Saturday, September 05, 2009

Reading and dreaming and watching kids swim

I am focusing on reading The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick, right now. It's sooooo good. But, it's also very detailed and I had a tiring week so it may be a few days before I finish it. The only book I finished and didn't manage to review, this week, is Vanishing by Candida Lawrence. I'll try to review as soon as possible. I'm still a few reviews behind, but since all the others were from my personal library there's no hurry. You're not in a hurry, right?

Last night, I had a terrible nightmare. My husband and eldest son decided to swing over a 20-foot gap in a bridge, by rope. I opted not to follow them, as I'm terrified of heights. In fact, I was so frightened that I was crawling along on my stomach on the bridge. Neither husband or son got enough momentum behind their swing and the hubby lost his grip. It was a mile to the ground. As he was falling, I looked over the edge and knowing my husband was falling to his doom I shouted, "I love you!" My husband shouted back, "Sorry! I wasn't paying attention!"

There has to be some deep meaning to that nightmare. The eldest son was left hanging on his rope, looking down. Because my brain couldn't handle watching the husband go splat, I woke up. And, boy was my heart pounding. Anyway, the point of this is that I didn't want to sit around thinking about a nightmare, so I deliberately went right back to sleep and when I did, the next dream was about William Marshal and Eleanor of Aquitaine. William is the protagonist in The Greatest Knight. I have no idea what I dreamed about them, but I didn't wake up with my heart pounding and nobody was falling, so that's good.

This was a bad, bad reading week, a so-so blogging week and another terrible blog-hopping week. But, as always, I had a bit of fun at the pool. One of my favorite things to photograph is that moment when a row of swimmers are in mid-air, diving during timed 50-meter sprints.

Cool, yes? I have always loved watching the swimmers at work and play.

Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! I'm off to read.

Bookfool, who has fallen so far behind that she can see her own dust


  1. I have strange dreams all the time. I dream about moving a lot. In my dreams, we'll be somewhere and my husband will be telling someone else that we're moving and it will have been the first I'd heard of it. If you figure out what your dream meant, please let me know what mine means.

  2. That is a terrifying dream Nancy :O That's awful! I hate those kind of dreams...sadly, I have them all too often. I hate that feeling of waking up with your heart pounding, but at the same time it's better to wake up and realize that it's just a dream ;)

    If I don't catch you before, Happy Labor Day!!

  3. Kathy,

    There's good and bad to being a very vivid dreamer, don't you think? My favorite dreams are the adventurous ones, in which I get to do fun things I'd never have the chance to do in real life. I don't know about your dream. Are you tired of moving and ready to settle down? In my most frequent repetitive dream, I move into a giant house and keep finding more rooms. Usually, my huge house has at least two kitchens, which I assume stems from my desire to have a nice clean kitchen to cook in. My husband cooks and makes explosive messes, so there are days I don't even want to walk into the kitchen!!


    Yep, that was a bad one. I've awakened with tears in my eyes and -- a couple of times (my favorite experience EVER) -- laughing. Have you ever woken up laughing? It's the coolest feeling.

    Yep, it's awful to wake up with your heart pounding but great when you realize it was just a dream. If possible, I always try to go back to sleep after nightmares because they do tend to stick with you all day and I want a chance to override them.

    Thank you! Happy Labor Day to you, too!

  4. That is a strange dream! Well good luck reading and enjoy a day with the family. :)

  5. Krista,

    Well, you know my dreams. LOL I had a great day, thanks. Hope you did, too! I've been loading swim photos to my new swim blog. I'm almost caught up!!! It's a huge job weeding through, cropping and loading. I take sooo many pictures.

  6. That is a frightening dream. Sounds like the kind that would have me afraid to go back to sleep again!

  7. Jeane,

    That's funny. I had the opposite thought -- I have to go back to sleep to try to dream about something else!! And, fortunately, it worked. I've returned to the same dream world, after waking, before, though. Just lucky this time, I guess!

  8. You and your dreams! Wow, I would have been pretty upset after that one.

    Great group shot of the swim team. Have they hired you as team photographer yet??

  9. I can't remember ever having gone back to sleep and continued the same dream. My husband does sometimes, though.

  10. Les,

    It was awful. But, fortunately (given how vivid my dreams are)I don't have nightmares often.

    I've been offered the job (in a round-about way -- I was supposed to call someone if I wanted it), but not just photographing the swim team. If you want to work as the hired yearbook photographer, you have to dash from one athletic event to another. I never called because I'd rather just snap photos of the swim team for fun.


    It hasn't happened to me often, but there have been times when I've returned to the same dream repeatedly (the last time that happened, I got that message from God that's mentioned in the sidebar -- at least, that's how I interpreted it, LOL). I think the deal is that you're not actually fully awake when that happens, at least most of the time. There've been times I sat up, talked, then went back into the same dream but they're even more rare.

  11. I have freaky dreams sometimes. I can't always remember them, but sometimes they are so scary I wake myself up (thankfully). At least it gives you something to analyze about your psyche, right? :-)

  12. Kim,

    I don't always remember my dreams, either, but when I do . . . I have some humdingers. Yes, actually, it's really fun to try to analyze them. I have a great time with that! :)


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