Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, no! Bad, bad blogger!

Wow, have I been a bad blogger! I'll try to amend that, but in the meantime a little update . . .

Reading Goes Splat

After I finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, I could not concentrate for about 3 days. Nothing appealed to me! I think that's partly because I was so immersed in Cronin's fascinating future world that I couldn't stand to look at another book and then needed time to exit the future, partly because I've been very tired and just didn't feel like reading (or writing -- and a days-long migraine wrapped that up with a tidy bow). Unfortunately, that included reading other blogs, so I went into "fly on the wall mode" and only commented 2 or 3 times, last week, and then this week I haven't even done that much. Either way, it's been a lousy couple of reading and writing weeks. But . . .

Things Improve

Emma by Jane Austen finally broke my reading slump. It took me a long time to finish (I've only read 3 books in the entire month of June!!!) but I finished it and I have found a new favorite heroine. Emma Woodhouse is a total delight. I can't believe it took me so long to get around to reading Emma. Since I am all astonishment at Jane's storytelling skills, I've moved on to reading Jane's Fame by Claire Harman. I began reading Jane's Fame once before -- about a month ago, I suppose -- but it was one of those times that I was balancing too many books at once and it fell by the wayside. So far, I'm finding it fascinating and well-written. Right after setting down an Austen is definitely an excellent time to delve into a Jane biography.

I've also begun to read Bird Girl and the Man who Followed the Sun by Velma Wallis, an Alaskan folk tale. This will be my third book by Velma Wallis, an author I discovered when we traveled to the Great White North and I sought out anything and everything to read about Alaska (both before and after that delightful vacation). Two Old Women was a ridiculously fortuitous find. You can find out how I acquired it and read my reviews, here, if you're interested:

It's so nice to be reading, again!!!

And, then there was that bloggiversary thing . . .

Totally dropped the ball on the annual celebration. My official beginning as a blogger (not including the first two attempts, both at sites that made uploading photos nearly impossible) was June 6, 2006. So, I just zipped right past the milestone of having completed 4 full years as a blogger. I knew it was coming and planned to get a cupcake and 4 candles to photograph, but then I missed the day. After about a week, I got around to buying myself a single cupcake . . . and it somehow managed to end up upside-down in the bag, so I just ditched the idea of taking a picture and have been hacking away at my cupcake. It's a big one -- white with white frosting and multi-colored sprinkles, along with some bizarre little plastic fish that are now swimming in the trash can. You would have loved it.

Speaking of bloggiversaries . . .

Has anyone else noticed the diversity of spelling when it comes to that word? Bloggiversary, blogiversary, blogoversary -- I don't even know how many ways I've seen it spelled. Here's why I spell it the way I do:

--The rule of double consonants after a short vowel - Like the word "blogger", it makes sense to me to double the "g" because of the short "o" in the word blog. Seriously, I actually sat around thinking through the whole spelling concept.

--The word "anniversary" contains a doubled consonant, an "i" (although, to be fair, that probably has to do with the Latin root word) and "versary". I'm really just imitating.

--I'm a fruitcake. Well, some of us just think spelling is really, really important.

I hope to get at least one review written, tomorrow, although I'm going to be away from the computer most of the day. In the meantime, Fiona and I wish you a lovely day. Have you read anything wonderful, lately?

Fiona says, "Wherever I pose, there are books." Wahoo for both! Happy Wednesday!

Bookfool, trying to get her reading/writing groove back on


  1. Well happy Bloggiversary (or blogoversary, or blogiversary, or...) anyway, even if it's a couple weeks late. :D

  2. Amanda,

    Thank you. Better late than never, eh? It's obviously not too late to eat a cupcake in celebration. ;)

  3. Wow, 4 years!!! Happy bloggiversary! Also, hello Fiona!

  4. Amy,

    Thank you! Fiona says "meowllo." I think that means hello, but really it just sounds like "squeak". She's got the cutest little meow. :)

  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I think you're on to something with your spelling of bloggiversary. It makes total sense.

    So happy bloggiversary to you, and Happy Wednesday to Fiona, who looks like she has a happy everyday.

  6. Happy anniversary of starting your blog!

    Actually, given that the Blogger spellcheck doesn't actually recognise the word bloggers, I am pretty sure that it is going to be a while before the word bloggiversary (however you choose to spell it) is going to be there!

  7. Softdrink,

    Thank you! I think Webster's will thank me in a few years, when they're researching the origin of the word "bloggiversary" and discover that some historical bookfool chick had it all worked out well in advance -- how to spell that crazy new word and the logic behind it. Imagine the joy and partying in the halls of dictionaryland. ;)

    Fiona is really a very happy creature. She doesn't even give people the tragically offended look and turn her back, in the event of an accidental tail-wounding. She just continues on her merry way (after the squeak of pain -- it's not like she doesn't notice if you step on her).


    Thank you! Yes, I'm sure it will take a while for bloggiversary to become an acknowledged word! Spell-checks aren't always accurate, though. I have a tendency to go off proving them wrong, now and then, just out of spite for telling me I can't spell the odd word that I just know is fine and dandy.

  8. Happy late bloggiversary (love your spelling). I really would've adored seeing that big cupcake with the weird fish. Excellent mental picture.

    Very glad you enjoyed Emma. I read it in January, and it really was a delight. I was in love with the Gwyneth Paltrow movie version in school, and the book was just as wonderful (sounds backwards, but I REALLY loved that movie).

  9. Happy Bloggiversary to you Nancy :D I've been here for the last three and a half years! Mmmm....I want cupcakes now....badly....

    That is a BEAUTIFUL flower there! From your garden? Ooooh, and a book on Alaskan Folktales! Ever since I read Raven Stole the Moon I've been wanting more books on Alaskan folktales. Have to let us know how it is! I just downloaded a free sample of The Passage onto my Nook after hearing you and Heather talk about it on Twitter...looks really good!

    And Fiona is looking adorable as always :D

  10. Andi,

    Thank you! I'm not sure, but I think you've just given me a feeble (but viable) excuse to purchase a second large cupcake. I can always photograph early and celebrate my 4 1/2th bloggiversary, right? :)

    That does sound backwards, falling in love with the movie first; although, I confess I did the same with The Four Feathers. I liked the movie and read the book because of it. I'll always love the movie, thanks to that gorgeous actor . . . oh, what was his name? He played Heath Ledger's best friend and I thought he was amazing. Wait, I did that with the first Hornblower book, too -- series first, book next. Maybe it just seems odd from a reader's viewpoint.

    I've never seen the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma, but I've got the A & E -- actually, it's right beside me. I watched part of it during yesterday's storm. Unfortunately, my laptop battery gave out before the lightning stopped, but what little I saw was good . . . kind of like Emma in hyperdrive, it's so condensed. Have you seen the A & E version?


    Thank you! I figured you weren't too far behind me on your starting date. It seems like we've known each other quite a while, now. You should definitely go grab a cupcake. Have you ever seen the critter cupcakes at Whole Foods? They're adorable! Wish I lived a bit less than 3 hours from a Whole Foods store.

    Yes, that's one of my flowers. Isn't it pretty? I can't remember the common name, but I know the scientific name is echinacea. You should get some. They're perennials and they seem to love heat.

    I'm sure you would love Bird Girl. I'm still really not reading much; normally, I'd have whipped through that little thing in an hour or two, but I've hardly begun. I'm hoping I'll get around to zipping through it, tomorrow.

    I just know you're going to rave about The Passage, too. It's not often I love a chunkster so much that I can't bear to read anything else -- usually, it's the other way around. I tend to take breaks from chunksters because they exhaust me. You have a Nook? I thought you had a Kindle. I'm coveting iPads, at the moment. Maybe someday. :)

    Miss Fiona thanks you. :)

  11. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Happy blog anniversary (or whatever you want to call it)! ;)

    Mine was June 4, but I just posted it yesterday because I also forgot. LOL


  12. Does Fiona really like books? or there are just so many around your house, she can't help posing in front of them?

    Happy blogiversary! I just spell it the way I first saw it, which is also shorter. Two g's look kinda funny to me, even if it's more correct. I wonder when this word will make it into a dictionary, and how they'll spell it then? (I guess I'll change my spelling if a dictionary says different).

  13. Anna,

    Happy blog anniversary to you, too!

    I think you had a pretty decent reason for missing your date, with your big move to Wordpress! I'm happy with Blogger, for the most part, but I don't think I'd have the courage to move my entire blog, like that if I wasn't!!


    Fiona likes the smell of books. She also likes climbing on them, nibbling (that gets a strong reaction) and knocking them over. But, yes, they're pretty much everywhere and it's a little bit difficult to pose without a book somewhere nearby. However, Fiona Friday will be book free, this week. :)

    Thanks. I think you're going to have a bit of a wait, but it will be interesting to see if/when bloggiversary makes it into the dictionary. I think the double-g version was the most common spelling when I was new to blogging, at least amongst my early blog buddies. That may have something to do with my choice of spelling, too.

  14. Happy Bloggiversary! That totally makes sense to me. As a Canadian I get upset with spellcheck trying to make me spell 'travelling' as 'traveling'.

    The Passage was just too good, wasn't it?!

  15. Yep! It's a nook I got for my birthday and I'm absolutely loving it! I need to do a post on it and share the love with everyone. It's really awesome!

    Oh ok! I do need to get some echinacea! It's really pretty. And it's good for something too if you make a tea with it....cold maybe? Or allergies? I forget :/

  16. No picture of the cupcake?! You are a bad blogger :)

    Happy Bloggiversary! Enjoy it by buying more books of course. Wishing you many more years!

  17. It sounds like you've got your writing/reading/smiling groove back on to me! You've inspired me to: pick up Emma, remember my own blog-o-versary (Look! another spelling!) on May something,2006, and eat a cupcake! For dinner! Tonight!

  18. Chris-a-rama,

    Those spellcheck programs can be really annoying and surprisingly inaccurate (I definitely see a leaning toward American spelling, at times). I usually just ignore them unless I'm unsure about my choice of spelling and then I'll look up a dubious word, anyway, since I really don't trust them.

    The Passage was awesome. I loved being immersed in that strange, scary but believable world.

    New Orleans Chris (have to distinguish between the two of you),

    Coolness! I'd love to read about your Nook. I'm still hesitant about buying a reader, but I have a feeling someday I'll give in.

    I think echinacea was touted as a cold remedy but then it was proven ineffective . . . not entirely certain. I wish I could remember the common name. I've got a book about choosing the best plants for Mississippi, somewhere, and that's where I found out it's a nice, hardy plant that works well in our area. You should definitely give it a try!

  19. Iliana,

    Nope, no cupcake picture. I am definitely a bad blogger for that. But, it was a really delicious cupcake and awfully cute. You'll just have to trust me on that. ;)

    Thank you! I'll call today's book purchase a bloggiversary gift to myself. Good thinking!


    I'm getting there! It's not often I find myself unable to read at all, so it was a bit of a freak-out, but I'm back to reading and that does make me a happy girl.

    Emma is such fun. Have you read it, before? I think I can officially call myself a Jane Addict, now that I've read 4 of her novels and 3 novellas.

    Oh, you . . . you're just being a troublemaker, now, and you know it -- spelling outside the box. LOL Definitely have a cupcake. You obviously deserve one. So you missed your bloggiversary, too? Happy belated!!!

  20. Happy bloggiversary (I use the same spelling philosophies you do). Mine is actually a day less than a year after yours (June 5 2007) and I failed to celebrate as well. I'm actually not even sure it counts anymore since I changed blogs? Really I've been feeling like my own blogging self lately, but whatever. :)

    Isn't Emma great? Maybe a little pesky at times but so far my favorite Austen heroine. Can't wait for the full thoughts on the book.

  21. Trish,

    Thanks! I think it counts because you're still blogging, although you've changed your emphasis a little. You did move all your content over, so it was just a matter of moving instead of stopping, right?

    Emma was definitely a bit troublesome, at times, but I think that one of the main reasons I loved her is that she wasn't afraid to admit it when she made a mistake. She took constructive criticism very well. Plus, she was pretty funny. I found myself smiling a lot as I read the book. I love that. :)

  22. Happy belated blogiversary! (which is the correct spelling, imo. ;)

    Of course there are books, Fiona! That's the way Things Are Supposed To Be.

  23. Carrie,

    Traitor!! Really, it's kind of funny how attached we all seem to be to our favorite spelling of a word that doesn't officially exist in the English language, isn't it?

    Fiona probably would love it if I'd gather some of those books together and built her a fort. Imagine the knocking-over fun!

  24. I LOVE that you commented on the spelling of blogiversary! I always wonder about it and usually spell it differently every time I write it, just to be sure that at one point, it will be correct!

    But you really put a lot of thought into the spelling, there's a real science behind it, so I may just go with yours now. ;-)

  25. Lisa,

    I admit to sometimes often using the same spelling as whichever blogger I'm wishing a happy day, just because it seems a little rude to use your own favorite spelling on someone else's blog when they've used a particular spelling in their post. It's amazing, though, how much time I've wasted thinking about which spelling is closest to correct using English rules. Possibly means I should get a life!

    Thanks. I'm glad you like my thought process. :)

  26. Well, happy (belated!) bloggiversary to you!! I've been a bad blogger, too. Not enough time to post on my own blog, let alone comment on all my favorites. Or answer emails...

    Glad to hear you loved Cronin's chunkster. We plan to get a copy for our trip to Virginia next month. We had actually considered buying an e-book copy, but Rod will probably want to read it by the pool and as much we love our iPads, the glare is a major issue. So, I guess we'll be hauling a big book along with us. At least it's not as heavy as King's Under the Dome!

    Love that coneflower!!

  27. Les,

    I know the feeling. I actually haven't even had time to look at the computer for several days. And, I thought I'd have more time when I didn't have little ones running around.

    Good thinking buying a hard copy of The Passage if you'll be by the pool. I hope you love it. Under the Dome is one I still need to get around to reading. Soon, I hope (meaning "within the next 5 years").


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