Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mosaic Bible - just arrived

I just received a copy of the Mosaic Bible in New Living Translation to review for Tyndale House, a few days ago, and have finally managed to crack the cover to read about it. It has just been released today and you can buy a copy at Amazon for a mere $20.24.

The "mosaic" bit has to do with the fact that this Bible is composed of more than just the Biblical text. A third of the book is devoted to scripture readings, meditations and beautiful artwork. There are some spaces to write your thoughts in that section and the paper is heavier than traditional Bible paper so that if you do write in it you won't poke holes in the paper.

The remainder of the Bible is the full text in NLT and the usual, delicate pages. It has a center column with cross-references, but it's not a study Bible with a lot of explanatory notes. Instead, there's just the text with that narrow column of references. I can see how useful that will be because I took a study Bible to my Bible study on Sunday and that was a mistake. For every day reading, it's great, but when you're simply trying to look up specific scriptures, all those explanatory notes really get in the way. I had a terrible time flipping to the correct scriptures before Beth Moore finished talking about them on the video we were watching.

Point being, I'm really excited about this Bible because it's something I can use right now. I'm going to do a full review, later on, when I've had some time to use it. I did read one of the meditations and looked up scriptures, this morning, and I liked the reading -- love, love, love the beautiful artwork in this book.

In other news: Kiddo is home briefly, icing down his shoulder after a cortisone shot. We'll be returning to school in a few minutes. I had to have his help getting my computer to work because I unplugged a few too many doohickeys during last night's noisy storm and then couldn't figure out where to plug everything back in. My life is so funny. I'll approve messages and reply to them after school.

Wishing everyone a peachy day!

Bookfool on the run


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I'm so glad you posted about this Mosiac Bible, Nancy! I love Tyndale, I love the NLT, and of course, I love the Bible. I have so many translations I'm almost embarrassed, but this one sounds so fabulous! I wasn't aware it was even out there; too much secular reading, I guess!

    I've missed you...I'm glad we have sons who can steer us in the right direction when doohickeys go wrong. I love it when mine is sick at home because I can see more of him. Does that make me a twisted mother? Hope your son's shoulder feels better soon.

  2. Bellezza,

    We can be embarrassed together, then, because I love Bibles and have the kind of collection you whisper about. I'm particularly fond of very compact Bibles, although my eyes have ruled them out till I get bifocals (sniff). The Mosaic Bible is brand new - just released today.

    Sorry I haven't been very good about visiting! I've been enjoying this last swim season. What am I going to do when I have no excuse to sit by the pool and read? Ack! Maybe buy a new house with a pool?

    No, I don't think that makes you twisted. I can hardly bear the thought of our youngest going off to college, but he's going to the community college about 35 miles away, so at least he'll be closer to home than he could be. Our eldest was 3 1/2 hours north and we didn't get to see much of him during the school year.

  3. That sounds like an absolutely beautiful verison of The Bible! I'll have to see about getting one. I like the idea of the pages being thick enough for notes.

    Isn't it good to have young people around? I'm pathetic when it comes to modern technology and that includes my cellphone. I hope his shoulder is feeling much better soon. I had to get the same sort of shots in my thumb once upon a time. While the shots weren't fun, they did help. I hope it's the same for kiddo.

    And Bellezza, you're liking having your son at home because he's not feeling good is like me hoping my niece who lives 400 miles away has to stay in town for a day or two extra, for whatever reason!


  4. CJ (and Bellezza, if you hit the button to receive responses),

    I completely forgot to mention that I'm going to have a drawing -- Tyndale is offering one certificate for a free copy of Mosaic. I've got to ask somoene if it's worldwide because if you don't have a store near you, you can send the certificate in to redeem it but they didn't say whether or not they'll ship overseas. I'll do that tomorrow. We're about to get slapped by another stupid storm.

    It is a beautiful Bible, CJ. I am crazy about the artwork in the front section. It's oddly soothing to just flip through and look at the beautiful paintings and such.

  5. This sounds like a wonderful Bible. I could use something like this.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  6. Anna,

    I completely forgot to contact Tyndale for the rules, today, but come back -- I'll be giving away a certificate for one copy, soon. It's a good one. :)


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