Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Hawaiian Wahoos (because my son has a test in the morning and I have to shut down, soon)


  1. Amazing as always!

    My favorites are the one of the girl and, of course, of the waves. It makes me miss the pounding of the waves against the beach in my neck of the woods.


  2. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Who needs words? Beautiful! ...sigh...

  3. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Great pictures! I love the one of the surf and the girl walking the beach.


    I love the one of the profile of the girl holding her flip-flops.

  5. Gorgeous! All gorgeous! I so desperated want to go to Hawaii someday!

  6. They're all gorgeous! I simply can't choose a favourite! :)

  7. CJ,

    Thanks! I've never lived anywhere near water, so I'm always really transfixed with waves when I get to see them. Apparently, winter is the season for big, rolling waves in Hawaii. Definitely fun to watch and a very soothing sound. I'll bet you sleep well. :)


    Thank you! I have to say that if anyone had could come up with the right words (probably in verse), it would definitely be you. :)


    Thanks! I took that photo of the girl walking on the beach from a moving car (rolled the window down and snapped as quickly as possible) - a little fuzzy, but it's one of my personal favorites.


    There are lots of military people in the Honolulu area, so maybe you'll just end up there some day. That would be cool. Of course, I'd want to fly over to meet you (not that I don't already feel that way, since you're in Italy and you're a really fun person). And, thank you!


    Thanks! Yeah, you've got to go. You'd need to take a nanny along (like the girl who sat next to me on the plane from Atlanta to Jackson - I'm so not kidding). It's a great place for kids, though, as long as you slather those babies with the highest spf on the planet. We saw so many cute little tykes.


    Thank you! That's a pretty high compliment, coming from such a fabulous photographer. :)

  8. Oooh, lovely!

    And good luck on the test!

  9. Thanks, Carrie!

    I should probably ask how he did on that test. Kiddo's at swimming, now. I could say he seemed happy enough, but he's pretty much *always* happy, so that doesn't mean much!

  10. Hey how come you didn't let me know you were here!!!!!???? I would have bought you a drink with an unbrella in it!! Really!

  11. BTW a terrific photo of the black crested Night heron- Gosh that looks like on the golf course at KoOlina...
    If you were there you were WALKING distance from ORION...

  12. Those photos are definitely Wahoo worthy! Thank you for sharing, Nancy.

  13. Pat,

    I thought about mentioning our trip, but I noticed you were headed to San Francisco. We're planning to return in July (although we'll be at Waikiki because the hubby doesn't want to fight traffic, next time - he had to go into Honolulu, daily). Want to get together, then? I'd love to meet you!

    Ohmygosh. Yes, we were at Ko' Olina. I would have definitely walked to wherever you are located (assuming you were there, at all, last week). I took a big long walk past the four lagoons and then reversed and went to the ponds by the golf course to take the night heron pictures, one day. The weather was perfect and the animals were even cooperative! You live in a stunningly beautiful place!

  14. Wendy,

    Thanks! It was a very, very wahooey week. So many beautiful things to see and, of course, photograph. :)

  15. Fabulous pictures. I can't begin to choose a favorite. The child is so sweet. The bird cracks me up (the one that looks like a cardinal). The ocean makes me long for San Diego... Thanks for posting these.

  16. Thanks, Les!

    That bird actually is a cardinal - a red-crested cardinal. They're all over the place on Oahu and I got very lucky, one day. Two of them were totally ignoring me, so I got down on my belly on the grass and snapped away. Gotta love that tongue! The little tykes were all adorable - I have a few more photos of cute kids that I'll post, later on. :)


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