Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another *Giveaway* - The Smart One & The Pretty One

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Oh, boy!! Another giveaway!!!

You can read a review of this book at Once Upon a Bookshelf. I have not read it and have not yet acquired a copy. Lately, I just feel like acting like a fairy godmother, sprinkling gifts upon the masses at the behest of Hatchette and the delightful Miriam Parker.

"This sparkling novel about two sisters is both witty and stylish. Even if you don't have a sister of your own, you won't be able to resist LaZebnik's charming take on modern relationships. Read it!"- Holly Peterson, bestselling author of The Manny


1. Leave your email address. This is a MUST. No email, no entry, period.

2. Answer this question: If you could choose any place in the world to visit, where would you go? If you've already been there, that's okay. I'm just curious where you'd like to go.

3. Whenever Hatchette does this, you have no choice but to think like a North American and be one. This drawing is limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada. No P.O. Boxes.

4. Spread the word and leave a link to your post or tweet for an extra entry. There will be 5 winners. Wahoo!!

The contest ends at 6 pm on September 27, 2009.


    If I could go anywhere it would be Ireland for sure. I'd love to stay in an old castle and pretend I was a princess from another time! :-) I also have tons of family there to visit and meet!

  2. Debi,

    Me, too! I've been in a castle mood, lately. There are some beautiful castles in Wales, too.

  3. I would go to Tuscany.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Great giveaway. please enter me. i follow through google reader:

    dd DOT bookgoddess AT gmail DOT com


  5. I'd go back to Italy. And, then I'd stop in England to see where my husband is from.

    Pick me! I've been wanting to read this.

  6. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I want to visit Highgate Cemetary in London for Halloween! After seeing pictures of it on the video introduction to Her Fearful Symmetry, it looks so historic and haunted. I bet they have some really cool epitaphs on some of the oldest statues.

  7. Wales sounds good, mostly because I really enjoyed the book I read recently that was set in Wales:

    And I'm part Irish, so Ireland would also be of interest to me. However, I'm also Scottish and would like to see Scotland. For real, this time, rather than traveling there by book with Liz Curtis Higgs a couple of years ago:

  8. Hmm....I'd go to my brother's beach hoese at Fripp Island...I don't like to travel but I love a nice uncrowded beach!


  9. I'd love to win this book.
    I would love to go to Ireland.

    joannelong74 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Sorry...


    ;) Thanks!!

  11. Awesome Contest :)
    Hmm... I would probably go to Mexico, Because I have family there and it would be fun
    -Liz :P


  12. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks. And, by the way, if I could go anywhere in the world it would be somewhere in Africa. I've wanted to go there ever since I was a young child and still haven't achieved that dream.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Please count me in for this great

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  14. quba/Betty,

    Thank you for your kind remark about my blog. I've deleted your comment because of the link to the Illinois Lottery, but I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  15. This looks great! Please enter me!

    I'd love to visit Greece!

    BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

  16. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy. But having been to Maui this spring, I'd go back there in a heartbeat.
    Thanks for the giveaway. This looks fun.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  17. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand. I had a pen pal from there when I was a kid.


    I would love to go to Europe - everywhere in Europe. I guess I would love to start in London and work my way around. We'll have to wait until our baby is a little bit older. Thanks!

  19. Thanks for this great giveaway. My dream trip would be to travel to Italy. Visit all the charming towns, soak up the culture and history and eat delectable culinary delights. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Would love to visit the Lowcounty of South Carolina...

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity.

    karen k

  21. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I would to go to Italy and visit the different towns and try to learn the language as well

  22. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I would love to visit Greece.


  23. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me. I would love to visit Rome!

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  24. Would I rather be pretty or smart!?!?
    believedreamcourage (at)

  25. I've always wanted to visit Italy. It looks so beautiful

  26. Since I was a little girl, I have always been drawn to Scotland. I would LOVE to go there.

    simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

  27. I think Greece looks beautiful and I've always wanted to go there! Thanks for the chance to win! The book looks like it has a cute premise.

  28. I would like to go to sounds so beautiful.
    joemmamas (at) gmail (dot)com

  29. I'd like to go to Ireland & Scotland to visit all the castles.