Friday, June 04, 2010

Fiona Friday and More Garden Pretties

Yes, I almost forgot about Fiona Friday, again. Looks like kitty is trying to tell me she did not give me permission to photograph. In fact, she bolted after this shot.

And, here are more garden pretties.

All of which beg the question, "Just how many photos of the same cat and gardens can one person take? I won't theorize. Not feeling talkative, today. Wishing everyone a happy weekend!


  1. Love the first garden photo--so colorful and vibrant! And naturally, any photo of Fi is a good photo. :)

  2. Tammy,

    That first photo is a planter that I bought all pre-potted. Aren't those flowers gorgeous? Next year, I'll toss petunias and lantana together on my own. I need to practice tossing things together like that. I'm not very bold when it comes to experimenting with flowers.

    Fiona and I thank you. She's really pretty decent about posing for me, most of the time. Have to appreciate that. You should post some pics of your gang. :)

  3. Ah, my favorite color combination! Red, purple and yellow flowers always looks so cheery! Pretty, pretty.

  4. love the pictures of Fiona! :) I'd love to have planters maybe next summer. :)

  5. Les,

    Isn't that an awesome combination of colors? "Cheery" is a great way to describe them. They're happy flowers. :)

  6. Gorgeous flowers. I am kind of looking forward to my upcoming trip to your neighborhood now that I'm seeing how warm it is looking! And nope, Fiona does NOT look happy that you are taking her picture right there. Definitely intruding on a moment. heh.

  7. Fiona is such a lovely model, why would you ever want to stop taking pictures of her?

  8. Fiona certainly has that "Do Not Disturb" look about her. If I point a camera at my cat he bolts, and the dog lies down on his side and refuses to get up.

    Wish I could take pictures like yours. Cut off head, anyone? :)

  9. Krista,

    Thanks! You should definitely put out some planters, next year. That's one of the joys of home ownership, being able to decorate the outside with flowers. :)


    You may regret having said that. LOL Actually, it's been really pleasant, so far -- usually, we're a lot hotter by June, so maybe you'll get lucky and miss out on the hot/humid norm, when you're down here.

    Fiona was happy in her window, till I came along and mucked up her joy! I try not to shoot her face-on too much because the distance meter in my little point-and-shoot flashes an orange light in her eyes and she hates that. Can't say I blame her!


    I won't ever stop taking pictures of Fiona (unless someone chains down my cameras), but I'm not sure how many different ways I can capture her, before Fiona Friday becomes "same old, same old" Friday. We'll see!


    Yep, I ticked Fiona off. Your kitty must think you're trying to kill her. I'm pretty sure some pets are just terrified of the camera, convinced it's some enemy out to get them. And, of course, all pet owners want to capture those "awww, so cute" moments, so it's frustrating. Been there, done that. Fiona's really quite patient with me.

    LOL I've got plenty of those cut-off head shots!

  10. Beautiful!!!

    (and the flowers are quite pretty too)

  11. Fiona looks shocked in that photo! I'd love to see her in the garden

  12. SuziQ,

    Fiona thanks you (and the flowers would, too, but they're too busy trying to deal with the heat).


    Fiona was giving me her, "Do. Not. Like." look. We don't actually allow her outdoors, although we've talked about getting a leash so we can take her outside, now and then. Our old kitty, Spooky, got several injuries because we allowed her outdoors (a wild animal bite, cat fight wounds and . . . the worst . . . she was once chased by a pack of dogs and got her rear end chomped).


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