that she has such a wonderful daughter there to spend time with her. Definitely a big Wahoo for that! So many hospitals don't give the care that's needed and it sounds like she's at a good one.

    Hope you can get some reading in. I just finished my first Murakami - Norwegian was horribly depressing, but a beautiful book. I'll definitely be reading more of him. I'm reading A Clash of Kings now which is the second book in a high fantasy series by George R.R. Martin which I'm guessing is not your thing, but who knows...I could be wrong ;)

  3. Hey Wendy,

    Having a bad day? I hope my post gave you a good wahoo break. :)

    I'm 5'3" - a little taller than you, but short enough that I really appreciate a tall guy to help me reach!

    I hope to fit in one more book, too, but I haven't read a thing, today. We got stuck in the hospital lobby - they had a fire in the cafeteria and shut down the power to elevators. The halls were smoky, but I don't think it got far, so that's good. I wish you a wonderful reading year in 2008.

    Hi Chris!

    Aww, sorry you missed that rainbow! I've been without my camera, here, but I fetched it last night and took photos of the poppets standing next to a pizza. LOL I so missed that camera! Of course, now I have to carry it around everywhere. I'm in Oklahoma City, this time - my mom has pneumonia because her white cell count was zippo. So, they had to send her to the big city. I'm hoping to go up to her house to try to get that DSL up and running, tonight, but they were predicting heavy snow in Northern Oklahoma, last night, so I skipped that and went to Tulsa. How are you doing?

    I loved dolphins! I wish I could swim with them, like you did, but they weren't in a playing mood when we saw them.

    The staff at this hospital is pretty amazing. I'm sitting next to my mom - they have Wi-Fi in the hospital, yay!

    Norwegian Wood is depressing? Damn. I'll avoid that one for a while. I actually brought it with me - haven't started another book, today. I can't seem to get myself to read, this week. I had to drag myself to the end of that Christmas romance.

  4. Oh no! Pneumonia? I hope everything turns out ok. I'll keep her in my prayers. Things are going ok for me. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Texas for the New Year! Finally get some time to spend with Megan so that should be nice :) Then it's back to the old job hunt. Blah...

    Norwegian Wood starts out on a nice light note with a good bit of humor and then just gets more and more depressing. It's a love story and a very sweet one, but an extremely sad one. There's a good bit of graphic sex in it too, so that may not be your thing either, lol. It ends on an ok note, but we're talking like the last 5 pages are ok. Definitely worth a read sometime though. Just maybe not now if you're looking for something uplifting. Sorry your Christmas romance was a bummer :( I got in some good Christmas reading this year!

  5. Chris,

    Yep, pneumonia. She's improving, but it's going to be a long road. You get pneumonia with a low white cell count (it was actually at zero - I guess my mother belonged in a bubble, LOL) and you're in big trouble. They sent in an emergency respiratory team, one night, and she was in the ICU for a while, but we're in a regular room. Another wahoo. :)

    I'll avoid Norwegian Wood. Nothing is grabbing me at all and I definitely want to stay away from anything depressing. Have fun visiting Megan and drive carefully!!! I'll be praying you find a good job when you get back.

  6. We used to live in Hawaii - I married a Hilo boy and both our sons were born there. The Brothers Cazimero have the most wonderful song - Hawaiian Lullaby that contains the lyrics "Where I live there are rainbows" I get misty-eyed when I hear it and your photo really brought it back to me.

    Hope your mom gets better soon. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I'll second your Wahoo about tall guys....mine is 18.5 inches taller than me! It comes in SO handy when we get separated out in public! Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. Take care, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. Nancy -

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom but it does sound like she's doing well and in very good hands.

    I'll second the wahoo on the laptop - especially if it lets you stay in touch!

    Dolphins? You've actually been that close to them? And Chris, I'm seriously envious of you! I would love to see them.

    Your photos are amazing, as always. I've got a couple I'm going to see about posting soon. Snow pictures, of course.


  9. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I can't decide where I'd rather be - in the pix w/the sailboats & the rainbow or the dolphins....

    I'm reading....three books? Hoping something grabs me soon.

    Keeping your mom in my prayers!

  10. Pamela,

    I think I visited Hilo many years ago (I was 14). Is it on the big island? I'm glad the photo brought back warm memories. :)

    Thanks for the prayers! My mother was sleeping when I peeked in, so I'm munching at Panera. Mmmm.

    Best wishes for a splendid New Year!

  11. Tara,

    Wow, 18.5 inches is quite a difference. My little five-foot sister once dated a guy who was 6'4" and they looked really cute together.
    Yep, having a tall one makes them easy to spot. My youngest child is about 6'1" or so and it's his wild auburn hair sticking way over the racks that makes him stand out.

    Thanks! I wish you a very happy year, full of great books and food. :)

  12. CJ,

    Thanks, babe. Yeah, she's doing much better - still very, very sick but she's getting well enough to complain and getting feisty about not wanting to do her therapy. I think those are both excellent signs. She's definitely in great hands. :)

    The laptop is truly a godsend.

    Welllll, the lens was long and that photo is cropped. But they did come close to the boat (and swam under it a bit) just briefly. We saw another kind of dolphin in Alaska and they were great, too - they looked a lot like killer whales. Can't remember what they're called.

    Oh, cool! Can't wait to see your photos! I'll look when I get to the hotel, later. Love that snow. There was just a light dusting (maybe an inch or slightly less) in my hometown, but it was really pretty.

  13. Carrie,

    I took the rainbow and dolphin photos on the same day, so you might as well just chuck it all and go to Hawaii and toss in some palm trees with a pineapple or two. :)

    Three books? I want to know which of them "take". I read a little of Getting Stoned with Savages, last night, but I was so tired that I don't actually remember what I read. I'll have to reread it all.

    Thanks! Prayers are appreciated!!!

  14. Yeah, keep rubbing that Hawaii thing in. It's GREAT.

    And yet your post made me smile, and for that I thank you.

  15. Cupcake,

    I'm going to have to reflect on the good stuff for a long time, believe me. LOL

    I'm glad I gave you a smile. Now, just save up those pennies the delinquents are helping you earn and you can catch a plane to paradise, yourself. I promise it's worth every bit of your hard-earned money. :)

  16. Wahoo for the return of the Wahoos! Always a lift for the spirit.

  17. Although it sounds like you were a little preoccupied, I hope your Christmas was wonderful!! It's good to hear that your Mom is doing well. I know how hard this must be on you right now.

    We miss you!!

  18. Jenclair,

    Thanks. I'm always thrilled to hear I've lifted spirits. :)


    My family is all split up so Christmas was what I'd call "a bit crap", but it was certainly better than it could have been! Thanks, I miss you guys, too! The hospital internet connection's hinky, so I can't get on very often. Hope you have a fun New Year's holiday!

  19. Great list of Wahoo's, Nancy! I love dolphins, but sure don't see them too often anymore. Oh, how I want to visit Hawaii someday. Your pictures are making me wish I could be there right now. I'm so terribly tired of the cold, snowy weather. And we're due for more tomorrow. Sigh.

    I haven't been reading much either. I may have read a total of 3 books in December. My numbers are WAY down from last year.

    Ah, New Year's Eve explosions. I forgot all about that. I wonder how our Annie-Dog will do. She doesn't like loud noises, but maybe she'll be ok if she's inside with us. I'll save a yummy dog treat for her to have a midnight. Maybe the distraction will help. :)

    Good to hear that your mom is doing ok. Hope it isn't too long before she recovers from the pneumonia so you can both go home. Hang in there.

  20. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Great pictures!

    Hope your Mom is doing OK.

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  21. Hi Les,

    I've seen dolphins a grand total of two times - I'd love to see more of them. I think they're the height of animal coolness. Actually, I think that about a lot of animals, but, you know . . . they're fun to watch.

    Well, I read more than 3 books in December, but I'm not sure how many. This was definitely not a great month. I managed to squeeze in about 35 pages, today. That's a wahoo. LOL

    Do you have fireworks on New Year's in Nebraska? We never had them in OK - too dry in the winter; they're a fire hazard. The thing is, people start shooting them off about a week or so before the holiday, then you have to listen to them day and night for several days and they slowly peter out. It gets really tiresome, after a while. I don't think I'd mind it so much if they'd just stick to New Year's Eve, you know? Hope your furbaby doesn't mind them.

    My mom had a bad, bad day, but was doing great when I left. Hopefully, she'll get some solid sleep, tonight. She's a mess. I think we'll be here for a while, although eventually I'm going to have to give up the nice hotel room and commute a bit. Hope you have a great holiday and 2008 is a good one, for you and yours!

    Hi Lynne,

    Thank you! My mother had a terrible day, but she's better, tonight. Fingers are crossed that she does okay, tonight.

    Thank you! Happy New Year to you and your family, too!

  22. Wahoo has become totally connected with YOU whenever I hear it now. Wahoo that you are in touch with us. Wahoo that your mother has good people taking care of her. Wahoo that that you have friends and family praying for her ... and for you ... you may include me in that number. Wahoo that we are on the eve of a new year ... when ANYTHING may happen. Wishing you a very happy and delightful new year. Wishing your mother good health in the new year.

  23. Bonnie,

    Thanks for that bit of utter coolness, the wahoos, the wishes and the prayers. My mother had a bad day, yesterday, but was much better (and sleeping well) when I left. Whew! I was one tired cookie. :)

    I wish you a happy New Year full of great books and happy days! And, lots of wahoos, of course. ;)

  24. I'm sorry your mom had such a bad day. I hope things begin to improve for her. I'm sure she's getting very weary of it all.

    Yes, we have fireworks here for New Year's, but fortunately, it's nothing like the 4th of July where they start shooting stuff off the week before! I haven't heard anything yet, but I suspect there'll be quite a bit of noise later this evening.

    Take care of yourself, Nancy. You're in my thoughts these days.

  25. Les,

    Thanks so much. Yes, she's really tired of all this medical mess and looked a little desperate, yesterday - and again, this morning, but she was doing a bit better when I left to get some relax time in Borders.

    Our fireworks are just as much of a nuisance on New Year's. I'm glad to be in the middle of a very dry city!

    I appreciate you, Les. It looks like I'm going to be here for quite a while. BTW, so sorry I didn't get around to sending out all my Christmas cards. I love that photo of you and Rod! I had good intentions - brought everything with me, but I've been sticking close to Mom, most of the time, and just can't find the time.

  26. You certainly have a legitimate excuse for not getting Christmas cards out this year. You obviously have other priorities right now. I'm glad you enjoyed the letter/card I sent. This was the first year in a couple that I've felt inspired to even bother with one. Once I started, I had a good time with it.

    Take care.

  27. Les,

    I hope that's a legitimate excuse. LOL But, honestly, I've been so bad for so long that most of our old friends have dropped us off their lists. I don't blame them, but it also means I've totally lost touch with a couple of people because I lost their addresses. Your letter was so nice; it helps that I have some new friends. Every little card and letter counts when you're in the midst of a crisis, you know?

  28. Awww, I'm here for you anytime. It's been so great getting to know you, thanks to the blogging world. Gosh, I'm coming up on two years next month! Who'd a thunk it?!

  29. Right back at ya, Les.

    Wow, two years, already? Time is flying! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!


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